[Top 10] Among Us Best Games (Compilation)

Among Us Best Games
To me, I think everybody’s an impostor.

Think you're the best? Think again.

As gamers, we tend to watch a lot of gameplays by influential gamers, usually on youtube. Those are some of our inspirations for different strategies while gaming. This piece will focus on what I think are some of the best Among Us gameplays! 

10. “Among us - Full Impostor gameplay - No commentary” by Hornster

9. “Among Us impostor flawless win” by rex0998

For this gameplay, there is no commentary or video calling of any sort. However, we get to see Pastor (rex0998) gaining almost all crewmates’ trust that sets up for a flawless impostor win. The places that Pastor kills are very strategic and discussion time is when Pastor plays innocent and does it extremely well too. Throughout the game, there were very few close calls, but those also proved to be strategic. Pastor really shows us players that being consistently inconsistent as the impostor is key to winning the game, as it confuses the other players. Just when the other players think they have Pastor all figured out, another trick from the hat is pulled out. I really recommend watching this gameplay for ideas on strategic impostor gameplay when you’re solo playing. This gameplay is rather short, about 9 minutes, so you would spend less time watching, and more time in action. 


8. “Playing Among Us For The First Time!!” by James Charles

Hey sisters! You heard that right, it’s James Charles back at it again, but this time with a twist! Instead of makeup, this beauty guru tried his hand at Among Us. He played it by himself in public streams at first, and then shortly after with famous streamers, and it’s a newbie meets pro-gamer gameplay. James never fails to amuse us with his witty remarks and comments. Watching James being absolutely clueless about the game and being so excited about becoming the impostor is just undeniably the funniest thing I saw during this video. The multiple edited rounds of the game amount to about 14 minutes so it’s really not that long.  This doesn’t exactly showcase gameplay, but more of what newcomers to Among Us experience for the first few times of playing. 


7. “the greatest Among Us IMPOSTOR game ever…” by Disguised Toast

This game is played among Disguised Toast and 8 other friends by voice chat through Discord and video call. This gameplay is one of the best for strategy whilst playing among friends. After watching this gameplay, I already have a few ideas as to try for myself when I become the impostor. Disguised Toast (goes by Toast in the game) and Hafu are both the impostors, and they are so inconspicuous that they blend so well with the other crewmates. When players are killed, they are probably muted and those who are alive can continue to talk while they play, while others are there to just continue watching or finishing up their tasks. This gameplay really exudes the fact that even whilst playing among friends, you can’t trust anyone. Also, this gameplay is moderately long, about 19 minutes or so.


6. “My BEST Impostor game in Among Us EVER” by Valkyrae

This is easily one of my favorite impostor gameplays as it’s just so fun and cute! The editing and bloopers are hilarious and really takes off the edge of seriousness that all gamers seem to have. Even though this gameplay is intense, one actually doesn’t feel the need to purchase a rage button. So, this gameplay is between Valkyrae and a few friends, and they play 2 rounds in the video. All of the players are very suspicious if I were to say myself, as their actions and words don’t add up, most of the time. Either way, this gameplay is far more relaxed than the rest, and that’s a good thing. One cannot be too tense all the time! Both gameplays amounted to about 15 minutes, with all the edits, so I would highly recommend watching just for fun.


5. “Try Guys & Friends Play Among Us” by The Try Guys

This is hands down the funniest gameplay that I have seen yet! The Try Guys and friends played 3 rounds of Among Us and it made me cackle in laughter as some don’t even know what they’re doing! This isn’t a serious gameplay, but rather a very relaxed gameplay to take the tension off this game and make it fun, especially when played with friends. The 10 of them were video calling whilst playing, and they had to mute themselves during the game, and only unmute during emergency meetings for discussion and voting. The edits we’re very cute and hilarious. The video is also just moderate in length, about 15 minutes or so. In a nutshell, this gameplay among friends was just a joy to watch!   



Hafu’s so good at being the impostor that she has those she killed in previous games believe that she’s a crewmate! In this video, Hafu plays with her friends and they communicate via discord voice chat for discussions. This gameplay is great to watch for experienced players as the way they coordinate their discussions are very informative and serious, and they will ‘sus’ anything and everything out of the ordinary! The whole gameplay is around 11 minutes and quite intense.


3. “The haunted storage! My greatest impostor play yet” by Sykkuno

I don’t know how else to describe this gameplay, but it’s just so darn intense(and fun to watch)! Sykkuno claiming to be a bad impostor is extremely false, as he keeps everyone guessing, and literally no one thinks it’s him the entire time! I think Sykkuno is one of the best impostors that I’ve seen. If you’re looking for an intense but exciting Among Us gameplay, this is it! The amount of accusations in this game is insane and very entertaining. This is easily what a round of Among Us with experienced gamers looks and feels like. This intense gameplay is easily about 12 minutes long. 


2.  “Bretman Just being Bretman and gets an Imposter win” by PokiRaeTV

If this isn’t my favorite Among Us gameplay, I don’t know what is. I just have to say that I love me some Bretman Rock! As usual, the players all mute their mics while playing, only unmute when they’re in a discussion.  Watching him play Among Us is immediate serotonin, and he’s so smooth as an imposter, using his quirkiness and sass to get out of tight situations, such as the time where they all were going to vote him out, but he ended up not getting ejected.  In this game, he is joined by famous streamers such as Valkyrae and Sykkuno. This may not have been the most epic or legendary gameplay, but it was definitely very amusing. 


1. “Corpse and Valkyrae's BEST Impostor game!” by Valkyrae

This holds the number one spot for one reason, and one reason only; It’s the best among us game that I have ever seen. I refuse to give you any spoilers, but this was an epic win for the impostors! The clue is, nobody needed to say anything. This is the best example of pro-gamer gameplay any Among Us gamer could ever wish for. The intensity, the littering bodies, and the best part about it all was the roaring silence. The video also showcases the scenarios with adorable animations of the characters after each game, so definitely a big thumbs up there. The gameplay is about 16 minutes long and it's worthwatching the whole thing, hands down. 



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