[Top 15] Rainbow 6 Siege Best Universal Weapon Skins That Look Awesome

There is a plethora of weapon skins that Rainbow Six Siege has released. Even though they are no longer out, certain weapon skins should at least be mentioned such as: Fire, Aki No Tsuru, Pink, Chroma Streaks, Thermal Antipodes, Ectoplasm Crossfader, and Obsidian. There are other skins that are awesome to have.  


15. USA Desert Camo

The USA Desert Camo skin came out during the Dust Line season. This skin is available to get from the weapon shop. You won’t see many operators rocking this look. When you equip this camo, you are not dressing your weapon. You are stepping into the boots of an in-game specialist. Prepare to command respect as you confidently get into the heart of the battle with this rare skin.

What makes USA Desert Camo Great:

  • An epic rarity.

  • Makes it look like an actual weapon that you would see in real life.

  • It is a basic weapon skin, if you like a weapon skin that is not too much. 

How To Get USA Desert Camo: 

  • Use 10,000 Renowns or 240 R6 Credits.

  • Alpha Packs.  

See USA Desert Camo in action: Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: Dust Line - NEW Skins, Charms & Headgear!

14. Arctic

Prepare to go into the chilling depths of warfare with this chilly skin. This skin can make the darkest corners on the map to become bright. When it becomes intense, this skin can make you stand out like you are in a snowstorm. This icy skin came out during the Skull Rain season. The Arctic skin is available right at your fingertips in the store..

What makes Arctic Great:

  • An epic rarity.

  • Has different versions of this skin. 

  • Makes the area of your weapon screen brighter.  

How To Get Artic:

  • Use 25,000 Renowns or 600 R6 Credits.

  • Alpha Pack.

See Arctic in action: https://youtu.be/IWlLqL5C4Sk?si=E63QOTXOQz80VW68&t=18


13. Black

Seek into the shadows with the stealthy Black weapon skin. A classic skin that emerged from the Red Crow season. In the Rainbow Six universe blending in is a key for survival. This dark skin is still available for whoever wants to lurk in the shadows. This weapon skin is good if you want to lurk in the shadows, waiting for your prey ,or just want to add a bit of mystery to you.  

What makes  Black Great:

  • An epic rarity.

  • One of the generic weapon skins that is easy to obtain.

  • Similar to the gray weapon skill. 

How To Get Black: 

  • Use 25,000 Renowns or 600 R6 Credits. 

See Black in action: Before You Buy | Black Weapon Skin Showcase ( Rainbow Six Siege)


12. Crismon

The Crimson skin is a foundational canvas for many other designs, such as Thermal Antipodes and Ruby. Even though it may not dazzle you with its brightness, it is still a decent  skin. The Crimson skin can help you stay under the radar and catch your opponents off guard.  This skin is still available in the weapon shop, waiting for people to appreciate it.

What makes Crismon Great:

  • A part of the Skull Rain season.

  • Thermal Antipode skin is based off of this skin.

  • An epic rarity.  

How To Get Crismon: 

  • Use 20,000 Renowns or 480 R6 Credits.

  • Receive it in  an Alpha Pack. 

See Crismon in action: Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: Skull Rain Bundles (Ceifador/Amazonia/Piranha/Azulejos/Skull Rain)

11. Gold

This Gold skin is a different variety of Cobalt and Topaz skin. Even though each other shares a common design they are all different shades of one another. Gold represents elegance and offers a touch of luxury to your weapon. In the light, the skin glistens and turns the weapon into a dazzling masterpiece. This beautiful skin is a part of the Safari Bundle DLC.

  What makes Gold Great:

  • It’s a part of the Game Launch.

  • A Rare rarity.

  • Gets confused with the Topaz weapon skin.

How To Get Gold:

  • Alpha Pack.

See Gold in action:Y7S1 BATTLE PASS GOLD Attachment Skin + Gold Weapon Skin - Silver Attachment & Diamond Skin - R6


10. Cobalt

Cobalt came from the frosty origins of Rainbow Six Siege, coming from the Black Ice season. With its mesmerizing shade, it does have a counterpart which is the Topaz skin. The cool thing about this weapon is that it interacts with the in-game light. Having you emerged into the world of Siege. If you want a piece of Siege history, you should get this skin.  

What makes Cobalt Great:

  • Apart of the Black Ice season

  • A rare rarity.

  • A part of a Gemstone DLC. 

How To Get Cobalt:

  • Pay $2.99

  • Alpha Pack.

See Cobalt in action: Rainbow Six® Siege - Cobalt Weapon Skin 2019


9. Topaz

Topaz is a timeless piece of the Siege universe. It is from the Black Ice season and has been available ever since. This is stunning weapon skin that can never go out of style. Magical things seem like it is happening when the light hits the weapon, it tends to capture your eyes. It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or have been here from the beginning Topaz adds a bit of elegance and it is another classic design. 

What makes Topaz Great:

  • It is a rare rarity. 

  • A part of the Gemstones DLC. 

  • Is a different version of Cobalt, Ruby, and Cyan.  

How To Get Topaz: 

  • Pay $2.99 (PC only)

  • Alpha Pack.

  See Topaz in action: Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: TOPAZ SKIN REVIEW

8. Search and Rescue 

Take a trip to the North Star season. This is a skin to transfer your weapon into a work of art. A way of achieving this weapon skin was reaching level 100 during the season. It took some dedication to get that far.

What makes Search and Rescue Great:

  • It is an Epic rarity.

  •  Was a part of the North Star Battle Pass.

  • Recently it was just redesigned. 

  How To Get Search and Rescue: 

  • Have 1,200 R6 Credits.

  See  Search and Rescue in action: Search and Rescue Universal Weapon and Attachment Skin - Rainbow Six Siege

7.Vintage Festivity

Vintage Festivity is a Xmas skin that is still available.This skin is a reminder that there is always room for some holiday spirit. This weapon skin appears as your weapon is wrapped in colorful wrapping paper. It is like having a present with you at all times. This is a way for developers to  back to the siege community.. This was a cool addition to add to the Siege world and to get people into the holiday spirit, since they usually give people a new operator or more renowns.

  What makes Vintage Festivity Great:

  • It’s an Epic rarity.

  • Looks like actually wrapping paper.

  • Comes with a Santa Clause if you get the bundle.

  How To Get Vintage Festivity:

  • Use 27,000 Renowns or 648 R6 credits.

  See Vintage Festivity in action: Vintage Festival Universal Skin Review | Rainbow Six Siege


6. Year of the Ox

Another skin that came out during the Neon Dawn season. Year of The Ox  is an epic rarity. It is a symbol of the Zodiac bundle, where each skin showcases a different animal associated with the Chinese zodiac. The Year of The Ox is a powerful representation of its respective zodiac sign.  It allows people who are the zodiac sign to have their “identity” with them while they are in battle. 

  What makes Year of the Ox Great:

  • Able to get epic skin for the Asian character.

  • Was a part of a bundle pack. 

  • Different zodiac signs are a part of this weapon skin. 

  How To Get Year of the Oxt: 

  • Use 27,000 Renowns or 648 R6 credits.

  See Year of the Ox in action: *NEW* YEAR OF THE OX WEAPON SKIN - Seasonal universal Skin - Zodiac Bundle - Rainbow Six Siege


The Ruby skin has a smokey tint to it, which makes it look cool. This is a representation of color pairing. This skin adds mystery to your weapon and makes you stand out while using any weapon and any operator. Ruby would make a great weapon skin for any weapon that you use.

  What makes Ruby great:

  • A different version of the crimson skin. 

  • It is a rare rarity.

  • It’s a part of the weapon skin DLC.

  How To Get Ruby:

  • Pay $2.99

  • Using  5000 to Renown or 120 R6 Credits.

See Ruby  in action: Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: RUBY SKIN



Cyan is a pretty blue skin. This shade of blue is not used as much.  When the light reflects off of it, it becomes mesmerizing. This is one of the more flashy skins.  The Cyan skin came out during the Dust Line season. It is still available to get. This is a type of skin that you would get because you don’t see many people who have it. This could make you different from everyone else who plays the game. 

What makes Cyan Great:

  • There are different versions of this weapon skin.

  • It's a rare rarity.

  • Has a bit of light reflection and looks like different images are on the weapon.

How To Get Cyan:

  • Pay $2.99 (PC Only)

  • Either have 5000 to Renown or 120 R6 Credits.

See Cyan in action: Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: CYAN SKIN REVIEW 


3.Wisdom and Hospitality 

Wisdom and Hospitality is a weapon skin that one wouldn’t see very often. Even though it's an Epic skin, not many people use it. It makes each person who has it different and shows their appreciation. This weapon skin looks amazing when the in-game light is shining down on it. Since not all people have this skin, it wouldn’t be bad to get. Wisdom and Hospitality came out during the North Star season. 

What makes Wisdom and Hospitality great:

  • Is a part of the Medicant Bundle.

  • Is an epic rarity. 

  • It is currently available now.

How To Get Wisdom and Hospitality : 

  • Either have 50,000 Renown Or 1200 R6 Credits

See Wisdom and Hospitality in action: WISDOM And HOSPITALITY Universal WEAPON SKIN + Attachment Skin - Showcase IN-GAME - Rainbow Six


2. Black Ice

The Black Ice skin was one of the skins that people used to hype over whenever they received it. This skin is not easy to obtain when it comes to the packs. This skin is a work of art because it makes it look like your weapon is covered in ice.  With this skin being the luck of the draw, it could have you using new playstyles or weapons. 

What makes Black Ice great:

  • One of the most rare weapon skins. 

  • This is one of the skins that everyone wants, but not everyone gets.

  • Looks like actual ice is on your weapon.

How To Get Black Ice: 

  • Getting lucky by receiving it in an Epic drop in an Alpha pack.

See Black Ice in action: Using The RAREST Black Ice Skins In Rainbow Six Siege


1. Diamond 

This skin came out during the Dust Line and has been available ever since. This is one of the best universal skins that they have ever released and kept out. This weapon skin has sharp edges and a black tint to it. The Diamond skin will make the weapon look like every weapon is covered in diamonds. The Diamond skin is an epic variety and also came out in a Diamond bundle, therefore: it has other pieces that came along with it.

What makes the Diamond skin Great:

  • It is an epic rarity.

  • It’s in a bundle pack.

  • The most expensive weapon skin to buy.​

How To Get Diamond: 

  • Spend 100,000 Renown in the weapon skins shop.

See Diamond in action:Rainbow Six Siege - In Depth: DIAMOND WEAPON SKIN REVIEW

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