15 Best Comedy Mangas Loved By Millions Worldwide

Best Comedy Mangas
Get ready to laugh til you cry!

There are many different types of manga out there from drama to fantasy and everything in between. Some of the best mangas to read are ones that will make you look crazy for laughing so loud at a book in public.

Here are the top mangas that will prove that laughter really is the best medicine.

15. Ouran Highschool Host Club

After breaking an expensive antique vase, Haruhi must work off her debt as a host club member. While Haruhi has no problem working off her debt the boys in the host club have no idea Haruhi is a girl. After finding out her try gender the group has to keep the rest of the school from knowing her identity. With different themes and customs, the host club is always getting into some type of trouble to entertain their guest

A manga with some touching moments and full of laughs!

14. Soul Eater

Set at Death Weapon Meister Academy run by Death himself, teams of masters and masters weapons (people who can transform into weapons) are trying to hunting down 99 evil human souls and one witch soul to be able to make a death scythe. The teams are trying to make a death scythe so they can fight and destroy the evils in the world. The teams are not always graceful when hunting down the souls and end up in more than they bargained for.

While saving the world this manga is hilarious with a strong awkward goofball as one of the main characters!

13. Prison School

Hachimitsu Academy, an all girls school, just more interesting when they decided to enroll boys. With only 5 guys on campus, they are overrun by hormones and end up peeking into the girls changing room. The boys get caught and are sent to the prison on the schools campus for a month. In the school's prison the boys bond and find out how perverted they really are.  

A hilarious comedy with incredibly lewd scenes.

12.  Sket Dance

The Sket Dance, which stands for Support, Kindness, Encouragement, and Troubleshoot, is a club about helping others at Kaimei High School. The club, consisting of three members, are there to help out the school no matter how big or small. But with the lack of problems the club is stuck with doing work of a handyman. The club always end up in wacky situations like chasing monkeys will make you wish you were apart of their club.

If you are looking for a variety of comedy with visual and dialogue this is for you!

11. Naruto

From Hidden Leaf village, Naruto is an orphan who is an a journey. He wants to become a ninja and he hopes to become the leader of his village. Unfortunately, Naruto is dead last in class and has a lot to prove. Naruto is filled with all types of emotions as we watch Naruto must face off against his opponents who wish to harm him and his loved ones.

This is an unique story of a tough and clumsy boy filled with jokes!

10. Fullmetal Alchemist

The Elric brothers, Edward and Alphonse, try to resurrect their mother using a form of forbidden alchemy, called human transmutation, and paid the cost. Edward lost an arm and a leg, and Alphonse lost his whole body and his soul is now attached to a giant suit of armor. Edward and Alphonse now are on a mission to get their original bodies back.  On their journey they must deal with people trying to capture them and get out of many sticky situations.

This manga is filled with hilarious characters and relationships!

9. Fairy Tail

Magic controls everything in the mystical realm of Earth Land. The Fairy Tail guild has set Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu Dragneel, and, a flying talking cat named, Happy on missions they need to complete. The missions are not always easy for them to complete and must work together to complete the guilds request.

Hilarious friendships make great dialogue in this manga!

8. One Punch Man

After training to become a superhero Saitama becomes so powerful he is able to defeat any villain with a single punch. With begin able to defeat anyone without a real fight, Saitama become bored. Saitama teams up with a cyborg, Genos, to boost up their reputation and get the recognition they deserve.

A very self aware superhero leads to great humor!

7. Fruits Basket

High school student Tohru Honda has to move in with her grandfather after her mother dies in a car crash. But due to unfriendly family members and renovations on the house Tohru takes control of her life. Tohru decides to support herself and live in a tent. After her popular classmate, Yuki Soma, finds her in the tent he has her come live with his family. Tohru finds out that the Soma family is cursed. The Soma family’s curse is when they are hugged by the opposite sex they turn into a Chinese zodiac.

This is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and romance.

6. Hunter X Hunter

Licensed Hunters from the Hunter Association are people who hunts down treasures and magical creatures. Gon Freecs wants to follow in his father's footsteps and be a well-known hunter. In order to do so Gon must undergo the Hunter Exam. Along the way her becomes friends with Killua and Leorio to help him in his adventure.

A funny and dark manga!

5. Skip Beat!

Sixteen year old Kyouko Mogami selflessly runways and moves to Tokyo so her boyfriend, Shou, can live out his dream and become a pop idol. Kyouko works multiple jobs so she can support her Shou. Shou does not love her, though. Kyouko finds out that Shou is using her and only thinks of her as his maid. Kyouko wants her revenge. The only way Kyouko can get her revenge if she becomes a bigger pop idol then he is.

A humorous story about revenge!

4. Bleach

High school student Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see spirits of the dead his whole life. One day Ichigo sees Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper. The Soul Reapers use their powers to cleanse hollows souls, so they can pass to the other side. Rukia is close to death and temporary transfer her powers to Ichigo. Ichigo must take up Rukia’s job as a Soul Reaper as Rukia rest.

Supernatural with funny scene!

3. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

Eikichi Onizuka has one goal: to become the greatest teacher in the world. Onizuka is unorthodox. He is an ex-gang member who is crude and short temper. His main reason to become a teacher is so he can score with the hot students. Onizuka does make a difference with his students by saving kids from jumping off rooftops or reuniting them with their parents.

You will cry laughing with this manga!

2. Beelzebub

One of the most infamous students at Ishiyama High, a school filled with delinquents, is Oga Tatsumi. Oga Tatsumi was next to a river when he saw a man’s body floating down the river. When Oga pulled the body to shore the body split in half and has a baby boy in it. Oga has been chosen by the great demon king to raise his baby along with the baby's demon maid, Hilda. Oga now has to raise a powerful magical baby will enrolled at Ishiyama.

This manga is filled with great comedy fighting!

1. One Piece

Before Gol D. Roger, a man known as the King of the Pirates, got executed he mentioned his treasure, the One Piece. After the One Piece announcement many pirates set out to find it. Twenty-two years after Roger's execution a young man named Monkey D. Luffy sets off to find the treasure and become the King of Pirates.

This pirate adventure will make you laugh non stop!

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