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Best Xayah Builds in TFT
Xayah is back to TFT, but this time without Rakan, yet she is still... Read More
Best Twisted Fate Builds in TFT
Now you see him: Twisted Fate is in TFT as a Tier 2 champion, knowing... Read More
Best Nilah Builds in TFT
Nilah, the girl with blades made out of water, is in TFT as a Tier 4... Read More
Best Neeko Builds in TFT
Neeko is back again in TFT, but not as a damage dealer but as a huge... Read More
Best Nautilus Builds in TFT
Nautilus, the huge, known iron man who knows how to go to space and... Read More
Best Naafiri Builds in TFT
For the first time, Naafiri is in TFT with her lethal teeth and claws... Read More
Best Miss Fortune Builds in TFT
The beautiful gun holder is in TFT; she might not look like a lethal... Read More
Best Graves Builds in TFT
Graves is back to TFT with his huge shotgun as a Tier 1 champion, but... Read More
Best Gangplank Builds in TFT
Gangplank is in TFT, surprising as a Tier 5 champion, sending his... Read More
Best Fiora Builds in TFT
Fiora, the grand duelist, is in TFT with her sword, and she knows how... Read More
Best Traits in TFT Set 9
The TFT meta is always evolving, but there are always some traits... Read More
Best Viego Builds in TFT
The blade of the ruined king is back in TFT, with Viego as a Tier 1... Read More
Best Vi Builds in TFT
The girl who doesn’t love to talk before punching her enemies and... Read More
Best Soraka Builds in TFT
The known moving hospital or the one who hits his enemies with... Read More
Best Samira Builds in TFT
Samira is back in TFT with her S for Style, but this time she doesn’t... Read More
Best Ryze Builds in TFT
Ryze is in TFT with a one-of-a kind skill, as he changes his skill... Read More
Best Orianna Builds in TFT
Orianna, the girl with the ball, is in TFT set 9, dealing a lot of... Read More
Best Jhin Builds in TFT
Jhin, the one who loves taking his enemies on a death show, is in TFT... Read More
Best Ashe Builds in TFT
The freljord queen is in TFT with her freezing arrows as a Tier 2... Read More
Best Akshan Builds in TFT
Akshan is in TFT with his weapon, knowing how to snipe out the... Read More
Best Warwick Builds in TFT
The chemical wolf is in TFT again, but this time he is a Tier 2... Read More
Best Urgot Builds in TFT
The man who has guns in his legs is back in TFT. Urgot, one of the... Read More
Best Taliyah Builds in TFT
The girl who knows how to control the sand is back in TFT, with... Read More
Best Sona Builds in TFT
Sona, our greatest DJ, is back at TFT, sending chords to take out her... Read More
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