[Top 15] Oxygen Not Included Best Mods We Love!

Oxygen Not Included Best Mods
"If I put that there, and this over here... we can totally make this work!"

[Top 15] Oxygen Not Included Mods We Love!

Banhi doesn't mind if Ari hangs around while she makes some modifications... as long as Ari stays out of the way.


The Best ONI Mods for Every Type of Player

Oxygen Not Included is an AMAZING game without mods (vanilla, as we say), but there are always fun and useful modifications that can be made.

Whether you want to save time by creating blueprints of rooms, tweak your dupes' stats, or just give them a makeover, you're sure to find something worth trying (ahem, *build over plants* ahem).

Without further ado: our Top 15 Oxygen Not Included mods!


15. Blueprints

"Look! I made blueprints for bathrooms, a lab, farms, hospitals, and more! Now we don't have to keep remaking them!"


Tired of building the same room over and over and over? This mod lets you save a blueprint of any room you build to use it again later.

Create a blueprint for any room you need. Latrines, barracks, mess hall, laboratory, whatever! Essentially, this is a copy and paste function that stores your build commands. 

Save time and keep your rooms uniform by using blueprints! 

How the Blueprints Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Save copies of rooms
  • Save time during layout

Get the mod here


14. Squirrel Wheel

Generate free power by running Pips on squirrel wheels. Go Pips, go!


Harness the power of Pips with this Squirrel Wheel mod. Shove 'em on a wheel and have them generate power for you! To build the Squirrel Wheel, you need 200kg each of metal ore and wood.

The Pips are happier when they run on the wheel, but they also consume more food, so keep that in mind. 

How the Squirrel Wheel Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Free power
  • Control the Pips
  • Make the Pips happy

Get the mod here


13. Duplicant Generations Settings Manager

Pick the interests, traits, and stress reaction for each starting dupe.


If you're tired of rerolling to find your perfect dupe, get the Dupe Gen Settings Manager mod. You can choose exactly what stats your starting dupes have, so you don't have to reroll 234 times to get the ideal starting researcher.

Save presets of your dupes and have them ready for later so you can start with the team you want!

How the Duplicant Generations Settings Manager Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Pick your starting dupes stats
  • Save dupe presets
  • Don't waste time rerolling

Get the mod here


12. World Generations Settings Manager

Find the perfect world - by making it yourself!


Like the Dupe Gen Settings Manager, this mod allows you to choose the World Generation Settings. It's perfect for those of us who want to try all the options, but on OUR terms. 

How the World Generation Settings Manager Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Choose your world stats
  • Don't waste time searching for a perfect world
  • As easy or difficult as you like

Get the mod here


11. Rooms Expanded

The Laboratory, a new room in the Rooms Expanded mod, makes research go faster.


One of my favorite parts of ONI is making all the different rooms and scoring the bonus effects. This mod adds a bunch of rooms to build, which will give you more bonus effects (and make your base look way cooler).

The Rooms Expanded mod adds rooms such as the Plant Nursery, where you cultivate seeds, and the Laboratory, where you get a research speed bonus. It adds quite a lot of rooms, so make sure to go through them all and try each one!

How the Rooms Expanded Mod Makes it More Fun

  • More rooms to build
  • More bonus effects
  • Cool rooms

Get the mod here


10. Voiceroid Hairstyle

Based on Voiceroid characters, this mod adds some pretty neat new hairstyles.


This is purely an aesthetic mod, but it's one of my favorites. After playing the game for three years, it's nice to give the duplicants a little makeover. 

How the Voiceroid Hairstyle Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Cute Hairstyles
  • New Colors
  • Not Everyone Changes (but most do)

Get the mod here


9. Resculpt

Change your Quaint sculpture into a Masterpiece with just a few clicks.


Resculpt isn't really that important, but it keeps you from deconstructing and reconstructing statues as your artist skills up or if you want to change the statue design. 

It especially comes in handy when you want to redecorate your base, and you have a theme in mind (all hail the Puft!).

How the Resculpt Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Don't need to deconstruct and rebuild utilities
  • Save time and duplicant labor
  • Makes base design easier

Get the mod here


8. No Long Commutes

(It's hard to show you something that isn't there, so… here it is. Not there.)


As another purely aesthetic mod (well, kind of), this simply eliminates the "Long Commutes" notification.

We know. We're trying our best to be productive. We don't need you computers telling us we could do better, thanks.

How the No Long Commutes Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Eliminates "Long Commutes" notification
  • Stops bugging you

Get the mod here


7. Show Building Ranges


Buildings only cover so much area. Use this mod to make sure your building is in the right spot.


See the range of your buildings with this mod. Is your deodorizer even working? Check the range of each building to ensure it is where it needs to be. 

How the Show Building Ranges Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Station buildings properly
  • Don't waste materials

Get the mod here


6. Airlock Door

Your dupe steps in, the gas or liquid gets sucked out, then your dupe exits. Voila! You got a seal.


If you're tired of creating your own airlock chambers or liquid locks, try this mod out. The Airlock Door mod adds an airlock door you can build with 400kg Refined Metal (it requires the research Improved Ventilation).

How the Airlock Door Mod Makes it More Fun

  • No more building airlock chambers
  • Instant air and liquid lock

Get the mod here


5. Queue Up Research

Queue up your whole research tree with this mod! Or, pick your most important branches first and get them out of the way.


Keep your research going with the Research Queue Mod. It lets you choose an order for your research branches, queueing up as 1, 2, 3, etc. You won't have to keep going back to the research station to select your next research branch.

Research is completed much faster with this mod because your dupes aren't waiting for you to choose another research branch. 

How the Queue Research Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Quickly finish research
  • Don't risk forgetting to queue research

Get the mod here


4. Clothing Locker


"These look just like the lockers from the gym back home... but they don't smell as bad."


When my dupes sweep up the clothes they make, they are lost forever. Okay, not forever, but it's a pain in the Morph to find them again. This mod allows you to build a Clothing Locker (that looks great in the Shower Room!) to store all your suits. Handy.

How the Clothing Locker Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Keep clothes separate 
  • Don't lose suits

Get the mod here


3. Build Over Plants

I shouldn't have to tell you dupes to dig up the plant AND THEN build the ladder. You should know the plant has to go.



Do you need to build a ladder, but there's a plant in the way? With this mod, you won't have to dig up the plant and then build the ladder. Nope. Just build over the plant, and the dupe will automatically dig it out.

Also, you know all those times when your dupes get stuck because there was a plant they had to dig up so you could build something, but they didn't have anything to build yet? Yeah.

You're welcome.

How the Build Over Plants Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Don't have to dig up plant then build 
  • Save time
  • Dupes won't get stuck

Get the mod here


2. Bigger Camera Zoom Out

I can show you the world!


Want to see your whole base? With this mod, you can zoom out allllll the way. It's a must-have.

*FYI: If you don't have the mod installed, you can use alt+s to remove the UI and zoom out. But it's not the same.

How the Bigger Camera Zoom Out Mod Makes it More Fun

  • View your whole base
  • Commands are more accessible
  • Great for screenshots

Get the mod here


1. Pliers

The new Pliers icon (to the right of the priority button) can be used to disconnect wires and pipes without deconstructing them. Finally!


Sick of deconstructing your liquid pipes, only to build them in the same spot again but going in another direction? Yeah, us too. Use the pliers instead to disconnect pipes, electrical wires, automation wires, and all that utility stuff.

How the Pliers Mod Makes it More Fun

  • Don't need to deconstruct and rebuild utilities
  • Save time and duplicant labor

Get the mod here


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