Female Soldiers Are Coming to Battlefield 1

An infographic released by EA about their upcoming DLC expansion pack, In The Name Of The Tsar, that focuses on the Eastern Front and specifically on the Russian Army

In The Name Of The Tsar

Dice’s Battlefield 1 will be releasing a new DLC expansion for the game called “In The Name Of The Tsar”, based on the Russian Army and their role in the Eastern Front and featuring female soldiers who form the Women’s Battalion of Death.

Although no solid release date has yet been confirmed, recent Dice DLC announcements revealed that the game was set to be released in September 2017.

A recent announcement from Dice told gamers that “Starting June 10th EA Play will give you a closer look at ‘In The Name Of The Tsar’. Coming in late summer, the expansion brings new maps, new weapons, and the Russian Army – including the Women’s Battalion of Death represented by the Russian Scout class.” The Women’s Battalion of Death was a real life contingent of the Russian Army having formed in the Spring of 1917.

The Women’s Battalion of Death

In 1917, with pressure being put on the new Provincial Government in Russia by a growing number of women who were willing to fight, the creation of the first Women’s Battalion of Death was seen in the Russian Army. The Government believed that the addition of these battalions would have significant propaganda value and may even revitalize the battle weary men returning them to better combat condition. 

Additional Details About The Upcoming DLC

The DLC is available right now if you want to purchase a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass which gives you all 4 DLC expansions, potential access to the CTE, several superior battle packs, priority access in game queues, and more. Otherwise, if you are prepared to wait for the official release and Dice decide to stick to their last pricing system, then gamers can expect this DLC to cost around $15 usd.

One more very cool feature that gamers can expect from the “In The Name Of The Tsar” DLC expansion pack, according to the developer, is that gamers will “ride in Galicia with the legendary Hussars” who were mounted cavalry units. This event will take place during the war’s brutal Brusilov offensive.

With the recent success seen by the Battlefield 1 game and its first DLC They Shall Not Pass, it is not hard to see this new DLC expansion as succeeding. The quality of the Battlefield 1 game and its first DLC expansion is impressing the gaming community who have predominantly positive feedback to give about the game.

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