China Made $24.4 Billion in the Gaming Industry in 2016

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Video games are a massive support for many countries, and can affect their overall economic growth. When video games play such a massive role in the economic status of a country, it wouldn’t be hard to realize that any country would desire to be in the position of leading game sales. But only one country can hold this title and this honor belongs to China.

China is not just leading in video game sales, they make up 25% of the expected sales for 2017. This may seem small, but it represents 25% of the video games global market, which is quite massive in retrospect. To be pulling in a quarter of the global video game sales is massive from an economic standpoint, as the gaming market is expected to make a sweet $99.6 billion this year.

China is thought to remain the largest games market as of now, and is expected to make $28.9 billion by the year 2019! These projection while made to be as accurate as possible are not produced by oracles. There could be a change within the near future.

58% of gaming growth has come from the Asia-Pacific region which would make the idea of taking leading game sales very difficult, but highly worth the economic growth if done. Very few countries even stand a chance of taking the position but only time will tell if China is able to keep their position in game sales.

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