[Top 10] Oxygen Not Included Best Seeds

Oxygen Not Included Best Seeds
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The Best Oxygen Not Included Seeds for Every Type of Player

Right now, the thought of escaping to another planet is just too tempting to resist, which is one of the many reasons Oxygen Not Included (ONI) is such a major hit. But sometimes, when you start a new colony, the planet is a dud. No geysers within reach, little ore, and not a single Neural Vacillator in sight. Pfft.

Lucky for you, I know the world gen seeds that will get you to the best planetoids with the most accessible resources, so you don’t have to waste time creating new worlds. Time to crash land.


First, What the Hatch are World Gen Seeds?

World Gen Seeds are the series of numbers and letters used to identify the world you spawn when you start a new game in Oxygen Not Included. You probably already know what they are, or you may have noticed them when starting a new game. 

Each generated world has its own unique seed, and there are thousands of them. Instead of randomly generating a world, you can type in the seed and pick your own.

Starting your colony with a random planet is fun but arriving on said planet and finding hardly any close resources, no buildings to discover, and very little Oxylite tends to be a bit of a bummer. Knowing you have a world map seed that has everything you want is a huge time saver – no more starting, abandoning, and restarting colonies!


ONI Seed Changes

Since the update back in November, Klei has changed the way ONI’s world seeds generate. Instead of a string of numbers, the seed is broken up into smaller sections and mixed with letters to identify the type of planetoid you generate and the level of difficulty you choose. 

Basically, what I’m saying is: any seeds you had before November 2020 are useless.

Now, while I haven’t been able to try every one of the new possible seeds, I’ve gone through a lot. After talking to a few other gamers, I found the best starting seeds for both the base game (vanilla) and Spaced Out! DLC. 

I’ve personally tested each seed and included a screenshot of my starting colony up to Cycle 8. I don’t want to reveal too much (Spoilers, Sweetie!), so this list focuses on finding resources and buildings in the beginning, not throughout the entire map.

Do you play in Survival mode or No Sweat? Terra or Swamp? Spaced Out! or vanilla? No matter what you’re looking for, I’ve got the best seeds for your needs.


10. SWAMP CLUSTER – Survival 

ONI: Spaced Out! Survival, SWMP-C-80752833-0

If you’re looking to start a colony on the new Swamp planetoid, but you don’t want it to be too easy, this is a great seed. It has tons of polluted water, a few slush geysers that are quickly accessible, and a close Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifier. Plus, five Plug Slugs starting off gives you plenty of free power early game.

What’s awesome about this seed

  • 5 Plug Slugs
  • Close AETN
  • 2 close buildings
  • Loads of Pacu


9. TERRA CLUSTER – Survival 

ONI: Spaced Out!, Survival, SNDST-C-1196135558-0

This world’s resources will give you an easy start. There is plenty of accessible water when you first begin, and there are two water geysers close together in the bottom right. The Teleporter is directly above the base. 

Oh, and did I mention, you can get to Thimble Reed Seeds and Dreckos almost immediately?

What’s awesome about this seed

  • Early access to Thimble Reed Seeds
  • Dreckos by base
  • Close Teleporter
  • Lots of water


8. SWAMP CLUSTER – No Sweat 

ONI: Spaced Out!, No Sweat, SWMP-C-1377382724-9G

I love maps with buildings to explore, and this one has a lot within reach early on. Slush geysers on both sides of the base make water accessible and, IMHO, are positioned quite nicely. This map has five Plug Slugs you can access almost immediately for a great source of free power. Throw in a hot tub, and I’m sold. 

What’s awesome about this seed

  • 5 extra buildings
  • 5 Plug Slugs
  • Hot tub building
  • Close AETN
  • Slush geyser on both left and right


7. TERRA CLUSTER – No Sweat 

ONI: Spaced Out!, No Sweat, SNDST-C-159372816-9G

No need to worry about water in the early game with this seed! You’ll have an ample amount of time to get set up before your water runs low. There are also a few buildings and two Neural Vacillators. You can get a Drecko right off the bat, and there’s almost a stupid number of Hatches (almost). There’s supposed to be a volcano down below. I don’t know; I haven’t made it that far yet.

What’s awesome about this seed

  • 2 big buildings and 1 small building
  • Early access to Thimble Reed Seeds
  • 2 Neural Vacillators
  • Close Dreckos, lots of Hatches
  • 1 cool steam vent, 1 minor volcano (I guess?)



ONI: Spaced Out! Swamp Cluster, No Sweat, SWMP-C-188634310-9G

If your favorite thing to do is explore and inspect buildings, rummage through lockers, and find treasures, this is the map seed for you. With six buildings (and one with a hot tub in it!), this map will give you plenty to do. 

There are tons of Plug Slugs, and the Teleport is relatively close to the starting point. The Anti-Entropy Thermo Nullifier is just to the left, and polluted water gathers nicely below the base with just a little digging.

What’s awesome about this seed

  • 6 Buildings
  • 5 Plug Slugs
  • Close AETN
  • Hot tub building
  • Close Teleport


5. TERRA – No Sweat 

ONI: Automation Update, Terra, No Sweat, SNDST-A-816903536-9G

If you want to go vanilla, here’s a good start. Two large buildings to explore and tons of room for expansion makes this a great place to experiment. The water can be gathered at the bottom quickly, and there are Dreckos nearby.

What’s awesome about this seed

  • 2 Large buildings
  • Lots of water
  • Close Dreckos
  • Easy base organization



ONI: Automation Update, Oceania, No Sweat, OCAN-A-1023661434-9G

Oceania is similar to Terra, with pockets of saltwater throughout the planetoid. This particular seed has the ‘Geodes’ and ‘Magma Channels’ modifiers, so you are guaranteed a good supply of magma and ore. There is a Natural Gas geyser fairly close to the base on the right and a gaggle of Pokeshells on the upper left of the map just waiting to be tamed. 

What’s awesome about this seed:

  • Natural Gas geyser
  • Lots of Shine Bugs and Pokeshells
  • Close Thimble Reed Seeds and Dusk Caps
  • Geodes and Magma Channels



ONI: Automation Update, Rime, No Sweat, S-FRZ-1878464554-9G

Starting a colony on Rime is tricky with its cold temperatures, so you’ll need to develop fast. This map has quick access to some buildings that may just get you some warm sweaters. Use the herds of Hatches as your food source, and make sure to utilize all the Shine Bugs! 

What’s awesome about this seed:

  • Tons of Shine Bugs and Hatches
  • 3 close buildings
  • Easy to organize
  • Geodes, Volcanic Activity, and Irregular Oil modifiers



ONI: Automation Update, Verdante, No Sweat, LUSH-A-344592808-9G

Verdante is one of my favorite worlds to play on. This seed has the Geodes and Metal Rich modifiers, so you will find plenty of ore and all the other stuff you need. You just have to deal with the small and large boulders that spawn with it. 

There is only one Pip, which (to me) is a huge plus. They can be a great resource but also extremely annoying, thus having only one or two is ideal. There is also a building to explore off to the right. 

No need to worry about lights early on here. Shine Bugs are everywhere!

What’s awesome about this seed:

  • Building on the right
  • 1 Pip 
  • Geodes and Metal Rich modifiers
  • Small and Large Boulders modifiers




ONI: Spaced Out! No Sweat, Terra Cluster, SNDST-C-1425842064-9G

This is my favorite seed from the new update (so far). It has two water geysers close to the base: one above and one below your starting point, making them easy to access and control. The Teleporter is directly above the starting point, and there are two buildings you can see before you even start digging.

If you want a chill, fun, quick start in Spaced Out!, this is the seed for you. 

What’s awesome about this seed:

  • Close Teleporter
  • Close Neural Vacillator
  • 2 really close buildings
  • Plenty of starting water & polluted water
  • Lots of Hatches and Dreckos


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