Iron Man vs Captain America: Here's who would win.

Your pew-pew energy beams are nothing compared to my indestructible shield of justice.

Iron Man vs. Captain America: Here’s Who Would Win

Iron Man Powers And Abilities

Energy blast

Billionaire, playboy, scientist, brilliant engineer, American Heartthrob, former weapons dealer, he’s the one and only Iron Man. One of the founding members of the Avengers is now one of the world's most recognizable superheroes. He created his iconic suit to save himself from dying when a piece of shrapnel threatened to slice through his heart. Now he uses the powers of the Iron Man suit for the good of humanity. He has been seen flying through the air fighting some of the Earth’s most notorious bad guys, and even helped the Avengers defeat Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. Will the man with the iron suits meet his match in the ring against Captain America?

List of Powers

  • Supergenius–Tony Stark is the mind behind the technological advances of his Iron Man suit. The only limitations to the Iron Man suits, is Stark’s imagination.
  • Superhuman strength and speed–The Iron Man suit gives Stark strength and speed to rival the strongest and fastest superheroes. He even crafted a suit called the Hulkbuster, a suit that could go toe to toe with an enraged Hulk.
  • Flight–In the suit Tony Stark can fly faster than fighter jets. He’s more nimble, and has some impressive weapons. Maverick in Top Gun doesn't want to tangle with Iron Man in the sky.
  • Extreme durability–Even though he’s in a metal suit, Iron Man can withstand massive concussive forces, extremes of heat and cold, and even the unforgiving emptiness of space.
  • Superhuman reflexes and agility–He basically has a cyborg shell with all the speed and agility he can pack into the suit. The onboard display gives Tony 360 degree vision, and unlimited information as needed…on everything.
  • Energy beams–He can blast holes through metal or flesh, or simply knock someone unconscious with his hand cannons.
  • Missile projection–Depending on which weapons he employs, Iron Man is like a human fighter jet.
  • Regenerative life support–The Iron Man suit can heal Tony Stark’s most grievous wounds, to the point of regenerating tissue.

Captain America Powers And Abilities

Charging into the fray

Captain America is the pinnacle of the perfected human body. He is as strong, fast, and agile as any human can ever hope to achieve through constant training and regimented planning. When both his parents died, he dreamed of joining the Army to stop the Nazi invasion, but he was too frail and weak for the military. Forget being the Captain, he wouldn’t even attain the rank of Private. Maybe he could apply for the role of Colonel Sanders when his hair turns white, but for now his military dreams are in the fryer. Enter Operation Rebirth. Steve Rogers was the perfect candidate for an experimental serum that when bombarded with rays to stabilize the solution, created perfect human specimens. Captain America was born.

List of Powers

  • Expert Gymnast–Means he is great at Parkour.
  • Military Strategy–Captain America was trained by the best military minds and is a master tactician, strategist, and field commander.
  • Expert hand to hand combatant–He’s a master at most forms of martial arts, military hand to hand combat, and boxing. There’s a reason you’ve never seen him go against Mike Tyson. Iron Mike would get crumpled like aluminum foil.
  • Enhanced strength, agility, and speed–His body is the pinnacle of human ability. He is as strong, fast, and agile as a human can be without cybernetic implants or mutant powers.
  • Reduced fatigue–Because of Operation Rebirth, Captain’s body eliminates fatigue producing poisons much faster than average humans.
  • The Shield–This toy for big boys is a unique Vibranium and Adamantium alloy that has never been duplicated again. Captain America’s shield is virtually indestructible. It can withstand temperature extremes, radiation, is aerodynamic and can rebound off objects with minimal energy displacement. About the only way to damage Cap’s shield is by damaging the molecular structure.

The Battle Ensues

America's greatest heroes

Captain America versus Iron Man, two titans of American lore go head to head. Iron Man starts off on the offensive by firing his repulsor rays directly at the Captain. His shield is ready and easily deflects whatever is blasted his way.

Captain throws the shield at Iron Man who easily dodges the disc, but he didn’t count on Captain’s speed and strength when he plowed into the iron suit, knocking him to the ground. The shield flies back to its owner like a boomerang. The blue blooded American hero is no match alone for Iron Man, but with his enhanced strength and his indestructible shield the Cap’ breaks through the armored shell.

Unlike the Captain, Iron Man can fly, and before the Blue-blooded American damages the suit critically, Stark jets up and out of the way. From the air, Captain America can’t reach him. Iron Man blasts the Captain with missiles this time. Still the shield deflects them like pesky insects.

Iron Man changes tactics, if he can’t blast the shield away, he will just have to beat it out of his hands. Using his Mach speed he flies through the air straight toward Captain America like a missile. Captain takes the blow like a champ with his indestructible shield, and deflects Iron Man, but the genius counts on this and uses the deflection to wrench the shield out of Captain’s hands. Iron Man sends the shield flying through the air, far out of reach.

Without his shield, Captain America is no match for the speed, dexterity, and strength of the Iron Man suit. Iron Man know’s the Captain will never admit defeat or throw in the towel even when the odds are greatly stacked against him. Iron Man doesn’t want to destroy his fellow Avenger, but he knows bragging rights now belong to Iron Man as he easily incapacitates Captain America.

Fight to the finish

The Winner Is: Iron Man

Without the suit, Captain would easily overpower and beat billionaire and playboy, Tony Stark, but with all the engineering marvels of the Iron Man suit, Captain has no chance of beating Iron Man in a fight. He may be at the peak of human physical feats, but machines, and metal are simply much more durable and stronger than unadulterated human flesh. It’s a good thing these two are on the same side.

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