[Top 10] Best Sci-Fi Board Games In The World

Best Sci-Fi Board Games
I've always wanted to pilot one

Discover some of the best Sci-Fi board games that we recommend.

When it comes to the Sci-Fi genre the possibilities are endless, it doesn't happen all in Space like we're made to believe. Sci-Fi means we could even go to the future or even the past. Explore the genre more, and get more people involved with board games.

We've put together a list of 10 board games we got to play and highly recommend for your next gaming session.

10. Euphoria

Euphoria and its Inclusions

You find yourself in a dystopian world, how it ended, you’re really not sure. You and the other players are all middle level managers in the City of Euphoria. With the world in a confused and vulnerable state you decided that now is a great time to seize power for yourself by using the people you recruited to spread your influence. The other managers are also hoping for the same power.

What’s fun about Euphoria:

  • Dice as workers, I’m used to meeples so this was a good spin to it.
  • Medium-weight euro game, a bit more challenging than most, but if you’re looking for a new spin to work placement games, I’d recommend this.
  • Visual Appeal, the game looks good but it can be confusing to new players due to all the components.

9. T.I.M.E. Stories

T.I.M.E. Stories Box

I’ve written about this particular board game in a previous list, but I feel it deserves a mention with the sci-fi genre board game list. While it does dive into themes such as horror, let’s not forget that this game does involve a lot of time travelling, throughout the game we try to change the future in various ways across multiple timelines. 

What’s fun about T.I.M.E. Stories:

  • Beyond Sci-fi, has horror/paranormal stuff going on in some of the worlds.
  • RPG elements, not something you see everyday.
  • You’ll play over and over again; you have to make the “perfect” run to clear a scenario.

8. Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island Box

Ok, by its name it sort of sounds like we’ll be travelling to the past, but  we’re actually bringing the dinosaurs to the present. We’ll be building our very own Dinosaur Theme Park with the promise of real dinosaurs (The danger is also very real). First, we have to collect and research the dino DNA and make sure we have the proper sequence to bring your dinosaurs back to life. When we get to building the park, we have to make sure that the dinosaur’s stay inside and not attack our guests. Should be simple and safe, right?

What’s fun about Dinosaur Island:

  • Jurassic Park the Board Game, it’s basically it.
  • Take the risk, you have the option of just reviving herbivores, it’s definitely the safest route, but your customers live for the excitement of having carnivore giants running around the park.
  • Overall look, sci-fi but it looks 90s, you can definitely feel the Jurassic Park vibes this game gives off. 

7. Shadowrun: Crossfire (Prime Runner Edition)

Shadowrun: Crossfire Cover Art 

No one said sci-fi is limited to space. Welcome to the world of Shadowrun. Your team is a group of shadowrunners who take on tough jobs such as protecting clients who have been marked to be shot or even fighting off a dragon. Sounds a bit more like fantasy? Maybe, but this does involve a cyberpunk theme. You get to give your character cyber upgrades and other stuff as you go along and build your deck.

What’s fun about Shadowrun: Crossfire:

  • Challenging, if you like hard co-op games then this may prove to be right up your alley.
  • Tough start but a good flow later, maybe because we didn’t have many options when it comes to our hand at the first, the game remains challenging but you have more options as you play along.
  • Co-op, you really need a team to get this done.

6. Android: Netrunner

 Andriod: Netrunner Box and Inclusions

A remake of the Collectible Card Game that came out during the 90s, now turned into a Living Card Game. The game is set in a cyberpunk future of Android that pits a megacorporation and its massive resources against the subversive talents of lone runners. If you play as the corporation you need to score agendas and advance them, while the runners need to acquire wealth and resources to develop programs to hack into the corporation. The first player to score 7 points wins the game, but everyone suffers some sort of loss.

What’s fun about Android: Netrunner:

  • CCG turned LCG, a big save on our wallets
  • Card games and bluffing, if that’s your playstyle, it’s permitted here.
  • Pretty equal despite circumstances, even if you play as the corp as the runner there doesn’t seem to be too much of a power gap since you both have to build up what you have as the game plays.

5. Star Wars: X-Wing (2nd Edition)


X-Wing (Second Edition) Box

Take command of your very own squadron of advanced starfighters from the Star Wars universe. Use their unique capabilities to give yourself advantage during the heat of combat, maneuver your ships to best your opponents when battling it out. Make sure to know your ships’ weaknesses and what could cause stress to your engines. 

What’s fun about X-Wing Second Edition :

  • A classic revamped to its best, the classic game was already good, the second edition felt perfected.
  • For old and new, most of the mechanics for the classic game stayed intact, so old players can feel right at home while appreciating the new additions, new players get to enjoy what makes this game such a classic for Star Wars fans.
  • You get to fly the ships from the franchise, isn’t that almost every fan’s dream?

4. Underwater Cities

Underwater Cities Cover Art

We didn’t think the world would ever get this overpopulated, but instead of flying all the way to Mars, we decided to move some parts of the civilization underwater. You and the other players represent some of the world’s most powerful minds and are tasked to make this operation a reality. Gather raw materials, build and upgrade city domes, tunnels and production buildings.

What’s fun about Underwater Cities:

  • On the heavy management side, if you don’t like playing easy management games but it’s not too hard to teach to other players.
  • Replayability, a new sea kingdom every game play.
  • At least it’s not Mars, I’ve always played these types of games with a space setting, so it’s nice to know we’ll be in the ocean this time around.

3. Anachrony: Infinity Box (2020)

Anachrony Infinity Box

A game set in the foreboding future. You are one of the leaders of one of humanity’s four ideological paths, your goal is to prepare for an asteroid impact bound to happen and become the dominant power on New Earth. You have loyal workers, exosuites, and the ability to open Time Rifts.

What’s fun about Anachrony: Infinity Box:

  • Infinity box includes the base game and all of the expansions.
  • Fun solo, you can even play it several times over as a solo-game.
  • Story, really gets you into your role.

2. Forbidden Stars

  Forbidden Stars Minis

Something from the Warhammer 40K universe. You, and 3 other players will take command of the game’s four factions: the Ultramarines chapter of Space Marines, Eldar of Craftworld Iyanden, the Evil Sunz Ork clan or the World Eaters Warband of the Chaos Space Marines. Build massive armies and command them in unending war to best your enemies and claim your objectives according to the faction.

What’s fun about Forbidden Stars:

  • Each faction is unique, they all have their own abilities.
  • If you love anything Warhammer, this is a great addition to the Warhammer 40K universe
  • Wargame, so a lot of attention is put in every player’s moves.

1. Aeon’s End

 Aeon's End Box

Let’s add a bit of fantasy into this mix, this is a cooperative game where you and your friends are survivors of a long-ago invasion and you have taken refuge in the underground city of Gravehold. Gravehold is under attack and you and your teammates have to defend your city by adding powerful spells, gems, and relics to your arsenal.

What’s fun about Aeon’s End:

  • Finally, a co-op, I honestly prefer cooperative board games over the ones that pit you against one another.
  • The deck is never shuffled, so think carefully of what order your spells are.
  • Fantasy and Sci-fi, there’s magic here.

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