[Top 5] Cities Skylines Best Assets

Cities Skylines Best Assets
An aerial view of a detailed island district, sort of looks like Tasmania.

Cities: Skylines has been around for its fair share of time. Throughout said lifetime, Paradox and the community have added thousands of assets including buildings, roads, props, cars, and more. With the countless amount of options, there remain a handful of assets that should be a part of all of your cities. So I’ve compiled a list of the five best assets you need in your next metropolis.


5. Large Advanced Crematorium (Mod)

Ready for all your cremation needs, the Large Advanced Crematorium (shown above) is also quite the nice addition.

Unless you have a separate mod to deal with it, the recently deceased can become a big problem as your city begins to grow. Having cemeteries in each community is nice, but as they begin to fill, a crematorium becomes a necessary addition to your city, so why not have it look nice as well.

What’s great about the Large Advanced Crematorium:

  • Increased Capacity: The additional amount of available hearses as well as the higher processing rate keep this building at max efficiency, allowing you to focus on the living.
  • Looks: This unit is fitted with a large spiral center structure, additional gravestones in the rear, and a small parking lot in the front, making quite the nice aesthetic addition as well. 


4. “Loss” Casino and Hotel (Mod)

The Loss Casino & Hotel (pictured above) is a beautiful way to bring more tourists into your city.

Leisure and tourism can become large contributors to your city’s income as you grow and create more specialized districts. But one of the keys to driving in outside visitors is accommodation, and this behemoth just might be the best looking one.

What’s great about the “Loss” Casino and Hotel:

  • High Capacity: This giant can accommodate plenty of tourists coming into your city, ready to spend their money.
  • Additional Income: As a commercial residency, this unit will not only house visitors, but make money while doing it. 
  • Point of Interest: As a Unique Building in-game, this hotel will be an additional place to actually drive tourists to the city, and can increase land value in the surrounding district.
  • Looks: The “Loss” is a beautiful addition to your downtown city or coastal vacation spot.


3. Parking Lot Roads (Mod)

Parking Lot Roads (shown above) aren't the most exciting asset, but what'd you expect.

Your city is full of people, buildings, and cars. Yet it still feels off, right? Well, that might be because the majority of in-game buildings come with very few if any parking spots, even when the buildings hold thousands of citizens. So this mod can be the kicker that really makes your city feel real.

What’s great about Parking Lot Roads:

  • Added Realism: Having large parking lots in commercial and office areas helps make your city feel more populated and realistic.
  • Area Planning: Parking lots can help to space out your buildings or even just fill space in your downtown commercial districts.


2. Monorail Bus Hub (Mass Transit)

The Monorail Bus Hub (depicted above) is an absolute unit and unique addition to your transit system.

Transportation becomes a key focus of your city as it continues to grow, so why not make it more efficient and aesthetically pleasing. This hub is perfect to add flare and additional transit to your downtown areas and cities.

What’s great about the Monorail Bus Hub:

  • Added Transportation: Monorails can offer your citizens a traffic-free mode of inner city travel without having to deal with on-ground trains and invisible metro lines.
  • Large Bus Hub: The ground level of this station allows for hundreds of citizens to access multiple bus routes all in one place.
  • Additional Flare: Although transit isn’t necessarily meant to be flashy, a monorail system in your city can add that pop you were looking for.


1. Pedestrian Streets (Plazas & Promenades)

Get your city ready for Pedestrian Streets (pictured above), your "fitizens" will thank you.

While sidewalks and bike paths can offer plenty of pedestrian travel, a dedicated pedestrian “street” can add to your leisure areas. Allowing for more creative integration of buildings and commercial areas, these assets can bring your inner city planning to the next level.

What’s great about Pedestrian Streets:

  • City Planning: These walkways add plenty of new ways to set up your cities with commercial plazas, dedicated parks, and additional transportation methods for your citizens.
  • Inner City Travel: Downtown streets can easily become clogged with traffic, and these streets give your citizens another option to get to their destination.
  • Looks: Although mixing multiple levels of transit can become complicated rather easily, it can also make your city feel more grand and look more refined.


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