Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guide

ESO Crafting Guide
Feeling Crafty?

 Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Guide

 Feeling Crafty?

Crafting in Style   

It’s time to step up your crafting. No more basic weapons, no more base skills. It’s time to upgrade, show up and show off… It's time to start crafting!

Crafting is the process of taking in-game materials/ingredients and transforming them into useful items. There are six main types (and one DLC type) of crafting that can be done in ESO(Elder Scrolls Online). The seven ways you will be crafting in ESO are in Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Clothier, Enchanting, Provisioning and Woodworking. With Jewelry Crafting being added as DLC with the Summerset expansion.

(Note: Jewelry Crafting can only be accessed if you own the Summerset expansion However; you may still gather materials for it.)

Pro Tip:

If you have ESO+ you also get a bottomless material bag for crafting so collect everything!


Alchemy (21 skill points and 50 ranks to max)

ESO Alchemy Crafting Table

Alchemy Table

What is Alchemy in ESO?

Alchemy is a crafting ability that allows you to create your own potions and poisons, using Alchemical ingredients found throughout Tamriel.

Why is it important?

Alchemy is the best way to create a steady supply of potions and poisons. Throughout Tamriel there will come times when you need a little boost, for those times Alchemy has your back!

The best reasons to rank up Alchemy?

  • Money! You can always sell your potions and poisons and they will net you a higher profit than just selling the ingredients.
  • It doesn’t take long to get started. Alchemy is one of the quickest skills to start doing with ingredients littering the game world.
  • Unique items! Certain housing furniture is exclusive to the Alchemy skill and as such it’s always cool to be exclusive!
  • Tailor it to your build. No matter if you are a tank, a healer or an assassin being able to have a potion at the ready will always be useful!
  • It scales with your level! If you continue along the Solvent Proficiency skill you will unlock new solvents to use to make even stronger potions and poisons.
  • The Keen Eye skill perk highlights ingredients in the world making the process super quick and enjoyable.
  • Bragging rights! Doesn’t it sound cool to say you’re a master at something. The game will even reward you with an in-game title so you can show off to others!
  • Easy Daily Writs
  • You can make extras of the Daily Writs to sell for a huge profit!

The best Alchemy Leveling Guide:

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Alchemy Skill Usefulness: 75/100


Blacksmithing (26 skill points and 50 ranks to max)

ESO Blacksmithing Table

Blacksmithing Crafting Table

What is Blacksmithing in ESO?

Blacksmithing is the process of taking raw ore found throughout Tamriel and creating Heavy Armor and Weapons from it.

Why is it important?

Blacksmithing is extremely important if you are playing a role that takes great amounts of damage. It is also important if you use any type of sword or blunt object.

The best reasons to rank up Blacksmithing?

  • Blacksmithing allows you to create your own armor. You don’t have to leave it up to luck, you can make it yourself now!
  • Blacksmithing also allows you to create your own weapons! An Axe, Mace, Sword, Battle Axe, Maul, Greatsword, Dagger can all be created.
  • Infuse your items with your choice of Trait. If you are looking for a specific Trait in your armor or weapon now you can create it(assuming you have researched the Trait first).
  • Money! Armor sells really well. Special armor sells even better! If you are looking for a low stress way to make some good money you will be hard pressed to find a better way than by Blacksmithing.
  • Hireling! If you rank up your Blacksmithing you can gain a rank to have your own personal Hireling who once a day will bring you Blacksmithing materials!
  • Rank up your Hireling for better materials! There are three ranks to the Hireling skill; and by the third rank you gain a possibility of receiving rare quality materials, or even items too!
  • Improvements! If there is a Blacksmithing type item that you have in your bag you can bring it to a Blacksmithing station to level it up!
  • Daily Writs provide you with more items! Also, like Alchemy you can create extras to make even more money too! 
  •  Diagrams, these are simply Blacksmithing type furnishings for a player owned home.

The best Blacksmithing Leveling Guide:

The Fastest Way to level your Crafting Skill Lines in Elder Scrolls Online - ESO Crafting Guide

Blacksmithing Skill Usefulness: 80/100


Clothing (26 skill points and 50 ranks to max)

ESO Clothing Table

Clothing Table

What is Clothing in ESO?

The Clothier is responsible for the Refining, Crafting, Deconstruction, Improvement and Diagrams of light and medium armor. Clothing uses fiber and hides found on animals and growing naturally throughout Tamriel.

Why is it important?

Clothier is important for light and medium armors. This is typically Magicka and Stamina based players. If you want to have better gear, you need to be working on your Clothier skill!

The best reasons to rank up Clothing:

  • A Mages best friend. If you are using Magicka this is your crafting table, all of your armor will come from here and it’s important that you work on this skill tree.
  • A Hireling! Just like Blacksmithing you can get a Hireling to bring you materials and items of varying uniqueness, always get your free items!
  • Trading! Clothing can be traded for money easily between Daily Writs and overall player need; you can make money quickly!
  • Only place that you can use all of the hide scraps that you have been holding onto.
  • Unique furnishings like Banners and Beds will make in-game homes feel unique and special.
  • Flexible. With fewer items being necessary to craft, Clothing is able to be created, deconstructed and created again for less than other crafting stations.
  • Make money from other players. Other players will be lazy and will look to buy materials they are desperate for, or just can’t make. You can then make all the money just by being at a higher rank.

The best Clothing leveling guide: 

The Best Way to Level Your Crafting in 2023 - Crafting in ESO

Clothing skill usefulness:65/100


Enchantment (23 skill points and 50 ranks to max)

ESO Enchanting Table

Enchanting Table

What is Enchanting in ESO?

The Enchanting crafting skill makes it so you are able to craft Enchantments that you can add to armor, jewelry and weapons. These Enhancements are created by forming Glyphs from runestones found around Tamriel.

Why is it important?

Enchantments allow you to add special abilities onto common weapons or armor. With the ability to Enchant your weapons or armor your favorite sword can now even provide fire damage as well!

The best reasons to rank up Enchanting:

  • Strength. If you want strong gear, you will need to make it yourself, enchantments come a long way to helping you make the strongest gear possible.
  • Easy! Probably the easiest skill to rank up, Enchanting can be done by the creation and deconstruction of the same runes.
  • Fun Factor. The game has the runestones set up in three different groups(Aspect, Essence and Potency) and it’s just plain fun to hear the different incantations when you make a new Glyph. 
  • More complicated than it looks. When you first start it will seem like there is a huge learning curve, but it’s all easy to pick up and you will be proficient in Enchanting within an hour or two.
  • More Hirelings! You can get even more free items and materials!
  • You can get paid! Whether through Daily Writs or just selling high value Enchantments you will be hard pressed to find a better way to make some money.
  • Can be power leveled with another player! If you have a friend who you want to do this with, you can trade your player made Glyphs with each other. Your own Glyphs are worth less Inspiration than other players’, so trade and power level together!

The best Enchantment leveling guide:

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Enchantment skill usefulness: 85/100


Jewelry Crafting(18 skill points and 50 ranks to max)

ESO Jewlery Crafting Table

Jewelry Crafting Table

What is Jewlery Crafting in ESO?

Jewelry Crafting is the first crafting ability added by the Summerset DLC(Downloadable Content). Jewel Crafting allows you to craft Rings and Necklaces of varying strengths and buffs.

Why is it important?

Jewelry Crafting is the only way to create your own Rings and Necklaces. Allowing you to tailor your equipment to your character's abilities.

The best reason to rank up Jewelry Crafting:

  • New! Jewelry Crafting is the newest skill so there are a lot less people that are fully ranked, making it more in demand of a skill.
  • The highest profit. You can make the most money per item with Jewelry crafting.
  • The shortest skill tree, Jewelry crafting is a much shorter time commitment meaning that you can master it quicker and be making money in no time!
  • The final skill needed to become a “Master Crafter”. After you complete all 7 of the skills you can add Master Crafter to your character's title.
  • Pewter Seams. Pewter Seams litter Tamriel providing you with lots of raw materials. Pick them all up and get rich selling the byproduct!
  • Overlooked. Often people overlook the rings and necklace on their character, but these items can provide powerful buffs to your character.
  • No Daily Writs. You need to level this skill purely by using the crafting table, there are no writs to help you, so it feels like a real accomplishment finishing it! Time to brag!

The best Jewelry crafting guide:

Level Your Jewelry Crafting in ESO - ESO Jewelry Crafting

Jewelry crafting skill usefulness: 30/100


Provisioning (25 skill points and 50 ranks to max rank)

ESO Provisioning Fire

Cooking/Provisioning Fire

What is Provisioning in ESO?

Provisioning allows you to make different food and drink that provide buffs for your character based upon the type of food or drink created. You will be using food and drink ingredients found throughout Tamriel.

Why is it important?

Leveling up Provisioning allows you to create higher leveled recipes. Recipes are found through exploring Tamriel, through quest rewards and even for sale with Chef or other vendor(s). Recipes can be found in a variety of rarity, with each providing slightly different amounts of a buff(s).

The best reasons to rank up Provisioning:

  • Buffs! Depending on the type of food or drink that you create you can create different buffs for your character.
  • The Furnishings allow you to live out your Tamriel dreams and are super unique and fun to achieve.
  • Provisioning is often overlooked. Less people focus on Provisioning making it easier to sell products for profit.
  • Easy! It doesn’t take a lot of materials or ingredients to get started so it’s always as easy as going up to a cooking fire and cooking some food or drinks.
  • Bragging rights! You can help all your friends stay alive, and constantly help them survive with better food!
  • Eating with your eyes. The food in ESO looks so good, you’ll want to rank up just so you can see the new food you can make(it’s so good ESO made their own cookbook).
  • A literal chef's hat when you reach max rank. Don’t you want to walk around with your Chefs hat on, making everyone else on the server jealous?

The best Provisioning leveling guide:

ESO Power Level Provisioning 1 to 50 in a Few Minutes!

Provisioning skill usefulness: 95/100


Woodworking (26 skill points and 50 ranks to max)

ESO Woodcrafting Table

Woodcrafting Table

What is Woodcrafting in ESO?

The Woodworking crafting ability is useful for the creation of Staves, Bow and Shields. The material that will be used for Woodworking will of course be wood. You’ll see downed trees all throughout Tamriel that can be interacted with to get raw wood.

Why is it important?

Woodworking is a very important skill for Archers, Mages and anyone who needs a shield! Woodworking allows you to create the strongest possible items for any of the above classes.

The best reasons to rank up Woodworking:

  • The fanciest staves in the game!Whether it’s a Lightning, Fire or Ice staff; you get to create the coolest and most unique looking staves in the game, You get to improve them and add additional traits to them as well. Make Staves and even if you don't use them, you can sell them!
  • The furnishings section is large and if you want an aesthetically pleasing house this is where you will spend a lot of your time.
  • More Hirelings! You get even more free items and materials which in turn makes the creation of items a breeze.
  • Easy Writs. Woodworking only requires different types of wood making it some of the most simple items to create.
  • Easy money! If you can create items or additional Daily Writ items and sell them to make a heavy profit very quickly!
  • You can make the bow of your dreams. Unique Bowes are harder to find in Tamriel, so stop relying on luck and rank up so you can craft the one you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Easy Leveling. Woodworking has only a few types of items that you can make, but lots of possibilities. This makes it easier to gain Inspiration to rank up making it one of the easiest skills to rank up. 

The best Woodworking leveling guide:

Elder Scrolls Online: Woodworking Leveling Guide

Woodworking skill usefulness: 70/100


Crafting Trait Style Cheat Sheet  

Chrysolite/Powered: Increased healing done

Amethyst/Charged: Increases chance to apply status effects

Ruby/Precise: Increases Weapon and Spell Critical

Jade/Infused: Increase weapon enchantment effect and reduces enchantment cooldown

Turquoise/Defending: Increases Physical and Spell Resistance

Carnelian/Training: Increases experience gained from kills

Fire Opal/Sharpened: Increase Physical and Spell Penetration

Citrine/Decisive: When you gain Ultimiate you have a chance to gain 1 additional Ultimate.

Potent Nirncrux/Nirnhorned: Increase damage/Physical resistance. 

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