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The wonderful thing about roleplaying games is the various kinds of companions you can fight alongside with, and Pillars of Eternity is no exception. In the second game, you have a total of seven permanent companions from which you can pick.

1. Aloth

Aloth is an elf companion in the wizard class that appears in the first and second games. Coming from a difficult past, Aloth will stick by you through thick and thin. He is also one of the romancable companions in Pillars of Eternity 2. While it can take a lot of time to build up your reputation with Aloth to the point where a romance can happen, it’s worth the wait.

What is Great About Aloth:

  • His default arcana skill is 3 and explosives 2, making for some powerful attacks.
  • Iselmyr is a former past life of Aloth’s. She tends to appear when Aloth is in stressful situations and whenever she comes out, it always makes for amusing dialogue.
  • A gentry background that adds 2+ lore to his skills.

Pick Aloth If:

  • You enjoy having a mage with elemental attacks fighting alongside you.
  • Having someone with a dutiful personality by your side. This personality trait of his might keep you grounded!

How To Get Aloth: Aloth can be recruited at the Engwithan Digsite once you get to that questline.

2. Eder

Eder is a human fighter that is a companion in the first and second game. Starting as a companion from the very start of PoE 2, Eder is a great person to have by your side. He’s an excellent fighter in battle and outside battle, he has a dry sense of humor that will always break you out into a fit of laughter.

What is Great About Eder:

  • He starts off with 16 might and 16 constitution.
  • Eder can be a fighter, rogue, or a mix of the two which is called a Swashbuckler.
  • His farmer background which gives him an added +1 on athletics and survival.

Pick Eder If:

  • You enjoy having a strength advantage in your party
  • A fierce and loyal companion who can help in athletic and survival checks.

How To Get Eder: It’s extremely easy to get Eder. After you wake up on the ship he is there by your side and is one of your first companions to fight beside you. The only way he won’t be is if he died in the first game!

3. Maia Rua

A companion just for the second game, Maia Rua is an aumaua ranger. She’s an excellent sharpshooter and is very dedicated to the Royal Deadfire company. If you feel like you want a chance to get to know her a little better, then you’ll be happy to know she is one of the romancable companions in the game.

What is Great About Maia Rua:

  • Some of her beginning stats include 15 dexterity and 17 perception.
  • She has a unique subclass called Gunhawk which boosts their sharpshooting skills.

Pick Maia Rua If:

  • You want a great sharpshooter on your team.
  • You like fighting alongside her bird companion, Ishiza.

How To Get Maia Rua: During the Veins of Eora quest, Maia Rua can be recruited.

4. Pallegina

Pallegina is the third and final companion that you can play in both PoE games. This avian godlike paladin had a hard life, as most god-like children do and interestingly enough she despises birds. Like Aloth, Pallegina is a dutiful woman, and this will come out during your travels together.

What is Great About Pallegina:

  • Her avian godlike status gives her the Elusive Quarry talent.
  • Being a Paladin lets her have two class talents unique to Paladin’s. They are Wrath of the five suns and Vielo Vidorido.

Pick Pallegina If:

  • You want a strong paladin by your side. The Wrath of the five suns talent, unique to paladin’s, gives out burn damage when a sworn enemy is used so this is a great benefit to have in battle.
  • You find it cool that she is the only Avian godlike in the entire game.

How To Get Pallegina: Once you finish the Quest At All Costs, you can recruit Pallegina in Ondra’s gift.

5. Serafen

Serafen, an orlan cipher and barbarian, is a companion just for to PoE 2. A member of a pirate group (The Principi sen Patrena), this hairy little man is witty and has an appreciation for those who engage in skullduggery behavior. While you can’t technically romance Serafen, you are able to have an encounter with him. However, due to his fear of commitment, that’s all it can be.

What is Great About Serafen:

  • His wild mind enables his spells to gain a beneficial or even a detrimental effect.
  • Serafen’s starting stats include 16 might and 13 intellect, which is always a benefit.

Pick Serafen If:

  • You enjoy fighting beside a multiclass companion.
  • Having a powerful cipher, whose powers come directly from their mind, at your side.

How To Get Serafen: You get Serafen after being stopped by Captain’s Furrante ship soon after launching your new ship, the Defiant. He is available to be recruited after a conversation.

6. Tekehu

Ah Tekehu, our resident flirtatious marine godlike who is in the chanter and/druid class. Sadly, he only appears in the second game. Another romance option for the Watcher, he is more than just his good looks though. He can spirtshift into a shark, which can be especially useful in battle.

What is Great About Tekehu:

  • His shark spiritshifting ability. It’s immune to all dexterity afflictions!
  • Some of his starting stats include 14 dexterity, 17 intelligence, and 15 resolve.

 Pick Tekehu If:

  • You like the fact that he is from the Watershapers gilding, giving him some interesting water themed attacks.
  • You enjoy fighting beside a progressive and lighthearted companion who will always do right by himself and friends.

How To Get Tekehu: Tekehu is easy to recruit. You find him in Watershaper's guild where it’s easy to stumble upon him. He’s the one getting yelled at.

7. Xoti

Here we have our last companion. Xoti. She is a human monk and priest that can sometimes come off as a little naive. However, she is an enthusiastic person who will fight by your side. Also, she is one of the last romance options available in this game. You can romance her once your rep with Xoti is 2 or higher

What is Great About Xoti:

  • She has two weapons that no one else can use. They are her sickle and lantern.
  • Harvester of Gaun and Sister of the Reaping moon after two subclasses unique to her.

Pick Xoti If:

  • You want a priest in your team who can heal you when the going gets tough.
  • She can be a multiclass version of monk and priest.

How To Get Xoti: Besides, Eder, Xoti is the second companion you can get. She can be found at Port Maje if you have yet to go to the Engwithan digsite. If you have, then you can find her at the Temple of Gaun in Neketaka. All you must do is talk to her!

And there you have it, party people. These are all the companions you can choose in Pillars of Eternity 2 and what makes them great. We all have our preference so pick whoever jumps at you the most or you think will compliment you best in battle.

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