[Top 10] Among Us Best Alibi (Compilation)

Among Us Best Alibi
Random accusations, am I right?

Innocent or Guilty? It doesn't matter when you're Among Us

There are many excuses you can find trying to clear yourself as innocent during a classic game of Among Us, but is that reason good enough? Today we’ll be exploring the different alibis you could use to try and get out of sticky situations.

10. Jester move

  • Being suspicious with no hesitation and without having to worry.
  • Make others second guess their voting you out as you could win the game.

9. Vent 101

Just like the title of this video, the vent system can be your alibi. How exactly? By venting in front of a few people and blaming it on someone else that was nearby. Toast vented by accident in front of other players and used that excuse to pin it on another crewmate who was eventually voted off, but in the end, the impostors won. 

What's great about Vent 101:

  • Extremely risky to pull off but rewarding if you do.
  • Easily get a crewmate off and garner support.

8. False information

CHAOTIC 3600 IQ impostor duo, Sykkuno and Toast

Both Disguised Toast and Sykkuno were spewing false information for the whole period of the rounds they played together with the other streamers. Surprisingly, these other streamers fell for it and the impostors won. For instance, claiming to be somewhere when one was on the opposite end of the map. What is great about false information: 

  • Increases tension and accusation of other crewmates towards each other.
  • Helps you clear yourself as innocent for the other rounds.

7. The Truth

How I Admitted I Was An Imposter And STILL Won Against The BEST Among Us Players...666 IQ Plays

It goes against our code as impostors to tell the truth but is it really bad to break it sometimes? I mean we do kill off crewmates. Yes, sometimes, telling the truth about who you really are in the game could actually be the best alibi, because maybe not many or no one will believe you. They might all think you’re just joking. However, you can only use this strategy at most once. In this video, Corpse Husband casually states that he was the impostor and yet, he still won. 

What’s so good about The Truth: 

  • Very risky but might help you win easily.
  • Earns a lot of the crewmates’ trust.

6. Stealing alibis

my new 9910 IQ evil impostor scheme: STEALING ALIBIS...

In this video, Disguised Toast provides a compilation of a few games where he is both the impostor and crewmate, in different rounds of course. The most notable thing to take into account is his ability to steal others’ alibis and make them his own. For example, he kills in front of another crewmate, but when it comes down to it, he as the impostor wins as the other remaining players vote the crewmate off. This is just one of the many alibis to get out of sticky situations there.

What is great about stealing alibis:

  • You fool almost everyone.
  • The chances of you winning is much higher.
  • Looks innocent.

5. Reverse Marination Strategy

We’ve heard about Marination, but what about Reverse Marination? This makes for a good alibi for yourself, usually when you play as a crewmate, but also when you already have the inkling who the impostor is. You vouch for the impostor and convince the whole group that the impostor is actually a crewmate. This could actually work in your favor as a crewmate as you might have more time to finish your tasks and wouldn’t be targeted if you were to vouch for the impostor, as they would want to keep you alive. You are their asset after all. Toast shows us how it’s done by executing this strategy well.

What’s so good about Reverse Marination: 

  • You might be able to stay alive longer and finish your tasks.
  • You (hopefully) wouldn’t be targeted by the impostor.

4. Self-reporting

What’s so great about self-reporting:

  • When timed correctly, makes for a concrete alibi, especially if no one was around.

3. Scapegoat technique 

Being the impostor and using the most vulnerable player as the scapegoat can actually be one of the best alibis available. Especially if the player already has growing suspicions on them. In this game, Toast uses multiple crewmates as scapegoats to win the game as an impostor.

What’s so great about the Scapegoat technique:

  • You leverage on the already growing suspicions of another player which makes them even more vulnerable.

2. Lights

When the lights are off, that’s the best time to kill in the game. In this gameplay, we see CorpseHusband really utilize this feature to the maximum. At one point in the game, Corpse turned off the lights, vented to a room with 4 to 5 players, killed one, and vented away. Now, how amazing is that!?

What’s so great about Lights:

  • Silent kills that nobody would know until they fix lights.
  • The perfect alibi that confuses players.

1. Marination

Okay, we know that gaslighting in real life is bad. Period. However, for the sake of the game, compromises can be made. Sykkuno does it again, with his almost clueless answers and statements during discussions, he sets up Lud for the very last kill and had Lud trusting him and vouching for him the entire time.

What’s great about Marination:

  • Having a backup and at least one other player vouching and clearing you.
  • Places the spotlight on another player.


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