The Gaming Industry Is Worth $91.5 Billion Per Year. Smells Like Opportunity For Indie Developers

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Do you desire to be the next big indie developer?

If you have a dream of developing the world’s next big video game then you already have the passion for the industry. All that is left is to assemble a capable team with the same passion as you, and find the funds to make your dream a reality.

It is easier said than done, but developers are those with the will to make their dreams a reality and will see to the creation of their team. Developers will accumulate the funds necessary in order to make it all come true, set records and pave the paths that gamers will travel in a world outside our own.

Living the dream of a developer

Few companies will become as successful as Supercell, but this is not to say that you should not shoot for the sky. It is those who desire such greatness that come the closest to achieving it. Supercell accumulated $2.3 billion in revenue in 2016, and with a strong enough team and an overwhelming desire to succeed you could become the next billionaire indie game company. There are only a handful of developers who have reached such a milestone in their lives, then again they surely did plan to get as far as they did even in their wildest expectations.

Success as a developer does not require you to be the next Supercell

Many indie game developers set out to make their mark on the gaming community with big dreams and high hopes. Some will ascend with these dreams and hopes to compete with such companies as Supercell, but others will succeed, but only to a degree of making thousands of dollars in profit, instead of making billions.

This should not discourage any young developers from trying to make their mark! Success to any degree is still success. The idea is to continue pushing the limits of games and to use what you earn to make more games in hopes that you will eventually find what the world desires most in a game so that you are able to make your mark in gaming history.

If your darkest day as a developer is that your game did not make as much sales as you had originally intended, just know that you are still a published developer, and that is more than most people can say. So, take a small amount of your earnings, buy yourself and your team a cup of coffee, because your next attempt at a big hit starts immediately.

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