[Top 5] Oxygen Not Included Best Insulated Tiles

Oxygen Not Included Best Insulated Tiles
Meep may not be able to cook, but he knows the best materials for building insulated tiles!


Here's a great example of the different elements from Brothgar's Insulated Tile Video.


The Best Materials for Insulated Tiles in Oxygen Not Included


Living on another planet can be fun, but you can’t ignore the responsibilities of maintaining a colony for long. Your dupes have needs! They need food, they need water, they need WARMTH!

Maintaining a workable temperature is crucial to keeping your dupes happy, healthy, and (most importantly) productive. 

Now that you’ve unlocked the temperature modulation research branch, you’re ready to lay down some insulated tiles. But what will you make them out of? Sandstone? Igneous rock? Granite? (No, not granite).

Here, we’ll take you through the five best materials to make insulated tiles so you can keep your dupes at just the right temp.


5. Igneous Rock

Igneous rock is arguably the best material to make insulated tiles in the early game. There’s plenty of it, and it doesn’t need to be refined before you turn it into insulated tiles. 

What’s Great About Igneous Rock: 

  • There’s a lot of it
  • Access it early on

Igneous Rock Details:

  • Thermal conductivity of 2
  • Specific heat capacity of 1

How to Get Igneous Rock:
Igneous rock is available from the start. Find it in the Temperate, Frozen, Caustic, and Oil biomes. 


4. Ceramic

If you have time on your hands, consider using ceramic. Ceramic needs to be refined, but its properties are more than worth it.

What’s Great About Ceramic: 

  • Useful insulator
  • Easy to make

Ceramic Details: 

  • Thermal conductivity of 0.62
  • Specific heat capacity of 0.84

How to Get Ceramic:

You can produce 100 Kg of ceramic by firing 100 Kg of clay and 25 Kg of coal in a kiln.


3. Mafic Rock

Mafic rock is one of the best non-refined materials you can use to insulate your base. It’s not available at the beginning of the game, but it is relatively easy to find.

What’s Great About Mafic Rock: 

  • No need to refine
  • Easy to find

Mafic Rock Details: 

  • Thermal conductivity of 1
  • Specific heat capacity of 0.2

How to Get Mafic Rock:

You can find Mafic Rock in the Space biome and the Rust biome (right next to those cute little Sweetles). 


2. Vacuum Seal

An example of how to build a vacuum seal.


You can turn pretty much anything into insulated tile if you vacuum seal it. Heat needs a medium to pass through, and if there is a vacuum, there is literally nothing there.  

What’s Great About a Vacuum Seal:

  • All you need is an air system and power (or water and some deconstructing)
  • Don’t need to mine for new materials

Vacuum Seal Details:

  • Thermal conductivity of Nada (0)
  • Specific heat capacity of… well, it’s complicated. Let’s just say it’s good.

How to Get a Vacuum Seal:

Vacuum seals are a little trickier. You can make an area and pump all the gas out of it, creating a vacuum. You could also build around water and destroy tiles to get the vacuum seal. I suggest checking out Brothgar’s videos to see what works best for you.


1. Insulation

Insulation is made from recrystallized Abyssalite and is the best insulator available. You can make it with the Molecular Forge.

What’s Great About Insulation:

  • Stops heat transfer
  • It’s made for insulation

Insulation Details:

  • Thermal conductivity of 0.00001
  • Specific heat capacity of 5.57

How to Get Insulation:

Make insulation with a Molecular Forge. You need 15 Kg of Isoresin, 80 Kg of Abyssalite, and 5 Reed fibers to make 100 Kg of Insulation.


Honorable Mention: Abyssalite

Abyssalite doesn’t get its due. You can’t do much with it, but it does have some fantastic properties.

Abyssalite is one of the best insulators you can find in Oxygen Not Included. You should leave it in place any chance you get, as it has virtually no heat transfer. 

What’s Great About Abyssalite:

  • Stops heat transfer
  • It works!

Abyssalite Details: 

  • Thermal conductivity of 0.00001
  • Specific heat capacity of 4

How to Get Abyssalite:

You can find Abyssalite between biomes. You must have a duplicant with the Superhard Digging skill to mine it, however. 


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