[Top 15] Mobile Legends Most Picked Heroes That Are Powerful! (Latest Patch)

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Amidst the minty mountains, there lies the mighty Hylos—one of the best heroes in mobile legends.

Curious about the most dangerous and powerful heroes in the current meta? Read ahead.

Since Mobile Legends undergo patch changes and updates, players match their hero picks to fit the current modifications. This is important to adjust their gameplays and choose heroes that are truly powerful during that season.

You don’t need to search for hours anymore just to identify the current favorites of ML players. Refer to this guide to know the most picked heroes in the latest patch that are powerful!


15. Zilong

Tell me, how many times have you used Zilong?

Seriously, who doesn’t pick Zilong? No matter what rank you’re playing, you will always encounter an ally or an enemy using Zilong.

This fighter is very easy to use yet deals a huge amount of damage. He is very popular among players because he has a low ban rate. This means that you can confidently choose Zilong in a rank game and easily dominate the battlefield without the fear of getting banned.

 What makes Zilong powerful:

  • Deals high burst physical damage in a matter of seconds
  • Perfect at ambushing enemies
  • Great at taking down turrets and damage dealers

See Zilong in Action: 

Top 1 Global Zilong by Inuyasha plays. - Mobile Legends


14. Hylos

The super durable tank!

When we talk about the most picked tanks, Hylos surely belongs to the list. This hero is everyone’s favorite because he has strong crowd control skills and gets extra HP for every mana he gains. This attribute makes Hylos a hero with the highest HP out of all available heroes.

Hylos is always a strong pick, especially against less mobile heroes like Layla, Gord, and Estes. He can also easily stun main damage dealers, giving higher chances for the team to win the clash.

What makes Hylos powerful:

  • Great turret diver
  • Can provide defense and heal the allies at the same time
  • Extremely high durability

See Hylos in Action:



13. Gloo

A mischievous troublemaker.

Gloo gets banned sometimes, especially right after he was released. The recent update changed his first skill. Now, the cooldown will reset whenever you detonate the goo by walking on it. 

Whenever you’re against Gloo, you must ensure that you have already equipped your hero with the right items. He is very challenging to fight in a one vs. one match, so if you are using a squishy hero, just make sure you have your allies near you!

What makes Gloo powerful:

  • High mobility
  • Fast cooldown skill
  • Can be an offlaner

See Gloo in Action:

Top 1 Global Gloo Gameplay By BabyViolee ~ MLBB


12. Lolita

Who said women couldn't be tanks too?

Lolita actually gained the highest win rate for tanks during this month, earning a 58.75% rate. She is even picked three times more this month than in January. 

Players love to rely on Lolita because she’s a tank hero that can stun a big area all at once. Not only that, but Lolita can also protect her team from incoming projectiles with her shield. That just means that Lolita is very reliable when it comes to defending and sustaining the team!

Lolita is the best pick against heroes with great continuous damage, such as Chang’e and Kimmy. 

What makes Lolita powerful:

  • Reliable in team fights
  • Great CC skills
  • Provides offense and defense for the team
  • Effective in ganking lanes

See Lolita in Action: 

Top 1 Global Lolita Gameplay By BangStevie Teacher ~ MLBB


11. Phoveus

After release, he immediately became everyone's favorite!

Phoveus is relatively a new hero who is known for his valuable skills. Phoveus benefits from an enemy’s blink skills. Whenever enemies utilize such skills, Phoveus will be able to use his ultimate frequently and reduce the cooldown of his skills. 

If you are fighting against very mobile heroes like Gusion or Lancelot, consider picking Phoveus.  

What makes Phoveus powerful:

  • Deals high burst damage
  • Fast cooldown skill

See Phoveus in Action: 

Top 1 Global Phoveus Gameplay By lиʂ • Daiva26 ~ MLBB


10. Argus

Still remains to be one of the best!

Argus remains to be one of the best fighters in Mobile Legends. Even though he has to come close to an enemy to deal damage, Argus has an ultimate that surely prevents him from getting killed!

Argus’ sustainability during a game makes him a great choice against heroes like Aamon and Aldous. Especially that Argus gained some improvements during the recent update, players are now much more interested in using him.

What makes Argus powerful:

  • Difficult to kill
  • Fast in farming
  • High mobility

See Argus in Action:



9. Aulus

The warrior of ferocity!

Aulus is a strong fighter that mainly deals damage with his basic attack. His skills can increase his basic attack’s range, damage, and attack speed, making him an annoying hero to fight.

He is played by players against less mobile heroes with no escape skills since he needs to come close to a target in order to deal damage. Common heroes like Miya and Angela are easy targets for Aulus.

What makes Aulus powerful:

  • Can increase movement speed
  • Great offense and defense skills
  • Very versatile hero

See Aulus in Action:



8. Natalia

Don't ever think you can hide from her.

Natalia becomes invisible after staying in the bushes, which makes her the perfect pick for ganking objectives. She is also very strong against squishy heroes and could easily take them down even with a full HP!

Heroes like Layla and Irithel are the common targets of Natalia. She is also a tough hero to kill and chase down, so you can always rely on her during late games. If you want to use an assassin that could counter any marksman and mage, pick Natalia.

What makes Natalia powerful:

  • Great for roaming and providing vision to allies
  • Strong early game damage
  • High mobility

See Natalia in Action:

Top 1 Global Natalia by Fanzy - MLBB


7. Hanzo

Make sure you killed the real Hanzo and not just his soul!

Hanzo is one of the most favorite picks because of his fast-farming skills. He can easily eat a jungle monster with his skill, giving him an advantage against other junglers. 

His ultimate makes Hanzo leave his body to attack enemies. Only the left-behind body can get him killed, so this can be a solid skill to cast, especially against heroes with slow mobility. Hanzo is best used for chasing down damage dealers and for poking enemies during a team fight. You don’t have to worry about getting hunted down because you can just leave your body in the bush, then attack your opponents!

What makes Hanzo powerful:

  • Difficult to chase down
  • Great critical damage
  • Farms quickly
  • Good for ganking

See Hanzo in Action:

Hard Carry Hanzo, Deadly Demon Ninja [ Top Global Hanzo ] Khin Zaw Win


6. Selena

Always remember to avoid her traps!

If you fight against an enemy Selena, expect that you will be challenged throughout the whole duration of the game. Selena can lay traps to get a vision of an area or to simply attack an enemy. If you get caught with her trap, you will both be immobilized and receive damage.

Players often pick Selena because he has the longest stun time of all heroes. She is perfect for countering damage dealers with no escape skills or any hero with low mobility. You can also utilize Selena against heroes with an ultimate skill that prevents them from walking, such as Odette or Pharsa.

What makes Selena powerful:

  • Has an early game advantage
  • Long-range stun
  • High mobility

See Selena in Action:

Top 1 Global Selena ~ MLBB


5. Natan

The time-traveler marksman.

Natan is one of the top picks in the Mobile Legends because he deals a tremendous amount of damage. He is even often banned during picking because no one wants to go against him! 

Natan has a basic attack that acts like a boomerang, hitting multiple targets at once. Another unique fact about Natan is he does not only deal physical damage but also magic. With Natan’s damage and attack speed, he can surely wipe out targets easily. 

He also has his own crowd control skills, so Natan does not have to always depend on his allies when attacking. 

What makes Natan powerful:

  • Powerful in the late game
  • Deals high amount of damage
  • High attack speed and movement speed

See Natan in Action:

[ Top 1 Global Natan ] By ☂️Lilith - Mobile Legends


4. Valentina

Do you know that she is the Prophetess of the Night?

Valentina is one of the most picked heroes because of her lethal skills. She is a mage hero who can copy the selected target’s ultimate. After casting the stolen ultimate, she transforms into that hero, simulating theattack. 

Valentina is truly a challenging opponent, which is why players fight for her. Sometimes, she is even banned immediately at the draft pick to stop anyone from using her. Her skills can easily disrupt the enemy team’s composition, which is why she remains to be a strong pick in any situation.

What makes Valentina powerful:

  • Deals burst damage
  • An unpredictable hero
  • Can copy any enemy’s ultimate

See Valentina in Action:

Top 1 Global Valentina ~ MLBB


3. Estes

Bow down to the King of Moon Elf!

Estes is, to date, the most famous support hero. He is even used frequently at the professional leagues, making him one of the best picks for the current meta.

Estes is also very easy to use and master. Even if you’re still a beginner, you can efficiently utilize him and help your team win the game. Estes is best picked against heroes with continuous damage like Esmeralda and Moskov. 

Estes also has a solid slowing effect, which is a good skill during team fights. If you have a great damage dealer ally partnered with your Estes, your team will surely dominate the match!

What makes Estes powerful:

  • Deals highest amount of healing abilities
  • Can slow down enemies up to 90%

See Estes in Action:

Top 1 Global Estes Gameplay By Worst Support ~ MLBB


2. Roger

Roger, the powerful hunter!

Roger is one of the strongest heroes in the Land of Dawn now. Players love picking Roger because of his diverse skill set. In using Roger, you can cast skills in his human or wolf form. 

While he is in his human form, his basic attacks can slow down enemies at a certain percentage. In his wolf self, his basic attack will deal extra damage equal to the 5% lost HP of an enemy.  This means that the lower the HP of your enemy is, the higher Roger’s damage will be.

What makes Roger powerful:

  • Very versatile 
  • Good in ganking 
  • Excellent at rotation
  • Can easily chase down enemies

See Roger in Action:

MANIAC ROGER INTENSE PLAY [ Top Global Roger ] 私の最愛。


1. Lancelot

They say only the greatest uses Lancelot.

Lancelot is currently the most picked hero in recent months. He is a skilled assassin who deals with huge damage, especially against weak damage dealers.

Lancelot can use his first skill to blink to a small distance. Also, Lancelot can cast his skills again whenever he hits an enemy that isn’t hit before, making him very dangerous and potent!

His passive increases his damage every time he uses his blink skill, so just imagine the maximum damage output that Lancelot could deal against his enemies. His attacks also have very high speed, making him difficult to target.

What makes Lancelot powerful:

  • Best in ambushing opponents
  • High burst damage
  • Great mobility
  • Fast cooldown skill

See Lancelot in Action:

Top 1 Global Lancelot Gameplay By Crypticz ~ MLBB


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