[Top 7] Most Useful D&D Websites (Best D&D Websites)

best DnD Websites
The good Sir knight would be in deep trouble if he hadn't have checked the Top 7 Most Useful D&D Website before heading into this dungeon.

Have a big new Dungeons & Dragons campaign to build for and too many ideas? These 7 websites will prove most useful.


7. D&D Beyond

Take your game Beyond what you thought was possible.

D&DBeyond is the online hub for all things officially recognized by Wizards of the Coast. The website is made for players of all skill levels and gives paid access to every book that Wizards has published along with some homebrew content.  As with most websites these days you have to register for an account to use any of the features. It is the first place to stop is you're interested in 5e and haven't begun to play quite yet.

  • An active forum 
  • Wizards official rulebooks available in PDF 
  • Homebrew Content 
  • Character Creation Tools 

6. Roll20

No dice? No books? Need everything from the game right at your fingertips? Roll 20, my friends.

Roll 20 is the second place to go once you're on the path of the dungeon delver and dragon destroyer. It has everything a growing hero needs to play the game. Excluding any lore of the Forgotten Realms, of course. This is an endless stream of rules. 

  • Rulebooks For Sale, with “Roll20 Enhancements” 
  • Find A Game, Put yourself out there set up a profile and get to rolling dice
  • Every Rule You Could Ever Need
  • Searchable Reference

5. World Anvil

The last and only tool of the trade for WorldSmiths around the globe. For DMs, novelists, or players

WorldAnvil is an Ennies award winning platform. An all in one campaign manager that will improve the quality of life for all players of the game, including the Dungeon Master. With tools for the players, the DM, and fantasy writers in general this toolset can take a collection of ideas floating unconnected in your head to a full fledged world.

  • World Building tools, keep track of lore, adventures, NPCs etc.
  • Homebrew Stat Blocks, full character sheets and item blocks for NPCs and PCs 
  • Run Sessions, everything you need on the computer
  • Send images to your players
  • Journal for Player Characters

4. Nerdarchy

Get in, nerd, we're building new characters.

Nerdarchy is a space to learn the ins and outs of character creation. On youtube and their own website the guys at Nerdarchy are here to help you build better heroes and run the game to the best of your ability. 

  • Character Creation Videos, how to run any class 
  • DM tips 
  • Merch Store

3. D.M. Dave

D.M. Dave is giving you everything he knows, and more. Take my advice and follow his.

DMDave is a blog for players of all skill levels. With monthly updates DM Dave makes homebrew classes and gives tips for running the game. 

  • Monthly updates
  • Dragon Magazine style adventures, and homebrew classes

2. DonJon

Randomly generate anything you might need as a DM.

DonJon is the first and only place to get randomly generated tables for all purposes on the wider internet. From encounter tables to loot tables to NPCs this site will help flesh out individual play sessions and guide the DM in planning the next set of combat or roleplay. 

  • Randomly Generated Tables 
  • Combat Scenarios 
  • Loot Charts 
  • Initiative Trackers

1. Matthew Colville

Let the expert games player explain you a thing or two about Running the Game.

Matthew Colville has been making and playing games for his entire career, and his youtube channel wants to help guide you to making a better game for yourself or your players. His general knowledge and additional thoughts on how the game runs along with helpful tips on ways to make play more dynamic and interesting will push anyone's game from good to great after only watching a few of his vlogs. 

  • Running the Game, general tips on being a better DM 
  • Campaign Diaries, stories of campaigns he ran and others have run for him 
  • New Ideas, skill challenges and other ways of making the game more dynamic and fun than the base rules allow for

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