[Top 7] Pokemon TCG Best Booster Packs To Buy

Assorted Booster Packs... AKA lots of money

The Pokémon company is well known for their popular games in which you battle mystical creatures against each other for the glory of victory. And after 25 years and 87 expansions, the Pokemon Trading Cards have become very popular. 

So which are the best booster packs to buy? There are a number of ways that we can judge them but this list will generally cover which sets will give you the most satisfaction for opening one. And remember, If you’re looking for a specific card, then it’s usually just better to buy it individually. However, nobody can deny the thrill of opening a booster pack. So whether you’re trying to start a personal collection, looking to fill a deck, or just want to appreciate some shiny bling, here are the best booster packs to buy.


7. EX Holon Phantoms

Holon Phantoms Booster Packs

This expansion was released with 110 cards on May 3, 2006 and was the 28th set released by Pokemon. It is definitely worth buying a pack or two… if you can get them. One Holon Phantoms pack sells for around $300. But don’t worry they contain some pretty sweet stuff. 

  • Holon Phantoms features a number of fan favorite Pokémon such as Mewtwo, Pikachu, Gyarados, Rayquaza, and Mew. 
  • There are a few cards, such as Rare Candy and special versions of energy cards, that can still be used in today’s standard format.
  • Mewtwo Star, Pikachu Star, and Gyarados Star are big money cards in this set. Near Mint Mewtwo Stars sell for almost $4,000 and the other two have Market Price of over $200.
  • The art on these cards looks really good. Even if you don’t have a personal collection, I could definitely see myself framing a few of these.

Pack Price: >$300


6. EX Power Keepers

Power Keepers Booster Packs

This expansion was released with 108 cards on February 14, 2007 and was the 31rst set released by Pokemon. Similar to Holon Phantoms, the booster packs can be expensive but if you have the spending money there’s no reason to avoid this pack and quite a few good reasons to buy one. Here are a few of those reasons.

  • Cards featuring the popular Charizard and Machamp appear in this set.
  • Playable cards, such as Energy Switch, Great Ball, special art energy, are also available.
  • The big money cards of this set are Vaporeon Star, Flareon Star, and Jolteon Star all of which are selling for over $300 in lightly played condition.

Pack Price: >$300


5.  Call of Legends

Call of Legends Booster Packs

This expansion was released with 106 cards on February 9, 2011 and was the 47th set released by Pokemon. As the name suggests, this set has a lot of legendary pokemon in it. In addition, there’s not nearly as many cards in this set as in modern sets so you should have no trouble getting something cool. Want some more reasons to buy? See below.

  • Almost every legendary pokemon that existed at the time is in this set. Deoxys, Ho-oh, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon. Sadly no Mewtwo. :(
  • This set also features playable energy and the ones in this set are among the more sought after in Pokemon TCG.
  • There’s 11 special legendary cards to be found in this set and all of them are selling for over $200 dollars when near mint.
  • More great art.

Pack Price: >$200


4. Hidden Fates

Hidden Fates Booster Packs

I know you’ve loved hearing about all of the old and incredibly expensive sets but let’s move on to some newer stuff. Number four on our list is Hidden Fates. This set came out on August 23, 2019 with 163 cards. It is primarily an art set. It specializes in providing awesome looking cards and collectible, shiny Pokemon. However, if you’re looking for something competitive, it’s not here.

  • All the cards you love! Eeveelutions, Mewtwos, Charizard, Cynthia. They’re all found in this set.
  • And they’re worth a lot. The market price of Shiny Charizard GX is over $550 and half a dozen other cards are over $70.

Pack Price: $15


3. Champion’s Path

Champion's Path Booster Packs

Champion’s Path is another recent set. Released on September 25, 2020 with only 80 cards. This set is a great one to buy for any Pokemon fan.

  • Has many unique cards with powerful abilities and attacks. There is a lot of deck potential in this set alone. If you only get to pick one set. I would make it this one.
  • Includes many standard deck staples like Eldegoss V, Marnie, and Professor’s Research.
  • The prize of this set is a set of shiny Charizard V and VMAX selling for over $250.

Pack Price: $9

2. Sword & Shield

Sword & Shield Booster Packs

Most of the sets covered so far are good choices because of monetary benefit and beautiful artwork. While our top two sets include both, these sets also showcase the power and playability needed for the Pokemon standard format.

Next up is Sword & Shield. This set came out on February 7, 2020 with 202 cards. Despite being the first set of the Sword and Shield expansion it features some very powerful cards that are popular in play.

  • Marnie. Quick Ball. Professor’s Research. The list goes on. All of these cards can be found in almost any deck. They can also be found in this set.
  • This set features many new Galar region Pokemon for the first time. 
  • There are a lot of cards in this set. Almost twice as many as older sets. True there’s a lot more mediocre cards to pull. But there’s also a lot more variety.
  • High priced cards in this set include the full art and secret rare versions of Marnie and Zacian V. They’re all over $50.
  • These packs are much more affordable for the average Pokemon player. Get good cards, be able to play them in tournaments, don’t break your wallet.

Pack Price: $6


1.  Battle Styles

Battle Styles Booster Packs

Here is the best and most recent set to come out. Battle Styles released on March 19, 2021 with 163 cards. It is an exciting set with so many new play possibilities. You don’t want to miss out on these cards. So grab a pack, open it up, and join the fun. 

  • This set has brought some new types of cards. The Single Strike and Rapid Strike cards have the potential to completely change the game.
  • New stuff aside, the art for this set really looks amazing. The full art cards are beautiful.
  • Get it while it’s high. As of this article being written, a dozen or so cards are selling for over $50.

Pack Price: $6

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Hi everyone. What booster packs contain your favorite cards? My personal favorites are Unified Minds, Guardians Rising, Breakthrough, and Ancient Origins.