[Top 5] King of Fighters All Star Best Starting Characters That Are OP

King of Fighters All Star Best Beginner Characters
Ryo is training to be the very best.

Are gold fighters still worth using? Yes, they are worth using. You also do need them for some missions too. Here are the top 5 OP characters in King of Fighters All Star that most players start with.

1. Ryo Sakazaki (96)

The legendary Ryo Sakazaki made it to the list. New players can summon him easily. He is easily summoned since he’s a gold fighter. Here’s what makes him great.

Ryo’s stats are pretty impressive. He is a purple element attacker. His CP is actually good when boosted. His attack is close to his FES counterpart.

Ryo’s core effects are also amazing. He has Power Gain that increases 15% power charge rate. He gains super armor for 5 seconds when using Kohoh.

His skills do high damage. Ryo’s awakened MAX mode lets him inflict damage to 100% of ATK on an enemy. Zanrestsuken inflicts damage equal to 553% of ATK to an enemy. Kohuken inflicts damage equal to 522% of ATK. Kohoh inflicts 539% of ATK and increases it by 11.6% for 7 seconds.

Most of these abilities are top tier. Considering the fact that FES fighters use them. This makes Ryo (96) OP. He’s a good candidate for a starter. Definitely put him on your team.


2. Terry Bogard (96)

The iconic Terry Bogard is another fan favorite. The Legendary Wolf is also OP. He can be acquired in the beginning for free through events. He has a high chance to be summoned too.

Terry is a yellow element attacker with high stats. His stats are slightly close to his SS counterpart. He has a few finisher cards you can equip him with. 

His core effects are also amazing. Terry has a 30% abnormal status stun resist. He has a 20% power charge rate. Terry also has the ability to increase active skill damage by 9.6%. Not only that, he has the base cooldowns of all active skills by 10% and by 0.6 seconds. This makes him OP, as he can recharge quickly with his active skills while gaining the damage boost.

Terry’s skills are superb. Burn Knuckle does 656% of ATK to an enemy. Power Wave does 452% damage. Power Dunk EX inflicts 486% damage. All 3 of these abilities also increase ATK by 3.5. This benefits Terry even more along with the core effects. Combine it with his Awakened MAX mode for 100% ATK, you have a powerhouse here.

Terry is definitely OP for a starter. But, he is someone to be reckoned with. He’s someone you want on your team in the beginning. Most FES, SS, BS, and EX have the best core effects and skills. But, Terry (96) on the other hand has one of the best ones for a gold fighter.


3. Mature (96)

Somehow one of Rugal’s secretaries made it on the list. Mature is another OP starting character who can be acquired through events for free. She has a high probability of being summoned too.

Mature is a green element defense fighter. Her CP is actually good. Mature’s stats are good, which are close to her FES counterpart.

However, she has the best core effects which are very important. Mature has an increased critical damage rate of 24%. Also, she has 4% of increased critical rate. Mature has 0.6 time increased combo duration. This goes well with the increased critical rate by 10% during 15 or more combos. Add this with bleed damage of 25% of ATK to the target for 7 seconds upon landing a critical hit, at 3 maxed stacks.

Deaththrow inflicts 558% of ATK to an enemy. Metal Massacre does 537% of damage. Despair does 539% damage and Mature gains 5 additional combos when using a skill. Her MAX mode does 100% damage

Now combine the core effects and the active skills, you have an OP “Hakkeshu” or Orochi Assassin. Mature is OP for a starter, with the finisher cards she has now. You can unleash long, extensive combos for those boss battles you are struggling with.


4. King (98)

The classy, graceful bartender made it to this list too. King is another iconic OP character in the beginning. She can be acquired through events and free summons. She has a high chance to be summoned too.

King is a red element balance fighter. Her stats are close to her SS counterpart. She has a high CP too.

The Muay Thai fighter has 12% ATK Blast Skill attacks.She gains an additional 1.3% power when the enemy’s HP is 50% or less. King recovers HP by 3% when killing an enemy, which is great for those large spawns of targets. She also has 360 guard defense along with decreased damage received by Green Element Fighters by 8%. Let’s add that King has 1520 DEF increase, 1050 ATK increase, and 192 Penetration increase.

King’s Mirage Dance does 568% damage. Double Strike inflicts 499% damage. Hook Buster deals 816% damage and increases damage by 12 % when the target’s HP is 50% or less.

King is a great addition to your team since has versatile stats. She can recover HP when enemies are knocked out. Don’t forget her ATK increases when King’s enemies are 50% of their health. It’s no wonder she is OP for a beginning fighter.


5. Iori Yagami (98)

Last but not least, we have Kyo’s rival, Iori Yagami. Of course this lunatic made it to list of overpowered characters, even for beginners too. Iori was also available through events for free. He still has a high probability of being summoned.

Being Kyo’s rival, Iori is a purple element attack fighter. His stats are close to his FES and SS counterparts. Being a free fighter, Iori’s stats are outstanding.

Let’s take a look at his core effects. Iori has a 15% power charge rate. He gets an increase of active skill damage by 15% when his HP is 50% or more. Iori gets decreased damage taken by 20% when his health is 50% or less. His abilities also prevent damage received from balance type enemies by 12% and 8% against Blue element fighters. His HP gets increased by 8400, along with 1050 ATK and 192 Penetration boosts.

Iori’s 108 Shiki: Yamibarai inflicts 526% damage to an enemy and decreases their ATK by 15% for 7 seconds upon landing a skill. 311 Shiki Tsumakuski inflicts 540% damage. Kuzukaze EX deals 539% of damage while increasing ATK by 15% for 7 seconds.

Living up to his name, Iori is OP for a starter. Because he gets an ATK boost while landing an active skill. Add that with having a full health or being at 50% of HP, his active skill damage rises. So it wouldn’t matter if he was at low or high health because Iori can still dish out his opponents. Watch out Kyo Kusagnagi.

There you have it. These are the Top 5 OP Starting characters of King of Fighters All Star. Should you pull them randomly, use them for battles until you get stronger fighters. These characters will be good for certain missions that require low cost units for battles and rewards. They are also good for team relay battles too.

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