[Top 10] Sailor Moon Best Characters

Their personalities are shown through what they wear, and even with their expressions. All so different and so strong together.
All grown up Sailor Guardians ready for action, but in reality they are probably at the arcade.

Hello my fellow anime nerds, today we are diving into the vast cosmic world of Sailor Moon. We will look at what makes these characters awesome, based on the manga's original written series. Whether we are looking at their brains, strength, or heart, they all grow into semi-mature soldiers.

All characters are important whether they are a lasting character or a two-second laugh because each character interacts with each other in a special way. Sometimes moving our characters in different directions for story progression or even trying to turn them to the Dark Side. We do so a few characters let the darkness overcome in their hearts, almost all realize what is happening but some too late. When Naoko began the series it started with Sailor Venus, and over night she created this whole cast full of life, death, and rebuilding. Although I would have loved to see an expansion on many of our characters, we take the tasty morsels we can get.

Some characters like Fior who were really just a filler piece really made a big impact on our main characters, with just one rose we were able to connect all characters to one point in time when they were just children. Even though Chibi Moon may be at the bottom, it doesn't mean she isn't important, she helped change the course of time, We see Small Lady at the bottom because simply right now is not her time to be a hero. She is the future.

 10) Chibiusa Tsukino - Sailor Chibi Moon

Small Lady is the cutest, and a sour patch kid all rolled in one. She battles with her emotions towards her mother, but we get to see her overcome these. She also seems to hate being young so I am glad she could grow up.

While wondering the castle feeling like her parents lacked time to spend with her as a child, she finds the door to Space-Time meeting Sailor Pluto. Later, when her timeline is in despair, she travels back in time to seek help from the Sailor Soldiers and meets her mother. Only to find they are more alike than she thought. After repairing the relationship between herself and mother and successfully stopping the threat to her timeline, she hung around a bit before returning to grow into a great leader of the 30th century.

What makes Chibimoon awesome.

  •  When born, she was named, "Usagi small lady chibi moon" after her mother.

  • Her name represents the "little rabbit of the moon."

  • At a very young age, she has shown that she can play with the big girls and grow just as fast, mentally, and physically.

9) Setsuna Meiou - Sailor Pluto 


Arguably the oldest of the Sailor Senshi, she rides the line of being a "mom" to the Outer Senshi, and someone Small Lady can look up to and confide in, She definitely helped the girls in many ways.

Setsuna Meiou is our oldest Sailor soldier, so much so we know she has died once and resumed her post. As the guardian of Space-time, she meets Small lady when they both needed someone to listen to them. Their friendship grew and remains healthy. She also helped in nurturing young Saturn when she was reborn. She is also linked very closely with Sailor soldiers of the Outer Rim of the solar system.

What makes Setsuna awesome.

  • She is the only person who has probably met Usagi's birthmother.

  • Her name represents "Monetary Dark King" and "sorrowful."

  • In Japanese, her name's characters represent the planets name, "Nether king star." 

8) Hotaru Tomoe - Sailor Saturn


Everyone loves a goth girl and who better than our girl who controls the Underworld. Even though she doesn't make a grand entrance, she leaves a lasting impression, even if everyone was afraid of her.

Hotaru Tomoe made a terrifying entrance. She was the only Sailor soldier everyone was afraid to meet because she was possessed by Mistress 9(and one other time also). Like Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn draws her powers from the underworld; where Usagi can create worlds, Sailor Saturn can destroy planets with one stroke. She has done it twice. She is considered one of the outer solar system guardians to help protect the external solar system.

What makes Hotaru awesome.

  • Her parents were scientists; she was saved from by her father when her mother caused an explosion taking her life.

  • Her name represents "firefly" and "sprouting from the earth," fireflies are associated with death in Japanese mythology.

7) Haruka Tenou – Sailor Uranus


With her calm reserve, Haruka seems like an enemy or a bad person. Secretive yet stunning like a snake. I feel she is a valuable character to the many she came in contact with.

Haruka Tenou, this lesbian blonde bombshell, would be our Ruby Rose of the crew with a mind for going fast, in her Ferrari F512M thanks to Takeuchi as inspiration. Haruka is the strong-silent type male and notably stronger, even a princess in her past life.  During the English dubbing of the series, Haruka( also the trio of Sailor Starfighters) and Sailor Neptune were LGBTQ representatives. We even miss the fact that these two were a couple in the original manga. She is also one of the guardians of the outer solar system, helping protect everyone.

What makes Haruka awesome.

  • She and the creator share a love for the same kind of car.

  • She can be more mature about what needs to be done, regardless of the costs.

  • Her name represents "Distant sky King."

6) Michiru Kaiou – Sailor Neptune


Sailor Moon made being smart, cool. With two smart girls on our team, how could they contain all the talent and beauty? In Japanse culture, the smart girls were more liked. 

Michiru Kaiou has all the beauty only shared with Haruka, and more brains to boot. So much so, she has no dislikes and no trouble with a single subject. Aiming to be a violinist one day, she is the only soldier to have awakened by herself. She is also part of the guardians consider for protecting the outer reaches of the solar system.

What makes Michiru awesome.

  • She is a more mature character who is blunt and ready to jump into action when she needs to.

  • Her Stradivarius violin is worth some five million dollars, and she uses it in her final attack.

  • Her name represents the "Rising sea King." 

5) Minako Aino – Sailor Venus


She has the perfect girl-next-door thing going on, but she is so hardcore. Even though her defeating Queen Beryl wasn't a thing, her strength among the scouts and showing her leadership has always shown brightly.

Minako Aino was the character who began the Sailor Soldier, the first Sailor Soldier( of the inner circle) to have awakened. The last to join the team, Unbunoxed to the rest of the girls her act of being Sailor V, was a ploy to lure everyone. Like Usagi, Sailor Venus has some extra study sessions she has to catch up on, although seeming still smarter, is supposed to be a double for the Princess Serenity.

What makes Minako awesome.

  • She is the real leader of the team.

  • She had her series first.

  • Her name represents "Beautiful child of love" from the Chinese translation rather than the Japanese. 

4) Rei Hino – Sailor Mars


The relationship between Rei, Usagi, and even the rest of the squad is all a little weird because she is so reserved, and at one point didn't even want to be on the team. Eventually, she grew and became one of the closes people to Usagi I believe.

Rei Hino was another character that had changed quite a lot; in the anime, you see Rei go boy crazy like everyone else except Usagi. When in reality, she had such a distaste for her father, she hated men. Yet every girl has a weakness; one man Kaido was able to tame those fires of mars. Later she witnessed him flirting with another woman, and her father was pruning him to take over the political business, which is why he was always around. Also, in the manga, Rei was a more stoic and goal-focused character. It took her a long time to accept her past life, the friendship, and even her previous duties. So much for a high priestess of training, am I right?

What makes Rei awesome.

  • She does not go to the same school as the Soldiers; she goes to a Roman Catholic school, which is why her uniform is different.

  • Superman and Batman are fans.

  • Her name represents "Ray of fire" or "Fire of Rei," mostly translated from Chinese like Sailor Venus.

  • She is second in command. 

3) Makoto Kino – Sailor Jupiter


These two girls seemed a little closer than the other scouts. I feel like these two girls really strive for the older look and it looks great. Two super-powered businesswomen for sure, Sailor Jupiter does well with her long legs and high waisted suit pants. ( Pictured: Sailor Venus on the left, Sailor Jupiter on the right)

Makoto Kino was a character not fully developed from the Sailor V series, her first persona being a gang leader who smoked to a callous girl-next-door type. She finds herself very high on the list because, like Rei, she needed friendship after her parents had perished in a plane crash. Once she tried confessing her love to a boy, and he rejected her because she was too tall. Makoto brought a new light to beauty. The beast was a beautiful redhead who could kick butt—like Sailor Neptune had the brains to go along with her fabulous home, self-taught cooking. Growing from such a dark place and meeting girls who she can call family and friends, and in turn, everyone gets to eat. 

What makes Makoto so awesome.

  • Could be evenly matched with Haruka in strength.

  • Both times when she was supposed to make her big debut first, she appears in the background on the train, then she is seen walking outside the "Masquerade Dance party" in the rain."

  • Her name represents "Trust" or "Sincerity" in Japanese, originally her name was to describe "guard/protect," but then her name would have been "Mamoru." Kino translates to "wood field" or "tree field."

2) Ami Mizuno – Sailor Mercury


She has always been our book worm, but never as outgoing as Michiru, it took her meeting Usagi to bust out of her shell. With that little tap on her shell, she single-handedly moved her friend emotionally. What progress.

Ami Mizuno is the brains of the operation when it comes to defending the team, helping strategize a plan, or even helping everyone study for the high school exams. At genius-level intelligence and an outcast made her natural bait for Usagi to show her how to have fun and help her make friends. Her character did not exist until later, and she morphed from a different character who looked similar to her. Like Rei and Makoto, her mother was not very present, and her father not mentioned. So when Ami became part of the team, you could see her change in confidence sore, no longer a shy snob as most people thought.

What makes Ami awesome.

  • She is really into pop culture and was part of the Three Lights fan club.

  • She was supposed to be a cyborg.

  • Her name represents "Asia," "rank next," "come after," and even "beauty," which is translated to "Asian beauty" or "Second Beauty." The rest of her name represents "water fields," "Plains," or "civilian water life" translated into "of the water."

1) Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon


The girl who holds the many languages of love, the girl who can talk to anyone, and be friends with anyone. The girl whos got all the great qualities to bring everyone together and make them stick like glue.

Usagi Tsukino is forever known as the crybaby hero, but without watching the series or reading the manga, you could not see how much she grows as a character. She is ruling even though she never passed the "How to be a queen exam" and even saved her life, Mamoru. Even if he is a prince, she has saved him more times than anyone. She has also shown us that being the lead is hard. Between sleeping in class and being the youngest Sailor soldier of your friends on top of making sure she doesn't ruin the future, I would say her hands are pretty full.

What makes Usagi awesome.

  • Her name is a pun; it references an old folklore tale about a rabbit who lives on the moon making mochi. Her name represents "Rabbit of the moon."

  • She does the most growth through the entire series, but couldn't have done it without her friend's help. 

  • Initially, her hair was supposed to turn pink or silver during her transformation. Instead, it stayed blonde and turns silver when she is Neo-Queen Serenity. At least she got some of what she wanted.

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