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A copy is a copy, but this a good copy

7. Save ember

Those higher level embers can really make a difference!

It's a thing. Like perfect gems in Diablo, ember can be quite valuable in Torchlight 2. Keep all the ember you find and just upgrade it over and over. It's not uncommon to find incredible gear that has sockets (or add sockets to incredible gear) and high level ember can really make a difference.

Remember what I was saying about defense and resistances? Well this is your absolute best source for it. You can still keep the great stats of the unique gear you collect, but at the same time give yourself high resistance values by socketing ember. It's there. Take advantage of it.

8. Merchants have a few surprises

Merchants never have what I need...

I was used to the idea that a set item is something that has to drop and you have to be lucky enough to have them all drop for you, so I didn't really bother saving anything just for a potential set bonus. Boy, did Torchlight ever pull a fast one! Just as I was getting ready to sell a pair of set boots, lo-and-behold, the merchant was offering me a matching pair of gloves. Naturally I bought them, gave him a nice tip and was quite happy with my fashionable attire.

Not only that, but it seems like there's more than one way to skin a cat...I mean complete a set. After I had that matching pair of gloves and boots, I found the ring that goes with it and got the maximum bonus the set allowed (3 items in this case). Imagine my surprise when I also found a matching hat. Hah! So the set has four pieces, but the bonus only goes up to three. Interesting. This meant that I could swap out a piece for something better and still retain the bonus. Good job, Runic Games!

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