[Top 10] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Skills To Get

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Skills
Cal and BD-1 explore an Empire occupied planet

[Top 10] Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Best Skills To Get

Who hasn’t pretended that they were a Jedi at some point in their life? It’s exciting to imagine that you have superpowers and a laser sword that you use to do battle with the Dark side. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order allows you to fulfill those daydreams by running around a galaxy far, far away as the ginger Jedi Cal. As you level up throughout the game, here are the skills that make you feel like the Grandmaster you dream of being.


10. Overhead Slash

Cal slashes a Scout Trooper

Overhead Slash lets you slice droids and alien monsters in half with a single blow. You can get it early on, so add it to your combos right away. It’ll make killing weaker enemies easy and it deals plenty of damage to bulkier ones. 

What makes Overhead Slash great:

  • One of the three earliest skills to choose from
  • Kills weaker enemies quickly 
  • Literally cuts monsters and droids in half

Overhead Slash details:

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9. Agile Deflection

Cal charges towards an AT-ST

Do you want to rush into a fight and take no damage at all? Then, pick up Agile Deflection. This ability allows you to sprint or wall-run into a firefight and automatically deflect blaster bolts. This skill is worth it when you're up against an enemy with a rapid-fire blaster and a lot of ground between the two of you. 

What makes Agile Deflection great:

  • Deflect projectiles and doesn’t interrupt sprinting or wall-running
  • Great for escaping or gap-closing rapid-fire enemies like AT-ST’s and Heavy Assault Troopers
  • Helps maintain health while moving through low-level areas

Agile Deflection details:

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8. Superior Blocking

Cal struggles against the Second Sister

If you plan on playing Jedi: Fallen Order at a higher difficulty, then you're going to find blocking essential. You'll also find out that you can't keep up your defense forever. Each time you parry or block an attack, it eats up some of your stamina and when you run out you're stunned for a little bit. If you don't want to deal with this as often, grab Superior Blocking. It increases your stamina, so you can take more hits and deal more damage. 

What makes Superior Blocking great:

  • Less stamina consumed while blocking means less overall damage taken
  • Helps when dealing with multiple melee enemies, like Purge Troopers
  • Makes boss fights a little easier

Superior Blocking details:

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7. Dash Strike

Cal rushes forward

If you're looking for another gap closers, check out Dash Strike. With this skill, you'll rush forward and attack the first enemy you reach or you can flip over them - your choice. This is perfect for taking down an enemy while getting straight into the fight. 

What makes Dash Strike great:

  • Closes the distance between you and an enemy while dealing damage
  • Easily kills weaker targets 
  • Great for getting into the middle of a group of enemies like Stormtroopers

Dash Strike details:

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6. Switch Attack

Cal marvels at his double-bladed lightsaber

What’s better than one lightsaber? Two, that’s what. You’ll get access to a double-bladed lightsaber as you pretty late in the Jedi: Fallen Order, but it’s well worth it and the Switch Attack skill makes it even better. With the ability, you’re able to switch between a double-blade and a single one for special attack, looking cool and dealing damage.

What makes Switch Attack great:

  • Switch between lightsaber types mid-fight
  • Great for fights where you’re surrounded
  • Look cool and deal with damage

Switch Attack details:

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5. Precision Evade

Cal dodges out of the way just in time

You know that rush when you successfully dodge an attack? Well, Precision Evade takes it to the next level. Whenever you perform a perfectly timed dodge, the enemy that just attacked is slowed. This gives you the perfect chance to hit them back. For bonus points, you also recover a small amount of Force energy. 

What makes Precision Evade great:

  • Slows enemies after dodging leaving an opening for counter-attacks
  • Very useful during boss fights
  • Regain some Force energy after a perfectly timed dodge

Precision Evade details:

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4. Whirlwind Throw

Cal tosses his lightsaber to defend himself

Once you’ve gap-closed with Dash Strike or Agile Deflection, you’ll want Whirlwind Throw to continue the brawl. Whirlwind Throw lets you toss your double-bladed lightsaber in an AOE attack. It’s perfect for when you’re surrounded and need to keep fighting.  There’s even an achievement tied to killing three enemies with a lightsaber throw and Whirlwind Throw is perfect for that.

What makes Whirlwind Throw great:

  • AOE damage
  • Perfect for dealing with large groups
  • Easily kills weaker enemies when surrounded

Whirlwind Throw details:

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3. Howling Push

Cal pushes Stormtroopers away

One of the most basic is Force Push. Howling Push upgrades that power. Your Push goes from wimpy to terrifying. You can throw groups of Stormtroopers off cliffs, into walls, or completely knock them down. It turns a crowded fight into a manageable one, or at least it keeps some Stormtroopers occupied while taking care of their friends. You can even stagger larger enemies by pulling them down. 

What makes Howling Push great:

  • Powers up normal Force Push 
  • Great crowd control with the potential to send groups off cliffs
  • Perfect for knocking down stronger enemies and staggering bosses

Howling Push details:

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2. Grasping Pull

Cal yanks a Stormtrooper towards him

Grasping Pull is one of the skills that will make you feel the most like a Jedi. This skill enhances the basic Force Pull to the point that you’re able to pull enemies towards you and hold them in place. Stormtroopers become fodder and body shields to you with Grasping Pull. Combine Grasping Pull with a basic attack, and you’re able to run Stormtroopers through or slice Probe Droids in half with ease. For larger enemies, Grasping Pull yanks them towards you, giving you an opening to get some attacks in.

What makes Grasping Pull great:

  • Pull enemies towards you to body-block blaster bolts or to one-shot them
  • Yanks and staggers tougher enemies 
  • Perfect for getting Rocket Launcher Stormtroopers off their out of reach perches

Grasping Pull details:

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1. Power of Friendship

Cal and BD-1 find another Stim Canister

Along your adventure across the galaxy, you’ll collect up to ten Stim canisters that your droid companion, BD-1, carries for you. These Stims are how you heal. Just ask BD-1 for one and he’ll heal you right up. With the Power of Friendship skill, you won’t just regain health when BD-1 tosses you a Stim, your Force Meter does too. All of it. During boss fights, especially end game bosses, a well-timed Stim refreshing your Force Meter can be the difference between a cutscene and a death screen.

What makes Power of Friendship great:

  • Refills all your Force Meter upon administering a stem
  • Comes in clutch during boss fights
  • Who doesn’t love friendship?

Power of Friendship details:

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