No Man’s Sky Teases New Content

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Hello Games are working on even more updates for No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky was a flop – but with a new update out and more on the way, is that about to change?

Back last year in August when No Man’s Sky was released, the gaming world was disappointed. It just wasn’t the game everybody had expected and, technically, what No Man’s Sky had promising they were bringing.

The Foundation update

Last year in November, after everybody was kind of sick of No Man’s Sky repetitiveness, Hello Games finally released a huge update, which was also free (I mean, if they had charged for it, then gamers would have gone crazy, and not in a good way).

This update saw some pretty huge additions, including the ability to build your own base and being able to set a planet as your home planet – giving some sort of purpose to the seemingly aimless game. Further to that, you can now hire NPCs, such as farmers which allow you to grow crops and scientists who will develop new products for you.

However, the Foundation update hasn’t exactly got gamers ready to dive back into the game for hours of gaming. Many gamers have complained that, the whole base thing is great, it should have been there from the start when the excitement for No Man’s Sky was still there – which, of course, it no longer isn’t.

Teased new updates

But this is where things get really exciting. The Foundation update was kind of big, albeit not that exciting and probably should have been in the original game with its release, but Hello Games have stated that they are still working on many more free updates on this scale.

On 27th May, Hello Games replied to a fan tweet confirming that they are still working on No Man’s Sky. Though there aren’t any signs whatsoever about what exactly these updates will include, perhaps there will be some which start to give a meaning to the game – perhaps a multiplayer function will be added, despite, after a few days of the game being released, two players flying to the same spot in the game and not actually being able to see each other, further adding to the disappointment to the release of the game.

But, if the Foundation update is anything to go by, then we can expect pretty generous updates in the future. And if patterns are anything to go by with Hello Games, then we can expect an announcement pretty soon – perhaps on the anniversary of the release of the game in August. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!

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