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Best iRacing GT3 cars
The best GT3 cars, but not drivers. Jeff here isn't a GT3 driver. I hope.

GT3 racing is a form of sports car racing using heavily modified sports cars just like the ones you buy at dealerships.

Like stock car racing, but even less accessible to the public, as few have the money to buy a $110,000 sports car anymore (they already spent that money going to college in America).

Regardless, it's still brilliant, and the most popular form of racing on the iRacing service. Here, I'll go over the five best cars for those starting out with this unique series. 

5. BMW Z4 GT3

This car is a bit old and isn't raced as much anymore, but that doesn't make it less popular. It's more challenging to drive than the average GT3 car and uses a thumping V8 engine, making it a bit of a monster. The good kind of monster. The kind that takes you to dinner before killing you.

What makes this care awesome:

1. Challenging to drive

2. A great engine that sounds brilliant and is a bit of a throwback to older sports cars

3. Sleek and elegant design 

BMW Z4 GT3 Details:


4. Ferrari 488 GT3

This is one of the most popular GT3 cars. It's not the fastest, being somewhat slow on the straights and some say it doesn't sound very good, but I think it's a blast to drive. You can point it anywhere you want like most cars, but it also reminds you that driving isn't easy when the back end comes out from underneath you and the pain of knowing there’s a long ways to go sets in.

What makes the car awesome:

1. Somewhat easy to drive

2. Looks fantastic with simple and curvy styling

3. It's a Ferrari, which is the most historical and experienced performance car company on the planet. 

Ferrari 488 GT3:


3. Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

This one is maybe my favorite to drive. It has a lack of downforce compared to the rest, making it a bit of a challenge to drive. It's not uncommon for it to slide and dance a bit. It also has the signature Porsche flat 6 engine, maybe the greatest engine ever made, and if you say it’s not then you’re ears clearly haven’t been fitted correctly.

What makes this car awesome:

1. An extraordinary engine

2. Lots of places to race it, from the VRS Series, IMSA, and the Porsche Supercup.

3. It needs a somewhat unique driving style to get it around, different from the other GT3 cars, to compensate for the lack of downforce.

Porsche 911 GT3:


2. Audi R8 GT3

Many consider this to be the easiest GT3 car to drive. You can put it anywhere you want as fast as you want and it will stick. But despite the "balance of power" making the cars pretty equal, a rule that goes against the notion of motor racing itself, the Audi is one of the most competitive GT3 cars, largely due to how easy it is to drive. 

What makes this car awesome:

1. Easy to control

2. One of the fastest GT3 cars

3. Has won multiple massive races (Le Mans, Daytona, Spa) thanks to its build.

Audi R8 GT3:


1. Mercedes AMG GT3

I know I won't shut up about this car but it's deserved. Yes, it looks like a boat (I personally love the way it looks though), and the sound from the V8 isn't as impressive. But that's irrelevant because it drives supremely well and most importantly: it wins. A lot. It won the iRacing Le Mans 24 Hours this year, and I'm not surprised. 

What makes this car awesome:

1. A perfect balance of unpredictability and ease in terms of control, sometimes sliding and other times controlling perfectly.

2. Extremely competitive

3. Looks fantastic both inside and outside the car. It reminds me a lot of a Jaguar E-Type with the long front and small rear. 

Mercedes AMG GT3 Details:


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