15 Best Strategy Games Ever Made

Best strategy games,

Strategy games, they are some of the hardest games to make in gaming. To make a good strategy game you have to balance both sides, but make them play different. You have to make the game simple to pick up, but hard to master.

These games often some of the hardest games to play and can be punishing to the wrong people. This is a list of the top 15 best strategy games ever made.

15. Tropico 5

We start our list with a more relaxing city building. Tropico is a game where you take control of a large island and will lead it through the centuries as a power hungry dictator. You start in the Victorian era where you are a governor under the crown and will progress all the way to the modern era.

One problem I have noticed with city builders is that eventually they get very slow and boring. Tropico does not really have this problem, as the game progresses the island get more and more complex. As more factions appear, you find it harder and harder to keep hold of power and because of that Tropico stays fun longer.

The era system that exists in Tropico also adds to the interest of the game. You would expect that events like WWII and the Cold War would not be a factor in a game like this, but you actually have to pick sides in the conflict. This adds to the realism to the game, and makes early and midgame exiting.

As a dictator of a small island country, you differ from other governments. When factions start to get out of control, you can assassinate leaders. You can also allowed put down civil riots using your military power.

The style of Tropico is especially interesting. Some games you find them serious and make the game and every decision you make important. Tropico take a more lighthearted approach with a more colorful art style.

Tropico 5 is average when it comes to graphics, but it is unique. I have never played a strategy game that would allow me to assassinate, rig elections, or bribe people to keep me in power.

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