Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: Release Date, Cast and Story

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The lovable cast of the original return for a much anticipate sequel.

A New Superhero Movie Is In Town

Superhero movies are more relevant now than ever before. These movies are packed with masked crime fighters trying to save their city, or the entire country, from the forces that wish to cause harm. Guardians Of The Galaxy however, is different.

It features a fun cast of lovable characters with witty charm as they try to save the galaxy. Their journey continues in an upcoming sequel. All the questions you are asking will be answered and more.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Release Date

A month before the movie would be released in the United States, a sequel had already been announced and was planned for release at July 28, 2017. Director and co-screenwriter James Gunn commented on how he would like to add another guardian from the original comics. Gunn then announced in the following months that all five guardians of the first film would return. This time the release date would be pushed to May 5, 2017, which is still the current release date.

If the amazing Vol. 1 didn’t already convince you, Guardians Of The Galaxy is a journey unlike that of any superhero films today. Witty, brilliant, fun, and a whole lot more has made Guardians Of The Galaxy a series you don’t want to miss out on. Seriously, baby Groot is going to be in it. What more reason could you need?

Just look at him. He's just begging you to come and see him.


Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was a box office hit as the budget to make the movie was a little above $200 million, and it made over $700 million.

It was the highest grossing superhero movie of 2014. It received nothing short of critical acclaim for its brilliant soundtrack, humor, action, and much more. The superhero marvel film differed from others such as Spider Man or Avengers as the story revolved around an explorer rather than a masked crusader.

Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are in this picture if you look hard enough.

Chris Pratt was the main lead character as he played Peter Quill, a character who Pratt himself said is a mixture of Hans Solo and Marty Mcfly.

Other notable cast members include Zoe Saldana as a green assassin named Gamora, former WWE wrestler Batista as a tattooed warrior looking for vengeance named Drax, and Vin Diesel who did the voiceover for Groot who is basically a walking talking tree. I can't make this stuff up. Zoe Saldana plays the ever so green Gamora while Bradley Cooper voices for Rocket the racoon. It's an interesting dynamic to say the least.


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