Cities Skylines Best DLCs (All DLCs Ranked)

Cities Skylines Best DLCs (All DLCs Ranked)
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Cities: Skylines is quite the polished city builder with tons of assets and freedom to build your new civilization from the ground up. But maybe you are an experienced player looking to add to your mayor toolkit or a new player wanting to explore the full potential of the game. Either way DLCs may be just what you’re looking for. Although they have released a variety of DLC in the game’s lifetime, not all of them were created equal. So in this list, I’ll break down the main expansions and a couple Content Creator Packs from good to best.


13. After Dark (4/10)

A beginner's guide to Cities: Skylines using the After Dark DLC

After Dark is the first DLC brought to Cities: Skylines, and although it isn’t bad, it’s just very basic. Most of the things in this expansion should have just been included in the base game to begin with. That’s why After Dark sits at the bottom of this list.

What you get from After Dark:

  • Changes to the day/night cycle
  • Adds leisure specialization
  • Expanded city services 
  • Additional transit options

You should get this if you:

  • Want the full in-game experience
  • More control and options over gameplay

Buy it here.


12. Green Cities (5/10)

A review of all the additions in the Green Cities expansion

Green Cities is a rather niche expansion in comparison to the others, focusing on eco-friendly options and assets. This DLC does offer some cool buildings to make more environmentally friendly communities in your city, but beyond that, there isn’t much to be shown.

What you get from Green Cities:

  • 350 eco-friendly assets
  • New zone specialization
  • New scenarios & policies

You should get this if you:

  • Want more greenery
  • Trying to reduce pollution
  • Want more options

Buy it here.


11. Snowfall (5/10)

A review of all the new changes with the Snowfall DLC

With this DLC, you get to help your city prepare for and survive through cold winters and experience all the joy of snow days. So if you’re looking for some new challenges for your city and you’re ready to bundle up, then look no further than Snowfall.

What you get from Snowfall:

  • Adds new snow theme & weather options
  • Expanded transport options
  • New road maintenance services

You should get this if you:

  • Want additional challenges
  • Looking for aesthetic changes

Buy it here.


10. Parklife (6/10)

A beginner's guide on how to utilize the new functions of the Parklife DLC

Ah yes, sitting in nature, getting away from all the pressures and stresses of modern life. But maybe the 4x4 plot of a couple trees and benches isn’t enough for you and your citizens. So if you’re ready to get your hands dirty and give your citizens the parks they deserve, then this DLC is a must. 

What you get from Parklife:

  • Create park districts
  • Adds park maintenance
  • Pathside buildings
  • New city policies
  • Custom walking/sightseeing routes

You should get this if you:

  • Want to liven up your parks
  • Expand your leisure industry
  • Find new ways to take up space

Buy it here.


9. Map Pack (6/10)

An in-depth look at the Map Pack Content Creator Pack

Map Pack is only one of two Content Creator Packs on this list, as the rest really only offer minor additions. This DLC gives plenty of variety in their new maps to explore and grow within.

What you get from Map Pack:

  • 8 new maps (that’s it)

You should get this if you:

  • Want more stylized maps
  • Looking for more variety

Buy it here.


8. Natural Disasters (6/10)

An overview of every disaster in the Natural Disasters DLC

Maybe you don’t care about the map though. In fact, maybe you want to destroy it. Then welcome to Natural Disasters. If you’re the kind of mayor that wants to help his citizens recover from mass destruction, then you better get your first-aid kits (and your budget) ready for the challenge.

What you get from Natural Disasters:

  • New disaster scenarios
  • Adds planning & response abilities
  • Emergency broadcast network

You should get this if you:

  • Want new challenges
  • Test your mayoral skills

Buy it here.


7. Sunset Harbor (6/10)

A guide on how to utilize the new additions in the Sunset Harbor DLC

This expansion offers quite the contrast to the last one, but still offers some nice additions. If you’re looking to expand your transport and leisure industries or create nice, small, self-sufficient towns within your city, then I’d recommend you don’t skip over this one so easily.

What you get from Sunset Harbor:

  • New bus system
  • Recreational flying
  • Fishing industry
  • Water recycling
  • 5 new maps

You should get this if you:

  • Want more transit options
  • Expand commercial industry
  • New “rural” options

Buy it here.


6. Mass Transit (6/10)

A guide on how to use the Mass Transit DLC to fix traffic flow

Mass Transit gives you many more options for well… mass transit. So if you’re an experienced mayor that’s looking for a new challenge, then consider taking on the intricacies of the transportation industry and get ready to reap the benefits with Mass Transit.

What you get from Mass Transit:

  • New transit options & income
  • Adds mass transit hubs
  • Traffic scenarios

You should get this if you:

  • Want to expand your city
  • Test your traffic skills
  • Expand city income

Buy it here.


5. Seaside Resorts (7/10)

A showcase of how to use the new assets in the Seaside Resorts expansion to beautify your city

Now, we start off the top 5. So how about we kick back and enjoy a coastal getaway? Because this DLC gives you plenty of assets to create your very own seaside resort in your city. So if you’re wanting to expand your city’s tourism or just give your citizens another place to relax, then Seaside Resorts may be the right fit for you. 

What you get from Seaside Resorts:

  • New historical landmarks
  • Adds local services
  • Historical train station

You should get this if you:

  • Want new leisure/tourism options
  • Expand coastal districts

Buy it here.


4. Industries (7/10)

An overview of everything new in the Industries DLC

The Industries DLC is quite different from the rest of the expansions in the top 5. This essentially gives you more control over the logistics behind your city’s economy. If you’re quite the experienced player looking for a new challenge, then get the checkbooks ready, because you’re about to take the wheel. 

What you get from Industries:

  • Manage logistics
  • New buildings
  • Adds postal industry
  • New policies
  • 5 new maps

You should get this if you:

  • Want new challenges
  • Expand your industries
  • Have more control over your city

Buy it here.


3. Airports (8/10)

A showcase of using the Airports DLC to create a large airport island

Now we enter the top 3, so get ready for some crazy remodeling throughout your city. Gone are the days of plopping a basic airport and moving on. Now, the look (and efficiency) is in your hands, are you ready?

What you get from Airports:

  • New airport management
  • Create custom airports

You should get this if you:

  • Want to expand tourist income
  • Have more creative freedom

Buy it here.


2. Campus (8/10)

A guide on how to create a large university using the Campus Expansion

The runner-up on this list is the Campus expansion. This DLC gives you more options for your college campuses, so if you’re really ready to give your citizens a higher education, then look no further.

What you get from Campus:

  • Campus zones
  • Adds collegiate sports
  • New policies
  • 5 new maps
  • Modular buildings

You should get this if you:

  • Want larger campuses
  • More creative control

Buy it here.


1. Plazas & Promenades (9/10)

A Beginners Guide to the Plazas and Promenades DLC 

To finish off this list, we have the most recent addition to the Cities: Skylines expansion library. This DLC is sort of like a modern, city-focused addition to the Parklife expansion. So whether you’re looking to expand on your current parks or create new downtown areas for your citizens to explore, this DLC is for you.

What you get from Plazas & Promenades:

  • Adds pedestrian streets
  • Adds pedestrian zones
  • New community policies
  • More district specializations
  • New service buildings

You should get this if you:

  • Want more leisure options
  • Add to your downtown areas
  • Expand your parks

Buy it here.


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