[Top 10] Best Ores EVE Online

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Best Ores

[Top 10] Best Ores EVE Online

What Are the Best Ores to Mine and Why?

10. Dark Ochre

Dark Ochre is considered to be an entry-level late-game ore for most miners. It is best found in null-sec, but it has also been known to be found in areas of Gallente low-sec near null-sec entrances.

Ore Details:

  • Intro Late-Game Ore
  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  •  8 m3/per unit
  • Uncommon

Why Dark Ochre is Valuable:

  • Highest ratio of Nocxium
  • Contains Tritanium
  • Contains Zydrine

How to get Dark Ochre:

  • Go to Caldari & Gallente Low Sec
  • Go to Null Sec Areas that Border Caldari or Gallente Space
  • Train Dark Ochre Processing to III

9. Gneiss

Gneiss has been called “The Minmatar Ore”, probably because it’s typically found in areas surrounding Minmatar space.

Ore Details:

  • Early-Late Game Ore
  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  • 5m3/ per unit
  • Uncommon

Why Gneiss is valuable:

  • Yields high amounts of Isogen
  • Also Yields a Decent Amount of Tritanium, Mexallon, and Zydrine

How to get Gneiss:

  • Minmatar & Amarr Low Sec
  • Null Sec Areas Bordering Minimatar & Amarr Space
  • Train Gneiss Processing to III

8. Spodumain

Spodumain is not a very well known ore, in large part because it isn’t very abundant, but if you go touring around Amarr, Caldari, or Minmatar Low Sec areas, you’re bound to run into some eventually. This stuff is chock full of great refinable material.

Ore Details:

  • Early - Late Game Ore
  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  • 16 m3/per unit
  • Rare

Why Spodumain is Valuable:

  • 1 of 3 types of Ore that Yields Ultra-rare Megacyte

How to get Spodumain

  • Amarr, Minmatar, and Caldari Low Sec
  • Null Sec Areas that Border Amarr, Minmatar, and Caldari Space
  • Train Spodumain Processing to III

7. Bistot

Another one of the most sought after ores in EVE Online. A good all-arounder that yields decent amounts of the ultra-rare Megacyte, as well as some Zydrine and Pyerite.

Ore Details:

  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  • 16 m3/per unit
  • Rare

Why Bistot is Valuable:

  • 1 of only 3 ores that Yield Megacyte
  • Yields decent amounts of Zydrine & Pyerite

How to get Bistot:

  • Train Bistot Processing to III
  • Found in Null Sec Areas Surrounding any Empire’s Space

6. Crokite

Crokite is great because it’s always in high demand as it has the highest ratio of Zydrine of any ore. That said, it’s very heavy.

Ore Details:

  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  • Very Heavy
  • Rare

Why Crokite is Valuable:

  • Highest Ratio of Zydrine
  • Produces Nocxium

How to get Crokite:

  • Train Crokite Processing III
  • Found in Null Sec Areas Surrounding all Empires excluding Minmatar

5. Kernite 

Kernite is your last word in High Sec Ore. Yields the highest ratio of Mexallon of any ore.

Ore Details:

  • Mined in Safe Areas
  • Very Light
  • 1.2 m3/per unit


  • Why Kernite is Valuable:
  • Yields the highest Ratio of Mexallon 
  • Yields Decent Amounts of Isogen

How to get Kernite:

  • Found in All Areas of High Sec
  • Train Kernite Processing III

4. Hedbergite

Hedbergite isn’t the most common ore, but because it yields so much Isogen it is highly sought after.

Ore Details: 

  • Mined in Both Dangerous and Safe Areas
  • Light
  • 3 m3/per unit

Why Hedbergite is valuable:

  • Yields High Amounts of Isogen
  • Yields Nocxium

How to get Hedbergite:

  • Train Hedbergite Processing III
  • Found in All Areas of Space

3. Hemorphite

Hemorphite is an oddball. It’s often difficult to find, but when you find it you can expect a hefty haul of Nocxium.


Ore Details:

  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  • Light
  • 3 m3/per unit

Why Hemorphite is Valuable:

  • Yields High Amounts of Nocxium
  • Yields Some Isogen

How to get Hemorphite:

  • Train Hemorphite Processing III
  • Found in All Areas of Space

2. Mercoxit

Mercoxit is a relativiely new Ore. Mercoxit is the only Ore in the game that produces Morphite, a very expensive mineral.

Ore Details:

  • Extremely Heavy
  • Mined in Dangerous Areas
  • 40 m3/per unit
  • Very Rare

Why Mercoxit is Valuable:

  • Only Ore that Refines into Morphite
  • Morphite is Very Expensive

How to Get Mercoxit:

  • Found in all Areas of Low & Null Sec Space
  • Train Mercoxit Processing III

1. Arkonor

Arkonor is the most sought after ore in the game, beyond this, you break into Gas and Ice Mining.

Ore Details:

  • End Game Ore
  • 16 m3/per unit
  • Very Rare

What Makes Arkonor Valuable:

  • Highest Megacyte Yield of any Ore

Where to Get Arkonor:

  • Null Sec Space that Border Amarr, Minimatar, & Gallente Space

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