[Top 5] D&D Best Warlock Races

Warlocks are mystics who gain their magic from beings such as demons, hags, and nobles from the D&D 5e universe.

The D&D Player’s Handbook states that “warlocks piece together arcane secrets to bolster their own power.”  In addition, Warlocks have saving throw proficiencies in both Wisdom and Charisma. The five races I will be talking about are Dragonborn, Elf, Half-Elf, Halflings, and Humans. Read on to find out why these races are the best for Warlocks! 

5. Dragonborn

Starting off this list is the Dragonborn! If dragons and humans had a baby, it would be a Dragonborn. With a humanoid body and a dragon-shaped head, Dragonborn have a long ancestry and history. Additionally, there are different varieties of Dragonborn, including Chromatic, Draconblood, Gem, Metallic, and Ravenite. Also, like other races, there are good Dragonborn and evil Dragonborn. Read on to find out why Dragonborn would make stellar warlocks! 

Why Dragonborn is Great for Warlock

  • Charisma ability is increased by 1, and Strength is increased by 2. This is useful because Warlocks do not always have the highest strength scores. 
  • Dragonborn also has damage resistance. Since Warlocks usually aren’t heavily armed and can be vulnerable in lower levels, this is a useful race trait. 
  • If a spell does not work, the Dragonborn can just use a breath weapon and be done with it. 
  • Dragonborn Warlocks are fluent in Draconic, so they can read spell scrolls in that language. 

4. Elf

Magical and well-suited for warfare, Elves are a natural choice to have as Warlocks! Since Elves can live at least 700 years and beyond, there is more time for Elves to learn and perfect their magic. Also, the age span allows Elves to develop relationships and bargain with magical beings and deities.  Read on to discover other reasons why Elves make awesome Warlocks! 

Why Elf is Great for Warlock

  • Elves have a Dexterity Score of +2. 
  • Elves also have Darkvision up to 60 feet, which means they can cast spells in light conditions that other races cannot. 
  • Also, Elves are fluent in Common and Elvish. They can read and understand spells in two languages.

3. Half-Elf

Half-Elves exist in two worlds, and their combined abilities from the different races makes for a strong Half-Elf Warlock! Outcasts and wanderers, Half-Elves live longer than Humans but have life spans shorter than Elves (about 180 years).  Read on to find out why Half-Elves are excellent Warlocks! 

Why Half-Elf is Great for Warlock

  • Half-Elves enjoy a +2 in Charisma and +1 in two other Abilities. That will help with spellcasting and schmoozing with otherworldly beings to develop magical skills. 
  • Half-Elves are trilingual, able to speak and understand Common, Elvish, and another language. They can read magical scrolls in two other languages. 
  • Fey Ancestry is enjoyed by Half-Elves; they cannot be put to sleep by magic and have saving throws versus charm. 
  • Like Elves, Half-Elves also have Darkvision, so they can cast spells in the dark. 

2. Halfling

Halflings are small, sturdy, and adventurous. They can live over 200 years; their longevity allows them to perfect their spells and work with beings to develop new spells. Halflings also have abilities such as Lucky (they can reroll the dice on a 1), Nimbleness (moving through spaces of creatures larger than they are), and Brave (are not easily turned by fear). Read on to find out why Halflings make stellar Warlocks! 

Why Halfling is Great for Warlock

  • Halflings would make excellent Warlocks because they are small and can cast spells from a hidden position. 
  • Because of their height, Halflings are frequently underestimated, and this can be used to their advantage. 
  • Dexterity scores for Halflings increase by +2; they can avoid being hit while attempting to use magic. 

1. Human

Ending this list is the human race. Humans are the easiest race to play because that is what we are! In addition, Humans make great warlocks because we are savvy at bargaining with entities in return for magic. The D&D Player’s Handbook states that “whatever drives them, humans are the innovators, the achievers, and the pioneers of the worlds.” Read on to find out why Humans make excellent Warlocks!

Why Human is Great for Warlock

  • Although humans have relatively short lifespans, we are diverse when it comes to Ability and Skills scores. 
  • All ability scores increase by +1. 
  • Human Warlocks can be any alignment. 
  • Humans speak Common and one other language by choice, so there is an increased chance of reading spell scrolls in the chosen language.


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