The Wheel Of Time And 80 Million Sold: How This Fantasy Will Make It’s Move To The Small Screen

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Original cover artwork for “Eye of the World”, the 1st of the 14 total books that span across this soon to be TV production of one of the most popular fantasy series of all time. Many of the main characters seen here will become familiar faces to viewers.

The Fantasy Genre Continues To Build Through Media

In a day and age that has seen the massive success of fantasy epics on both the big and small screen in the form of The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, it is no surprise that numerous showrunners and networks want to get in on the action that has gotten so much attention.

This time, however, the soon to be developed Wheel of Time TV show will have a lot of source material to live up to for fans both old and soon to be. At over 80 million copies sold, the series is currently known as one of the best in the fantasy genre.

Capturing the Magic that Built the Books

With the recent announcement that Sony Pictures would be picking up the Wheel of Time IP for a jump to television screens near you has left fans of the books both excited and weary. Success stories, such as Game of Thrones becoming a global phenomenon from George R.R. Martins own book series, the lengthy number of failed attempts at taking written source material and translating it to both movies and television has become a common sight.

With the Wheel of Time story spanning over 14 volumes, some of which being rather lengthy and slower in the middle novels, the showrunners will have their hands full deciding what to keep and what to cut.

Thankfully, the decision for the story to be adapted into a show rather than a movie or series of movies is a good start. With so much source material to dig through, and if the show can be successful, this will allow for time to flesh out plot and character development as well as have to omit less from what’s already written.

A map of the world in which the Wheel of Time series takes place. With these many locations, seasons could progress easily while having the option to change setting and keep the show fresh and always moving.

With Excitement, Also Comes Worry

Fans of the show have held have a smile and half a frown with the news of a TV adaptation now in the works. Some complications, as posted by fans of the series have pointed out in their own reaction pieces and opinions, are being able to adapt some of the more complex and fantastical scenes to the small screen.

While Sony Pictures is on board, no network has yet been named. While shows of all shapes and sizes have seen success over the years, Game of Thrones stands alone in the fantasy genre being the high quality and budget that accompanies HBO. With that network still running through two more seasons of the show and now announcing the production of multiple spin-off series, there is no chance the Wheel of Time will find its way there.

 With time to still get all of their ducks in a row, fans of the series will be eagerly waiting in anticipation.

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