[Top 15] Cities Skylines Best Builds That Look Amazing

Cities Skylines Best Builds That Look Amazing
Wake up samurai, we have a city to build.

Cities: Skylines is stacked full of different assets, mechanics, and maps that allow you to create the city of your dreams. But a large part of city building is the minor aspects of transportation, planning, and detailing. Having a balance of all these things in your city, especially not as an experienced player, can be quite the daunting (and exhaustive) task. Some players have taken on the quest and been able to make some truly special creations; here are 15 of the best builds I found in Cities: Skylines.


15. Quarter City by T4rget

A timelapse build of Quarter City

This build is a simple yet stylish creation by T4rget, a creator that will pop up many more times on this list. This city is created from a large circle with many smaller sections going inward towards the city center. Quarter City is also an easily repeatable layout to give you a bit of inspiration or even just a starting point for your next city.

T4rget’s build is fitted with many different sectors throughout the circle including, as the name suggests, a quarter of the city being one large park fitted with a man-made lake and bike paths. With wider roads toward the center and smaller ones towards the outskirts, this is also quite the intuitive design for a city.


14. Middleshire by Czardus

An overview of the most recent expansion of Middleshire

Middleshire is one of only a handful of realistic cities on this list, as it’s hard to really make a standout build while also making something that looks like it could actually exist. And Czardus managed to do just that with this sprawling city fitted with an expansive international airport, a realistic European-inspired layout, and many different zones throughout.

This build is full of small details and well thought out infrastructure, all while keeping the aspect of realism and being built in the vanilla game. Czardus proved that you can make some truly spectacular cities without the use of mods, and we’re about to look at some more impressive cities you never thought possible.


13. DNA City by T4rget

A timelapse build of DNA City

As the second T4rget build on this list, DNA City is another creatively designed build made within the confines of a DNA strand. With alternated city and park districts in the many sectors of the layout, this city has everything you could want in a relatively small build such as this one. Though small, the details are still very prominent.

From the thoughtful geometric design to the meticulous zoning of the city, T4rget managed to make yet another artistic yet functional city with plenty to explore and much to appreciate. But with two more additions from this creator, you could only imagine the other things he could conjure up.


12. Thando by Sanctum Gamer

An overview of the City of Thando's growth

The city of Thando is quite a sight to see, fitted with tons of natural and man-made beauty, tons of details, and an eye-catching display of skill. From the high-rise downtown district to the rocky coastline and the more rural communities, this city has a lot to offer.

The details of transit, props, nature, planning, and overall aesthetics show a true mastery of the game as Sanctum Gamer shows his creativity and knowledge throughout this sprawling and realistic megacity. And if you think this is impressive, just wait to see some of the unbelievable creations later down this list.


11. Design & Manage by T4rget

A tour of the Design & Manage City

Design & Manage is the only snow map on this list, as although it does look nice, it also brings more challenges for the builder. But with another showcase of skill by T4rget, he’s been able to create this winter metropolis full of detail and design. If you were looking for inspiration on how to build a successful city that will survive the elements, then look no further.

This build has everything you’d expect from a high-level city, including tons of small details, thoughtful planning and zoning, skillful transit, and plenty of unique sights. Whether you’re the kind of person that appreciates the tree and prop placement or the intuitive process of streets and zoning, this map has something for everyone to love.


10. Fluxburgh by FLUXTRANCE

A map showcase of Fluxburgh

This city is quite the behemoth. Built upon a unique natural topography and using no mods to hide the pollution, it’s quite the respectable creation. But just seeing the sheer size of the map doesn’t do it justice. On the ground level, it’s full of creative design, intuitive planning, detailed transit, and tons of beauty.

From a waterfront airport to the industrial island, from the rural mountains to the highrise downtown, the spacious farmland to the dense city structure, this map is full of variety and thought. A true showcase of creativity and skill by FLUXTRANCE with this beautiful metropolis.


9. Port of Yin-Yang by T4rget

A timelapse build of the Port of Yin-Yang

For the final build by T4rget on this list, we had to go with one of the most creative and technical creations in the Port of Yin-Yang. As the biggest showcase of skill and precision so far, he meticulously drew up this magnificent creation. And although it is quite small and primarily for looks, it is also thoughtfully zoned and intuitively designed.

With the signature Yin & Yang design, T4rget created a half-city, half-port with a secluded lighthouse, a dense city center, spacious parks, and of course tons of piers. But even if you don’t care for the city itself, the detailed layout and precise landscaping give you something to appreciate. I mean, just the sheer creativity and skill is enough for me.


8. Verde Beach by City Planner Plays

A timelapse of 200 years of progress in the city of Verde Beach

Verde Beach is one of the many cities that were built incrementally over the years and documented through episodic videos. But this one is a bit more special as City Planner Plays told the growth of this city as more of a story, with lore behind the creation and expansion of different areas and buildings.

Even for the ones this doesn’t interest, this map is expansive and full of details to dive into. From the efficient transit and shipping to the realistic planning and zoning, Verde Beach is a true testament to the amount of skill, creativity, and dedication it takes to build something truly magnificent.


7. Dream Bay by imperatur

A timelapse build of Dream City so far

This map truly lives up to its name. Dream City is a beautiful and expansive city with some of the most intricate interchanges and picturesque views. You just can’t beat the waterfront view from the baseball stadium or the luxurious skyline that sits behind it. 

Just seeing imperatur’s process of building some of the highways and expanding the city is mesmerizing. The accuracy and efficiency he wields as he creates this masterpiece is quite the sight in and of itself. But this coastal city full of attractions and details is truly one you only thought possible in your dreams.


6. Athalassya by Atys

An overview of the most recent additions to the city of Athalassya

Athalassya might just be one of the most creative cities I’ve ever seen. So it’s even crazier that there are five more on this list. But this build deserves some credit with its European-inspired architecture, insanely intricate transit, and a style you have to see to truly appreciate. 

This city is grounded in old-style assets and design but is given a breath of life and originality by its almost futuristic feel. From the blimp transit network to the skyscraping statues, from the multi-level highway systems to the vastness of the inner city, Athalassya certainly deserves its spot, as you could spend hours exploring its streets.


5. Riverton Bay by Tazerhere

An overview of the newest expansion in the city of Riverton Bay

Riverton Bay is one of those things where it’s all about the details. The design of each district, each block, and each property is so meticulous that you can see the insane effort that really goes into these creations. Fitted with a stunning skyline, quaint suburbs, detailed transit networks, and stunning leisure options, this city is a good one to kick off the top 5.

Although Riverton Bay is far from finished, the groundwork of this city is spectacular, and it’ll surely end up being quite the mecca in years to come. Plus, you get to go along for the ride and witness the growth of this beautiful island city.


4. Cabrillo by Pres

A progress update on the city of Cabrillo

Cabrillo is quite the addition to this list as we prepare for the final 3. This vast city is full of culture, life, and of course an immense display of skill. The details in this build are wild, from particular tree placement around buildings to the realistic California-esque streets of the inner city.

The San Francisco-inspired downtown is quite a sight. From Chinatown to the skyscraping business district, this riverside area is the place to be. But if you’re looking for something a little quieter, you can pick from the SoCal feel of the districts across the river or an even more rural option on the spacious outskirts amongst the hills.


3. Aurelia by Akruas

A showcase of the last 3.5 years of work on the city of Aurelia

If you ever wondered what a realistic city of the future would look like, then look no further than Aurelia. This city is filled to the brim with creative design and tons of insane sights. I mean, the highway network is crazy. I could look at it for hours… and it's a highway. 

But the real details are just as mesmerizing, with bustling districts, vast parks, picturesque skyscrapers, a winding canal network, and some of the prettiest leisure districts ever. Aurelia is a true testament to the world of possibilities and creativity within Cities: Skylines. And it’s only number 3.


2. Maya by Palms Time

A cinematic showcase of the vast city of Maya

I could talk about Maya for hours; she was just so… oh… we’re talking about the city? Ahem… the city of Maya is an absolute behemoth. This Asian-inspired megacity has literally everything you could imagine. With some of the most intricate transit networks I’ve ever seen, there’s no shortage of new places to see in this build.

Home to winding mountainside roads, an entire airport island, a beautiful skyline, dense residential areas, immense industrial districts, and so much more; this city is one you really have to see to believe. The attention to detail that goes into a build like this is second to none. Well, how is there still one more city on this list, you may be asking? Well, you’re about to find out.


1. Neo HongKong by Blackfox

An overview of the newest additions to the city of Neo HongKong

Welcome to the city of dreams, the city of the future. Welcome to Neo Hongkong. For the final build on the list, this was the only rightful choice to take the crown. There’s literally no way to describe the magnitude of this city in a couple paragraphs. You truly have to see it to believe it. And I think you should.

So I’ll give you a little teaser of what this cyberpunk metropolis has to offer, and then you can witness it in all its glory. This city is filled with details, insane assets, intricate transit, and some of the most jaw-dropping sights in all of Cities: Skylines. So go see for yourself, and just be ready to go get your socks after they’ve blown off.


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