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Gon's face when he sees all of these wallpapers.

We all like to pimp our backgrounds.

I can’t be the only one who likes to throw up a wallpaper of my favorite characters from a show on my computer occasionally, right? I rotate between a few dozen wallpapers for HxH alone, not to mention the ever growing folder named “assorted wallpapers” that’s starting to eat up truly scary amounts of room on my hard drive. I should only hope to share some of the love with those of you who frequent geek hubs and forums like this one, so here are the Top 15 Hunter x Hunter Best Wallpapers that I could find to share with you!

Number 15 - Chimera Ant Arc Wallpaper

So much power in one wallpaper!

This wallpaper features the characters from what may be the most intense story arch in the entire series! We See Meruem and his Royal Guard stood opposite to our protagonists. We also see Netero sat center in the wallpaper, with his powerful 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva in the background! What an ability!



Number 14 - Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe is evvvviiiiillll!

Man, we sure love to hate the Phantom Troupe. They’re a bunch of ruthless thugs for hire, though they are unbelievably powerful. In this wallpaper we see Kurapika with his scarlet eyes ablaze looking in the direction of the Spiders, with a special appearance from our other main protagonists by his side. 



Number 13 - The Phantom Troupe

They may be cruel, but they are pretty cool.

Speaking of how much we hate the Spiders, here is a pretty awesome wallpaper of their evil faces. Note that Hisoka is walking away from the group, seemingly always playing both sides of a conflict. Chrollo looks on into the distance, always looking for the group's next opportunity.



Number 12 - Netero Lost in Thought

I bet he's thinking about killing Meruem.

Is there anyone more badass than Issac Netero? 


Yeah I didn’t think so. Why not add his deep introspective thought process to your desktop and maybe, just maybe, his cool factor will rub off on to you too.



Number 11 - The Chimera Hunters

They just want to eradicate the Ants. 

These are the best of the best. Knuckle and Shoot. Killua and Gon. Palm and Knov. Morel. All locked together in determination to eradicate the Chimera Ants from the face of the planet. This lo-fi wallpaper could be a welcome addition to any pastel theme or low tech setup.



Number 10 - The King and His Queen

Manly tears were shed during this story Arc.

Meruem was probably incapable of the complex emotion known as love. It didn’t serve his ultimate purpose of total power and world domination, so it was likely left out of his DNA. He did develop more complex and human-like emotions later on, sure, but were any of them as stong as his devotion to Komugi? Probably not.



Number 9 - Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio.

Leorio is a nerd.

Where would we be without these 4? Their stories and development throughout the series is why we all kept tuning back in, isn't it? We love these guys, so why not make them your desktop background for a while?



Number 8 - Spiders (again)

I'm pretty sure that Spider is not anatomically correct.

Okay, okay, I know. This list is heavy in the Phantom troupe, but only because they are such divisive foes for our heroes! This wallpaper is an awesome example of how dark and shadowy these villains really are. Spooky stuff.



Number 7 - Overloaded Gon

Gon says "sleep tight, pal!"

Good lord this boy looks freaky as hell when he overdosed himself in raw power. In an effort to defeat Pitou and enact vengeance for his friend Kite, Gon pulls power from his future self(!) to defeat the all mighty Chimera Ant Royal Guard member. This one is guaranteed to make your spouse ask “what the hell is on your computer?!”



Number 6 - Pissed Off Gon

This is how I feel when there are no new episodes of Hunter X Hunter.

Whew, this lad is mad. This is around the time that Pitou is operating on Komugi and Gon realizes that Kite could have been saved all along. The absolute viseral rage and disgust that Gon is feeling here is almost unbelievable. Make him your wallpaper or he will take that rage out on you.



Number 5 - Zappy Boy™

He is an assassin AND a TAZER?

It’s no secret that Killua is a damn strong kid. He developed his Nen powers rapidly and took to killing before he reached puberty. He has a pretty unique set of powers, as electricity based abilities are few and far between in the Hunter x Hunter universe. In this wallpaper we see him demonstrating his zappy powers for all to see.



Number 4 - The Royal Guards

They're so adorable I'm gonna' throw up.

God, these creatures make me sick, but I’ll be damned if their chibi form isn’t the most adorable thing I have ever seen. Neferpitou, Shaiapouf, and Menthuthuyoupi are all seen here, with the latter two in their tiny puffball forms and a seemingly matriarchal Pitou watching over them.



Number 3 - The Dichotomy of Gon.

I almost feel bad for the poor boy.

So, yeah. Gon is a happy go lucky 12 year old boy who wants to become a hunter to impress his long lost papa. Gon also becomes an impossibly strong and well trained battlemaster who is capable of channeling power from his future self and eradicating some of the most powerful beings on the entire planet. 



Number 2 - Heroes on the Moon.

They can trancend space and time.

This one is just neat. The silhouette of or 4 main protagonists mirrored on the moon, suggesting the possibilities of their power are infinite. This is just a cool looking wallpaper to throw into your rotation simply because it looks awesome and why wouldn’t you.



Number 1 - The (mostly) Full Cast

It's like looking at a "Where's Waldo?"

This one is awesome because it features so many of the characters that we have come to adore throughout the entire series of the show. We see characters from every arc including the Hunter Exam, Heavens Arena, The Phantom troupe, and even Biscuit makes an appearance as the hard handed master of Nen that speed trained Gon and Killua.



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