Torchlight 2: 10 Important Things to Know

A copy is a copy, but this a good copy

Or "How I survived a solo-suicide"

I guess the most important thing to know about this game is that it was one of those hugely anticipated titles not everyone knew about. What happened then? Well, no one was really disappointed in it. They enjoyed, loved it and it slowly began to wither away like so many other attempted Diablo clones. Gone, but not forgotten, here's a couple of reasons for you to dust off this gem and give it another run.

1. They added multiplayer

Talk about armageddon! 

Okay, so this isn't really a reason to give it another go, but it is THE reason why it was so anticipated. Everyone loved the first game, but it was plagued by that one massive flaw no one could forgive - there was no multiplayer. Oh my god! Say it isn't so!

Runic Games fixed it and fixed it well by implementing the multiplayer option in their second title, rather than desperately trying to shove it into the first one (smart move guys!). I know it's nothing fancy, but it was long awaited, so there you go.

2. Save skill points

So many skills, so little points

Remember how there were so many level restrictions on skills that you could practically spread out your skill points across everything? True, up until the very end, when you have access to every skill and not enough points to max any out. Ever screw up your build like this? Lesson number 1 - save those skill points.

I can't emphasize how important this is to keep your character from falling apart mid-game. Just pick a few skills that sound cool and could work together and stay with that. Don't rush to spend each point as you gain a level. That well will dry up pretty soon.  

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