Top 10 Games Like Shank (Games Better Than Shank In Their Own Way)

Games Like Shank
Beat up the bad guys in these games like Shank.

What are the best games like Shank?

Shank released on the Playstation 3, Xbox PC, Mac, and PC in 2010. It was successful enough to call for a sequel that released in 2012 on the same platforms.

However, perhaps you’ve bested the forces hired by Cesar and toppled The Militia soldiers using every potential weapon you can. Perhaps you’ve beaten both games with a friend, and perhaps you’ve done it alone. And perhaps you just want a new adventure to make baddies lives miserable. But perhaps you don’t want to stray too far from the formula.

These ten games will give you the tools you’re used to, but some new foes to pummel; Or slash; Or shoot.

10) Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja Gameplay

Mark of the Ninja takes place in a fictional Japanese city and it stars a marked unnamed Ninja. The Marked Ninja has ink on his face that give him enhanced senses. Awakened by a female Ninja named Ora, the Marked Ninja must rescue his mentor named Azai from a team of guards in a similar vein to Shank’s goal in Shank 2. The guards captured Azai as well as members of the Marked Ninja’s clan known as the Hisomu Clan.

The Unnamed Ninja initially comes equipped with nothing but his fists to fight with, but will soon find a grappling hook to maneuver around areas, some darts to take out lights, and a sword that he can use to kill guards

Be careful though, guards are also armed with guns that they can and will shoot you with. And despite being the protagonist, the Unnamed Ninja is far from invincible. A few bullets are all it will take to take down the Ninja.

Navigate in dark areas, take out lights, and prevent yourself from being seen. If you are successful in remaining hidden from guards, you can sneak up behind him and get really satisfying stealth kills with your sword. Make sure you hide the body of the guard you’ve killed though. Otherwise, another guard may come around and alarm others about your presence.

Not only will you have to prevent yourself from being seen. You’ll need to prevent yourself from being heard. You can run through as fast as you can, but it’ll trigger a sound represented by a circle that, if it touches a guard, will alert them to where you are.

Just a little Further: The Marked Ninja is really close to the guard in front of him, hasn't been seen and is about to commence a stealth kill on him if the button prompt is correctly pressed.

Might be Safer to Use the Elevator: The Marked Ninja and the Female Ninja that awoke him known as Ora are prepared for the mission that awaits them.

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