AmongUs Drops Their Biggest Update Yet - New Roles and Cosmicubes

AmongUs Drops Their Biggest Update Yet - New Roles and Cosmicubes
Cosmicubes for cosmi-cosmetics.

AmongUs has released their biggest update yet, bringing brand new roles and a cosmetic system called Cosmicubes.

AmongUs v2021.11.9 dropped on 9 November 2021 on all platforms. The update brings new roles, adjustable roles, a progression system, and brand-new cosmetics to the game.

4 new roles have been added, specifically the Scientist, Engineer, and Guardian Angel for crewmates, and the Shapeshifter for the imposters. Scientists have the ability to access player vitals at any time, while the Engineer can use the vents in the ship to move around.

Collectible beans can be exchanged for items. Image by AmongUs.

 The Guardian Angel can set up a protective shield around the crewmates. The Shapeshifter Imposter has the ability to morph into any of the other crewmates at any given time, making him the ultimate deceiver.

Cosmicubes is a new cosmetic system that benefits both the players and the developers of AmongUs. It benefits players by giving them new cosmetics, a progression system that spits out rewards, and provides the option for AmongUs to collab with other games.

On the developer side, Cosmicubes makes the game more fun and entertaining for players, driving their desire to play the game more and helping pay for server costs, etc.

Players can earn exclusive cosmetics through Cosmicubes, which grants brand-new free and paid customization options.

Players can gather a variety of resources to help earn rewards, including cosmicubes, beans, stars, pods, and XP.

The full patch notes are available on AmongUs’s official news blog.

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