Top 10 Games Like Hearts of Iron IV. If You Like Hearts of Iron IV, You’ll Love These

top ten games like hoi IV
Hearts of Iron IV is the culmination of decades of WW2 and Strategy gaming, so let’s take a look at some of the best these genres have to offer

The 10 best games like Heart of Iron 4

Hearts of Iron IV is the latest installment in WW2 Grand Strategy games.  And I believe the two genres go together like peanut-butter and chocolate. And as fun as fighting in the war as a soldier, tank crewman or pilot is, for those looking to command armies on the battlefield or entire nations, thankfully there is a plethora of games for you. And If Hearts of Iron IV just isn’t enough for you, here are our top 10 games you’ll love if you like Hearts of Iron IV.

10. Men of War

Rejecting the traditional formula for real time strategy games with an emphasis on base building, Men of War combines the tactical objectives and control over multiple units with the story and specialized mission heavy elements of a 3rd person tactical shooter. However the mechanic Men of War uses which makes it stand out is the ability to take complete control over any unit at any time in the game be it a soldier or a tank. So while the rest of your men are tasked with taking an objective and controlled by AI, you can participate yourself and act as a 3rd person hero.

Men of War’s unique mechanics, realism and ability to control individual units offers a refreshing experience

9. Crusader Kings II

Although a Grand Strategy game set in the days of knights, swords and bows is a far cry from commanding tank divisions and ordering bombing raids to level cities, Crusader Kings II is both a fun game in its own right, with an emphasis on dynastic relations and strengthening the family over the nation, and it’s on this list because it directly connects to Hearts of Iron IV. Much like game series such as the Witcher or Mass effect, games you play in one Paradox title can be exported to another and long with Europa Universalis IV and Victoria II, you can literally play from 798 Ad to 1964.

Lead a family instead of a state in Crusader Kings II

8. Company of Heroes 2

As amazing as the original Company of Heroes is, few games can go without aging or becoming boring after the 30th play through of the campaign and so Company of Heroes 2 was made. Although I still have to say I prefer the original, CoH 2 is by no means a bad game, with new and well integrated mechanics such as weather contributing to an already dynamic environment. And its campaign mode, this time set on the Eastern Front instead of the West continues to have some of the best writing in a strategy game with the gameplay fitting the narrative of the story perfectly.

The war rages on in Company of Heroes 2

7. Victoria II

Set immediately before Hearts of Iron IV, Victoria II places particular emphasis on trade, industrial production, and managing your population during the Industrial Revolution. Though it still has a well implemented military and combat system, Victoria II provides a refreshing break from the complete military focus of Hearts of Iron IV letting the player build up his or her nation’s economy and people, not just its arms and armies. And just like EU IV and Crusader Kings II, Victoria II games can be exported to Hearts of Iron IV.

Victoria II allows for an in depth journey through the 19th and early 10th century which can be exported to Hearts of Iron IV

6. Hearts of Iron 3

The third Hearts of Iron game and one of the first to use Paradox’s Clausewitz engine, Hearts of Iron III brought the ww2 Grand Strategy series into 3d with a dynamic map, fully 3d models with tons of detail and numerous new mechanics that distinguish it from its predecessors. Hearts of Iron III lets you create your own battle plans, allowing you to plan out every step of your military operations making the game feel more like a general looking over the theatre of war.

Develop your own battle plans in Hearts of Iron 3

5. Europa Universalis IV

The most popular of the of Paradox’s Grand Strategy franchise, encompassing such a massive length of time (1444-1821) contains an enormous amount of content and for those worried they will miss the dynamic combat and technological growth of ww2, EU IV will see you progress from halberdiers and bowmen to Musketeers and cannon. And of course EU IV games can be exported so you help guide the history of your own nation from the Middle Ages to the Cold War.

One of the most ambitious and complex Grand Strategy titles out there, Europa Universalis IV will not disappoint

4. Men of War: Assault Squad

As fun as the first Men of War was, I think it’s evident that specialized missions along a storyline didn’t fit perfectly with the game’s mechanics. Thankfully Men of War: Assault Squad fixes this completely. Missions are now nice and simple with the objective of seizing every strategic point and pushing your army forward to the end. The difficulty ramps up as every point you capture both gives you more resources and unlocks more units, but the same happens for the enemy. Whereas Company of Heroes felt realistic with the details, Men of war: Assault squad has realistic combat and battles.

Men of War: Assault Squad gives players dynamic and realistic battles while letting them command their army from above or take part in the battle below.

3. Company of Heroes

A ww2 real-time strategy game which hardly needs an introduction, Company of Heroes Is a beloved title and more than 10 years on its still going strong, in fact a fully integrated fan mod was recently made for the game. While already a solid real time strategy game, what makes company of Heroes so much fun for me it’s the small touches that make it feel that much more real. You can hear radio chatter and the thoughts of your soldiers ad on top of that it changes depending on whether they’re in combat or not. Another great detail is the constant movement by the soldiers to make it feel that much more realistic.

A beloved title, Company of Heroes combines excellent RTS mechanics and a dynamic and realistic environment

2. Victoria Revolutions

Another title from Paradox’s older days, Victoria: Revolutions, much like Darkest Hour nonetheless shine through the years with their fantastic gameplay. This time set from 1836-1936, Victoria sees your nation during the industrial revolution rise into a great world power through not just your military, but your prestige and industrial strength, with much greater focus on economics than military, Victoria gives you a unique experience. And just like with Paradox’s modern games, Victoria can be exported to Darkest Hour so you can continue your game.

Pick from any country in the world and guide it through the Industrial Revolution

1. Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game

While playing Darkest Hour after Hearts of Iron IV may be the gaming equivalent of watching Casablanca after seeing the Avengers, a good game is still a good game. Of course Darkest Hour isn’t a good game, it’s an amazing game. Originally a fan mod for Hearts of Iron 2, what Darkest Hour lacks in graphics it makes up for in its excellently tweaked mechanics (still being patched to this day), near infinite replay ability, extensive modding community and overall very well integrated gameplay, Darkest marches to the beat of its own drum, it is to Hearts of Iron what Majora’s Mask is to Zelda.

Darkest Hour tops the list with its phenomenal WW2 Grand Strategy mechanics

So there is our top 10 list of games you’ll like if you liked Hearts of Iron IV, from other great Grand Strategy games by Paradox to excellent ww2 strategy games. Chances are, if you like a game combining both of these genres, there’s bound to be a game on this list you’ll also love. Whether it’s specifically WW2 game mechanics or grand strategy, for Hearts of Iron IV players, there’s a plethora of games out there for you.

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