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9. Master Chief

Master Chief shook the world with the release of Halo in 2001.

When Halo was first released back in 2001 it rocked the world. No one could've predicted how big of an impact this single game franchise would have on the industry. The Halo series has gone on to break numerous records and became the best selling game for the Xbox console. The game has gotten such notoriety that it is likeley the first game someone will ask if you play if they find out that you like video games.

Master Chief is the protagonist and leads his Spartan soldiers in defending humanity from a crazed fanatic alien race bent on purging them from the galaxy. As the battle rages on, Master Chief discovers some disturbing secrets about the universe's history and a parasite known as the flood. Chiefs iconic helmet and armor has made him extremely easy to recognize. That combined with the franchise's success brings him in at number 9 on the list.

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