13 Best Space Games for PC in 2015

Best Space Games
Lets Journey to the Stars

Looking For The Best Space Games? Here Are 13 Awesome Space Games for 2015 

Invasion Fleet

Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the…, apologies, was swept into a few childhood memories of one of the best space based science-fiction shows ever created. Regardless of your loyalties, most agree that space is the last truly unexplored frontier. Ever since humanity looked towards the skies and observed the beauty of the heavens, mankind has sought to discover the endless wonders other worlds may offer.

This curiosity for the unknown has been expressed throughout the video game industry as far back as gamers can remember. Games such as Galga paved the way for the modern areas infatuation with space based gaming. As a result of these early pioneers, we can now look forward to many upcoming titles in the months to come.

Destroying worlds, aliens and ships have never been easier and will only continue to surprise fans in 2015. Whether turn based RTS or first and third person shooters are your game of choice, developers have planned accordingly to suit every gamer’s unique niche. With that being said, overclock your graphics cards and chug a Redbulll as we count down the most anticipated space games of 2015. 

13. Shallow Space Insurgency

Expanding upon the development of its predecessor (Homeworld), Shallow Space is designed to allow users to easily control fleets of space crafts in real time 3-dimensional space. Taking control of a battleship or battle-cruiser while simultaneously commanding a separate fleet to initiate a bombing run is surprisingly simplistic. Players will be forced to mine resources, acquire ship weapons and blueprints all the while denying other players access to critical zones.

So Many Options

Completing requested tasks will not only provide players with advantages, but will also further the storyline and assist in your character's war effort. Demos of shallow space insurgency are currently available, but an official release date has yet to be set. For those unable to wait feel free to head over to shallowspace.com and preorder the game to receive exclusive bonuses. 

12. Homeworld Remastered

Homeworld set the stage for space based combat and has finally been remastered for new generations to love and explore. The vibrant beauty of each ship has been fully restored leaving veterans longing for little. The complex and intricate fights and missions have also been reinstated and revamped to provide players with a familiar yet undiscovered journey.

Players will create new ships with roles varying from mining to assault all from the Mothership named the Pride of Hiigara. This colossal ship is humanities last hope for survival. Within her hardened reinforced hull lie the seeds for humanities persistence.

Pretty Lights!!!

Developers cleverly instituted a system which causes players to elicit an emotional response to the games many objectives. Larger, more powerful ships forgo speed and maneuverability to gain increased armor and weapon capabilities. Smaller ships lack in raw firepower, but easily make up for this disadvantage with extreme speeds and pinpoint weapon accuracy.

Homeworld Remastered is currently available for pickup and will not disappoint gamers hoping to relieve past ventures or experience innovative gameplay.

11. Homeworld Ship Breakers

Similar to Shallow Space Insurgency, Homeworld Shipbreakers stems from the ideas of the original homeworld universe developed in 1999. This game clearly had such a monumental effect, that developers are returning to the source to create a prequel. Homeworld Shipbreakers takes place prior to the events witnessed in Homeworld.

Players familiar with the real time strategy mechanics of most RTS based games will feel right at home with this upcoming title. Unlike its predecessor, Ship Breakers appears to take place planet side.


Players will control both air and ground based units across a wide array of terrain. Although little has been released regarding gameplay and units, the game appears to display separate factions clashing over the scattered remains of a massive starship. Kharak, the desert planet in which combat is taking place, will hopefully only represent a small sample of the many environments to come in this unique title.

Homeworld Ship Breakers have yet to set a release date and only pre alpha footage has been released. Regardless, the reveal trailer is amazing and has already lit the fire of hope for veterans and newcomers alike.

10. Battlefleet Gothic Armada

Similar to the first three games listed, Battlefleet Gothic Armada also falls into the category of RTS. Diverging from the Homeworld path, Gothic Armada provides a much needed breath of fresh air for the Warhammer 40k universe. Commonly, the Warhammer 40k instalments have focused on planet side combat. Battlefleet Gothic Armada will instead require players to determine the fate of a world long before reaching the source.

Prepare for Impact

Although little has been announced, Players will hopefully utilize strategic assets ranging from emperor class battleships to explorer class space ships. Rockets and lasers will be at the player’s fingertips, allowing creative methods to destroy your opponent. Hopefully players of the tabletop version will appreciate the details developers have put into each ship model.

Unfortunately a date has yet to be set for the release of this highly anticipated title, but we can pray a demo will be released later this year.

9. Star Citizen

The creator of the acclaimed game freelancer is finally making a return with the stunning title Star Citizen. This first person shooter allows players to take control of powerful spacecraft capable of break neck speeds and phenomenal maneuverability.  Chris Roberts, the developer of Star Citizen states, “I don’t want to build a game, I want to build a universe”.

Preparing to engage

Such statements can’t help but set the mind ablaze with images of a constantly evolving universe. Players will upgrade ships with varying thruster’s weaponry and even be allowed to determine their unique profession. Whether you want to be a merchant, mercenary or pilot, the universe is your oyster in this upcoming space shooter.

More interestingly, the game will also exhibit realistic physics while zipping across the galaxy. Every modification alters the ship’s flight capabilities. Such decisions will ultimately decide how each player chooses to proceed down his intended profession. The release date has still yet to be determined, but will certainly change the way players view the space genre. 

8. No Man's Sky

Of all the titles listed, No Mans Sky appears to be the most innovative of the games listed. Switching between ground based gameplay and space based exploration is as simple as hopping in your ship and initiating warp drive. Each planet offers a diverse environment with unique bio-diversities.

While planet side, players will collect resources they can then trade for various space suits, weaponry and equipment which will aid players in their exploration. If all of the features previously listed were not enough, players will also get to pilot their starships in a first person aspect.

In Pursuit

Chasing down your opponent will require intuitive piloting mechanics but will also offer players a unique sense of accomplishment. Ships will display damage as a result of various dogfights and will hopefully reflect flight variations as a result. The game is currently still in development, but offers great promise.

Waiting for this game has been hard enough, but hopefully the added time will allow developers to work out any bugs and polish this already sparkling gem.

7. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous rightfully joins the first person genre and easily claims the 6 position on our countdown. This fascinating space based combat shooter at first glance appears very complex. The heads up display pilots view shows the ship’s distance, fuel, ammunition and enemy spaceship orientation.

That’s right, you will be capable of viewing your enemy’s exact spatial orientation and location with the click of a button. Every action helps evolve and decide the fate of the universe. This allows for replay ability and a different experience each time. Outside of combat, players are allowed to trade for various modules and commodities.

Developing your ship and character’s presence in the galaxy will be a rewarding experience that players will never forget.

Here We Go Again

6. Space Engineers

If you are a fan of Minecraft, you will surely enjoy space engineers. The customization and tools implemented allow for sheer creativity. Nearly anything a player can imagine they can create. If you want to make a massive mother ship with multiple hangers, go ahead.

If you wish to develop a large asteroid based defense system feel free. The physics engine allows for ship collisions that result in spectacular scenes of destruction which accurately represent the damage a real ship would receive.

Houston We Have a Problem

Space Engineers offers several game modes which provide unique scenarios designed to challenge the player. Easy start one and two are mode’s that start players on an asteroid with one large ship and two smaller ships or an asteroid field with several large and small ships. Lone survivor starts players with no ships and asteroids mode starts players with limited resources.

Space Engineers is currently available on steam early access. Every month new features are added to the game only increasing the WOW factors this game has to offer.

5. Sky Jacker

Just as the title implies, Skyjacker is a space combat simulator that revolves around stealing to make your living. The game starts the player as a lowly thief flying a ship barely fit for space travel. Eventually, players increase their standing in the universe which opens the player to new events and scenarios.

When it comes to carnage and destruction, developers went above and beyond. Players can specifically choose what to destroy and even how they wish to destroy it.

What Kind of Ship is That?

Fortunately, the game also provides a great reconstruction tool allowing players to specifically choose the portions of their ship they want to rebuild. The various races of aliens throughout the game provide a diverse environment that keeps the players engaged. Skyjackers was released in July and is constantly updated with new features.

4. Limit Theory

Limit Theory crashes its way into the number four position on our countdown. Players can own just about every tangible aspect of the Limit Theory Universe. Fleets, buildings and stations are all purchasable through the game’s immersive economy.

Planetary interactions provides players with a break from the constant space scenery. On the surface players can view mines, factories and faction headquarters. This portion of the game offers an added aspect that many games overlook. Seeing the factories that actually manufacture the parts used in you’re ships creation is vibrantly brilliant.

Its Good to Be Home

The games ability to fluctuate alters the users marketing experience each time a transaction is made. Outside of the economic functions, players can immerse themselves in stunning large scale combat battles involving hundreds of ships. Similarly, players can later earn enough wealth to purchase fleets of their own.

The satisfaction received from destroying an enemy’s armada with a fleet you privately own is memorable to say the least. Limit theory is set to release in 2015 but an exact date has yet to be set.

3. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal space program breaks away from the serious environment of the previously mentioned first person and RTS space simulators. The cartoon based approach to space exploration allows players to assist the amusing aliens known as Kerbals with their dreams of conquering space. Getting this little race of dreamers to space takes several forms and paths.

Players can develop nearly any imaginable space craft from a large array of interlocking parts. Even better, the game boosts an impressive physics engine that will ensure your creations fly awkwardly and crash as splendidly as planned. Replacing the resources used to construct your space crafts is just as rewarding. 

3 Days Before Launch

Planetary vehicles allow the Kerbals to interact with and explore their immediate environments. By far, one of the best aspect of this game is the ability to implement mods into your gaming experience. Player developed mods turn the impossible into the possible.

Changing character models and environmental effects provides players with the ability to make this game timeless.  Kerbal space program was released in April of 2015 so feel free to indulge in one of the year’s best space simulators. 

2. Rodina

Although not the most graphically impressive game, Rodina offers players an experience unlike any other. This game aims to allow players a space simulation exploration game that takes place on a macro scale. Players can construct customizable space craft which acts as a home base.

Traveling from asteroid to planet and vice versa is streamlined. Specifically, the absence of loading screens makes the universe of Rodina appear as one giant entity.

Gorgeous Landscape

Fighting alien space craft walking around youre ship’s enormous cabin or exploring planetary resources all occurs without the use of warp cut scenes. Releasing deadly gas into a specific compartment or hacking into a fellow space craft are all possible events within the Rodina universe. Rodina is technically released, but only in its early stages. You can expect much to change in this upcoming space simulator.

1. Eve Online

Taking the number one position in our top 13 space games to watch for in 2015 is Eve online Mosaic. Eve online has arguably long held the title of best space simulator. This immense universe allows players to guide the flow of the game’s economy and sovereignty.

Pilots may choose to play it safe while sticking in the police patrolled high security systems or make a name for themselves in the chaotic no security zones. Regardless of your choice, players are offered a nearly countless array of weapons, ships and mods that change the performance abilities of their ship. Eve online is also unique in the fact that this game operates in real time rather than developed based video game time.

When a skill states it takes 24 hours to complete, you might as well head to work and catch some sleep because there is no avoiding this 24 hour waiting period.

Tech 3 Destroyers

Eve developers have also done a great job at not only balancing the game, but providing a comprehensive scale of ship classes and sizes. The immense power and aww a character experiences when viewing a titan class ship for the first time leaves you lost for words. Losing an asset that took days to obtain causes players to place a high value on in game death.

This mindset forces players to form strong bonds with their fellow pilots and develop a system of trust not experienced in other games.  With free expansions and rewards for loyalty, it is easy to see why eve online dominates the competition and easily takes our number one position as best space simulator of 2015.

2015 appears to be the age of space simulator revolution, providing players with multiple titles for exploration. Although some appear better than others, each offers a unique experience worthy of investigation. Players looking to enter the space genre have multiple options that will not disappoint.

If you feel certain titles should have made the list feel free to leave a comment below. We are always looking for other games which will offer players an immersive and memorable experience as they rocket across the galaxy. 

Space is ever continuous, the same should be said of youre search for space sims. If you are still thirsting for more space based knowledge, feel free to check out these articles Galactic Civilizations and Into the Stars

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