PlayStation 4 Sees Gamers Playing 50,000 Years Per Week

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Shoppers are purchasing the PlayStation 4 at the fastest ever rate for a Sony console.

PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling Sony Console with the most gametime

Playstation 4 has been the largest and fastest selling console for Sony Entertainment with over 60 million consoles being sold since release in 2013. Although this seems pale in comparison to the PS2, the largest selling gaming console of all time at over 155 million since release in 2000, the PS4 has sold at a much faster rate.

Sony is increasing their profit even more with almost half of all users being subscribed to PlayStation Plus, a premium gaming service charging $10 a month for free games and discounts to subscribers. The PlayStation store is currently the number one shop for all PS4 games.

On average, PS4 gamers are playing 7 hours a week each. With the 60 million console users combined, this is equal to almost 50,000 years of game time per week. That is an awful lot of game time for Sony, however they expect to have a downturn in hardware sales, with a 10% decrease by April 2018.

What makes the PS4 so appealing to gamers?

That would be the huge selection of games available. With the always popular cross console titles of Call of Duty, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SE, and Minecraft the PS4 will always be a standard console. What makes it stand out though is the sheer number of games that are unique to it.

With the incredible graphics and huge processing power that the PS4 possesses, game development companies are increasingly keen to release titles specifically for it. Masterful games such as the newly released Horizon Zero Down, Until Dawn, and the gem that is the Uncharted franchise are the titles that bring gamers back to the PS4 over and over again.

PlayStation Virtual Reality has cinched the deal

PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality has recently come into the slowly expanding market with a boom, having reached 1 million sales since late 2016, throwing other VR devices such as Facebook Oculus and the HTC well out of the water. PlayStation boasts that settling into the VR headset is the next step in immersive gaming with “moments so intense your intuition takes over.” The headset fits so snug and well support to your head that it does not feel like you are actually wearing one.

Having personally played some of the VR games, I can certify that it is the real deal, I have never been as terrified playing a game in my life - and I have played Until Dawn through to completion!

What makes the PS4 VR so appealing compared to its counterparts is the creative history of the Sony console and the huge processing power behind it. Sony has used this to its advantage and has developed and released ome of the most highly anticipated games. From fun games such as Carnival Games VR to terrifying, wet your pants games like Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, there is bound to be something appealing for everyone.

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