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Best MTG Arena Beginner Decks
Choose your favorite deck and build from their!

1. Red Deck Wins

Hazoret is the perfect curvetopper for RDW. He gives you a lot of reach through his power and discard abilities. 

Red Deck Wins Example Decklist

Red Deck Wins is the deck to start with if you can choose. As the old adage goes, it’s very easy to learn and extremely difficult to master. It has more one drops than anything else, both to fuel an early game assault and provide late-game fuel. Your removal is cheap and effective, allowing you to clear the way or burn out your foe. The top of your curve is there to provide the last points of damage needed to close out the game.

A fifth of your deck’s spells can be played on turn one or discarded to Hazoret the Fervent for reach. Your two and three drops all deal damage while helping you make early attacks. Your turns four + will be spent trying to do a few more points of damage. The pressure doesn’t stop until someone has lost.

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