10 Famous Video Game Characters Known by Millions Worldwide

You know who these guys are

How Many Of These Video Game Characters Do You Know?

Some game developers just hit the nail right on the head, and the characters they create become known across the world. Some video game characters have had such cultural impacts that most people could tell you the name and main story lines of their games even though they have never played them. As a result you would be pretty hard pressed to find someone who couldn't tell you who the following 10 characters are. 

Hardcore gamers are generally not all that interested in most of the games that Nintendo puts out on the market. However, it is Nintendo that owns almost all of the most famous and well-knowns video game characters in the world.

So we've made an effort to try and incorporate a few characters from other developers as well. Here we go. This is a list of the 10 most famous video game characters that are known by millions worldwide:

10. Crash Bandicoot

Everyone's favorite Bandicoot!

Crash Bandicoot was the result of the evil Dr. Neo Cortex's twisted animal experiments. The original franchise revolved around you first working for the crazy doctor, and later when you realize his true plans for world domination, you turn against him and foil his plans. You would have to run through numerous stages, beat up evil minions with Crash's spin attack or belly flop, and collect power crystals to keep them out of Cortex's hands. The best part about it all was that you got a living floating vodoo mask that guided you. Aku Aku was awesome!

The mutated bandicoot was used as Sony's mascot for a very short time in the 90's, but he was eventually dropped due to his lack of success. The game franchise was rebooted and eventually became a part of Skylanders. Most loyal fans are still hoping for a Naughty Dog developed return to memory lane.

Here is a fun piece of trivia for you: Crash's original name was Willie the Wombat but the developers changed his name after incorporating crashing into boxes as a main game mechanic, and thus Crash Bandicoot was born.

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