31 Best Dungeon Crawlers You Need To Play (Get Ready For Epic Adventure In The Best Dungeon Crawler Games)

best dungeon crawler games
Who doesn't love a good dungeon crawling adventure?

How Many of These Dungeon Crawlers Have You Played?

Dungeon crawler games are known for a couple of things; isometric viewpoints (usually), huge, scary bosses, RPG elements and tons and tons of loot. They can also be notoriously difficult, but don’t all those goodies make it worth it? Below is a list of the 31 best dungeon crawlers for PC; there’s sure to be something that will fit your fancy.

31. Exanima

Exanima gameplay

Exanima is a standalone dungeon crawler set in the underworld of Sui Generis by Bare Mettle Entertainment. The game’s selling point is its combat engine. Everything is driven by the physics engine, making timing and caution incredibly important. You need to make sure to dodge incoming strikes, find the time to prepare your own attack, and make sure you’re hitting your opponent’s weak bits as hard as possible.

The levels are non-linear, NPCs have more than five lines, and there’s even LAN multiplayer, both co-op and competitive. It’s dark and gritty and forces you to do more than spam just one button. If you don’t learn the system, you’ll die.

My sword is bigger.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

30. Lost Ark

Lost Ark | All 12 Classes Gameplay & Skill Showcase

Lost Ark (not to be confused with Raiders of the Lost Ark; this isn’t Indiana Jones) is a Korean MMORPG currently in closed beta, planned to feature both open world environments and instanced raids (similar to Vindictus, a game I have a lot of experience with and very much enjoy). The game also allows plyers to own their own ships.

There are currently 18 unique classes, 1v1 and 3v3 PVP matches, mini games and of course skills like fishing and mining and archaeology. Oh, and you can also own your own island. And let’s not forget those giant, crazy raid bosses and incredibly well-built dungeons.

Why does every game have fishing?

And big statues to pray at?

29. Project TL

Project TL trailer and gameplay

Project TL (formerly Lineage Eternal) is a sequel to the first Lineage game, an incredibly popular medieval fantasy MMORPG by NCSoft. Unlike many MMOs, it supports mobile play, and also has dynamically generated dungeons. It does share the same action oriented combat as many other Korean MMOs. In addition to its dungeons, LE also features 20+ player raid parties to help take down world and raid bosses.

The game has an arena style and open world PvP. It does away with typical fetch quests and goes for a more Guild Wars 2 style of “field” questing, making it feel like less of a grind and more like a genuine open world experience.

And dragons.

Okay so, macarena on three.

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