[Top 15] Pokemon TCG Best GX Cards

Pokemon TCG Best GX Cards
There are so many powerful GX card. Which will come out on top?

Hello all you fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and casual readers. Today we’ll be looking at the top 15 Pokemon GX cards. All of the cards on this list feature GX attacks, one use attacks that are extremely powerful. Apologies in advance if any of your favorite cards get left out.

Before we get into the list, let’s set some loose criteria for what makes a top card. A top card has a good attack and ability(if applicable), and will help out almost any deck you put it in(within reason). For example, almost any fire or colorless card immediately becomes better when you use the welder supporter. However, we want to see which cards stand on their own.

In addition, there are many GX cards that were revolutionary when they came out. For example, Umbreon GX and Espeon GX both featured 200 HP which was incredibly high upon their release. However, since then hit points have increased above 250 and even 300. To find the top 15 we’re going to be judging them all as they are now.

Just a reminder, this list is not what is best for your deck in specific, but just best in general. There are always scenarios in which one of these cards might not hold up against a card not on this list. Now let’s get into it.

15. Sylveon GX

Sylveon GX Card

  • Sylveon GX is a stage 1 with 200 HP, which is about average. 
  • It’s Fairy Wind attack deals 110 damage for three energy.
  • Sylveon’s Magical Ribbon attack is what gets it on this list. For one energy you can search your deck for any three cards and put them into your hand. And you don’t have to show your opponent. Getting any three cards can make a giant difference in any game and keep your opponent on their toes.
  • Plea GX allows you to have your opponent put two Pokemon from their bench and all cards attached to them into their hand. This is a handy reset when you need one.

14. Scizor GX

Scizor GX Card

  • Scizor GX is a stage 1 with 210 HP. 
  • Scizor features the Danger Perception ability. This ability says that if Scizor has 100 HP or less remaining his attacks deal 80 more damage.
  • It’s attack deals 80 damage for two energy and reduces damage done to you next turn by 30. This helps to make sure that Scizor isn’t killed before his ability kicks in.
  • Cross Cut GX costs three energy and deals 100 damage. If you’re hitting an Evolution Pokemon, the attack does 200 damage.

13. Decidueye GX

Decidueye GX Card

  • Decidueye GX is a stage 2 with 240 HP.
  • It has the Feather Arrow ability which allows you to put 20 damage on one of your opponent’s Pokemon. This can really rack up over multiple turns, especially if you have more than one down.
  • Decidueye’s attack does 90 damage for three energy.
  • Hollow Hunt GX lets you put three cards from your discard pile into your hand. This is useful for easily recycling any cards you need.

12. Tapu Lele GX

Tapu Lele GX Card

  • Tapu Lele is a basic Pokemon with 170 HP.
  • The stand out feature of Tapu Lele is it’s Wonder Tag ability which lets you search your deck for a supporter when you put it onto your bench. Many META decks of the time played multiple Tapu Lele GX because of this.
  • Tapu Lele isn’t only for support. For two energy, you can do 20 damage for each energy on both active pokemon. This damage can be increased if your opponent is doing well energy wise or if you need to spend a few turns powering it up yourself.
  • Tapu Cure Gx completely heals two of your benched Pokemon for only one energy. 
  • This Pokemon also had no weakness and only one retreat cost making it very versatile.

11. Marshadow GX

Marshadow GX Card

  • Marshadow GX is a basic Pokemon with 150 HP.
  • While most Pokemon of this list are judged based of their own abilities, we break the mold for Marshadow because it’s ability allows you to use the attacks of any Basic Pokemon in your discard pile. This opens up so many possibilities and makes this card pretty great.
  • Marshadow can deal 120 damage for three energy.
  • Peerless Hundred Blows GX is a mouthful of a GX attack and deals 50 damage for each basic energy attached to Marshadow.

10. Incineroar GX

Incineroar GX Card

  • Incineroar is a stage 2 with 250 HP.
  • Incineroar’s attack deals 130 damage for three energy and discards a special energy from your opponent’s Active Pokemon.
  • Normally it’s difficult to evolve to a stage 2 and attach energy at the same time. However, Incineroar’s ability allows you to search your deck for up to three Dark energy and attach them to it. This does do 30 damage to you though.
  • Don’t worry about the damage placed by Incineroar’s ability because his GX attack uses it. Darkest Tornado GX deals 10 damage plus 50 more for every 10 damage on Incineroar GX.

9. Keldeo GX

Keldeo GX Card

  • Keldeo GX is a Basic Pokemon with 170 HP.
  • Keldeo’s ability makes it especially tough for the other Pokemon GX to deal with Keldeo. It prevents your opponent’s EX and GX from damaging Keldeo.
  • The Sonic Edge attack deals 110 damage for three energy. It also isn’t affected by any effects on your opponent's Pokemon so it will be able to hit through other Keldeos and similar Pokemon.
  • Resolute Blade GX deals 50 damage for each of your opponent’s benched Pokemon for three energy.

8. Gardevoir GX

Gardevoir GX Card

  • Gardevoir GX is a stage 2 with 230 HP.
  • Gardevoir’s attack deals 30 damage for each energy attached to both active Pokemon. It’s like Tapu Lele GX but more damage.
  • You can’t always rely on your opponent to attach the energy for your damage and it can be a little slow to attach one per turn yourself. That’s why Gardevoir’s ability lets you attach an extra fairy energy from your hand to one of your Pokemon.
  • Twilight GX shuffles 10 cards from your discard pile into your deck. This can be used to get back energy, KOed Gardevoirs or anything else you might need.

7. Zoroark GX

Zoroark GX Card

  • Zoroark GX is a stage 1 with 210 HP.
  • What really stands out about Zoroark is it’s ability. Trade allows you to discard a card from your hand and draw two from your deck. More cards is usually better.
  • The Riotous Beating attack isn’t to bad either. For two colorless energy, it deals 20 damage for each of your Pokemon in play. That energy cost means this card can be played just as effectively in nearly every deck.
  • If 120 damage isn’t enough and you have two dark energy available, you have access to Trickster GX. This GX attack let’s you use any one of your oppoonent’s Pokémon’s attacks.

6. Naganadel & Guzzlord GX

Naganadel & Guzzlord GX Card

  • This Tag Team Pokemon has 280 HP.
  • For three energy, you are able to deal 180 damage.
  • Naganadel & Guzzlord GX’s ability allows you to heal 60 damage from it if you discard a Pokemon from your hand. This makes sure you can keep your already high HP in play.
  • Chaotic Order GX let’s you flip all of your prize cards face up. In addition, if you have two extra energy you can pick up two of those prize cards. Not only does this get you two steps closer to winning, but you can also choose whichever prize cards you need since they’re face up.

5. Pikachu & Zekrom GX

Pikachu & Zekrom GX Card

  • This Tag Team Pokemon has 240 HP.
  • Pikachu & Zekrom GX’s attack deals 150 for three energy and lets you attach three more energy from your deck. This can help you power up his GX attack or another Pokemon for if it gets KOed.
  • Tag Bolt GX deals 200 damage for three energy and if you have three extra energy you can deal 170 damage to one of your opponents benched Pokemon. This can easily be a devastating multi-KO attack.

4. Gardevoir & Sylveon GX

Gardevoir & Sylveon GX Card

  • This Tag Team Pokemon has 260 HP.
  • Gardevoir & Sylveon GX’s first attack only costs one energy and lets you search your deck for two fairy energy and attach them to your benched Pokemon.
  • It’s second attack costs three energy and does 150 damage. It also let’s you move the energy on your Pokemon around in any way you want. This can move energy off someone who is about to be KOed or towards someone that needs a lot of energy.
  • Magical Miracle GX deals 200 damage for three energy. If you have three extra energy then it also shuffles your opponent’s hand into their deck. This means they start out the next turn with just one card.

3. Lucario & Melmetal GX

Lucario & Melmetal GX Card

  • This Tag Team Pokemon has 260 HP.
  • While Lucario & Melmetal doesn’t have the highest HP of the Tag Team Pokemon, that’s to keep it from being unfair. It’s GX attack, Full Metal Wall GX, says that your Metal Pokemon take 30 less damage from attacks for the rest of the game. This only costs one energy and for an extra energy you can discard all energy from your opponent’s active Pokemon.
  • Once you’re sure that it will be sticking around for a while, Lucametal’s first attack deals 50 damage and attaches an energy from your deck to one of your Pokemon.
  • Lucametal’s second attack deals 150 damage for four energy. Normally this would be a lot but this Pokemon stays out for longer because of it’s GX attack.

2. Arceus, Dialga, & Palkia GX

Arceus & Dialga & Palkia GX Card

  • This Tag Team Pokemon has 280 HP. 
  • The main draw of Arceus, Dialga, & Palkia GX is it’s GX attack. Alter Creation GX says that all of your Pokemon deal 30 more damage for the rest of the game. For only one energy! If you have and extra energy, you also get to pick an extra prize card whenever you knock out one of your opponents Pokemon.
  • While many decks rely on ADP for its GX attack and then default to a more powerful attacker, but ADP can pull its own weight. For three energy ADP’s attack deals 150 damage and attaches three energy from your deck to any of your Pokemon.

1. Mewtwo & Mew GX

Mewtwo & Mew GX Card

  • This Tag Team Pokemon has 270 HP.
  • We must once again break our loose criteria for Mewtwo & Mew GX. It’s ability, Perfection, allows you to use the attacks of any EX or GX on your bench or in your discard pile. AKA, Mewmew can use the attacks of every card on this list and more. This almost unparalleled versatility earns it the #1 spot.
  • Miraculous Duo GX is another one of the Tag Team GX attacks that does 200 damage for three energy. With an extra energy you can also heal all damage from all of your Pokemon. Talk about undoing everything your opponent has done.
  • P.S. Mewtwo’s ability also allows for access to every other GX attack in the game so along as the card is in your discard pile. Just remember that you can only use one GX attack per game.


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