[Top 10] Best Beat Saber Custom Sabers

Beat Saber Best Custom Sabers
Help us, Beat Saber custom saber designers, you're our only hope.

Ever wanted a chance to swing your favorite sword? Beat Saber has your back.

Beat Saber is a Virtual Reality game involving awesome music, cool light shows, dodging glowing walls, and slicing boxes with laser swords to the beat. But what if the typical laser sword isn’t your thing? Well, thankfully people have thought of that and found a solution. Here are the top ten best custom sabers.

10. Urban Ninja

Preview shot of Urban Ninja saber

Beat Saber already makes you feel like a ninja, so why not get the sword to match? This skinny sword is perfect for slicing and dicing.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1582254239&pc

9. Crowbar Saber

Crowbar sabers in-game

Ever wanted to hit something with a crowbar? No? Well, regardless, now you can...safely. A unique and strange idea, but not the weirdest one out there, these sabers are definitely worth a swing.

Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448652794853982220/Crowbar.saber

8. Triangle Daggers

Dagger sabers in saber preview in-game

Short and stabby, these are fun to slice with. Get yourself a pair and attack the boxes with a reasonably sized weapon. Because we all know there’s no way huge swords are fun to carry into battle.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1584244014&pc

7. Blades of Chaos

Blades of Chaos sabers in-game

Speaking of carrying huge swords into battle...how about these bad boys from God of War? Now you can carry out your dream of swinging a ridiculous sized weapon without breaking your shoulders. Those boxes won’t know what hit ‘em.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1565111642&pc

6. Keyblade

Keyblade sabers in saber preview in-game

Blades! And also keys! As much fun as these are, I would seriously end up smacking myself in the face with the keychain. Not my pick for reality, but definitely a top choice for slicing boxes.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1551979275&pc

5. Tron Disc

Tron Disc sabers in-game

Coolness factor times ten. These may take a little getting used to because they aren’t traditional saber shapes. But this game is already so Tron-like, it’s a necessity to act like part of the disc wars. VR people...I’m looking at you to design that game next.

Download: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448957588382547979/Tron_Disc_sabers.zip

4. Master Sword

Creative angle of Master Sword sabers in-game

It’s always fun when you recognize and get to play with something familiar. This iconic sword from the Legend of Zelda games should be enough motivation alone for you to go download the custom sabers mod.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1564980244&pc

3. Halo Energy Swords H3 and Reach

Halo Energy Sword sabers in-game

Such a uniquely designed weapon, these are a blast. With their awesomely recognizable shape, you may have to reorient them to your controller, but definitely worth the effort.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1581234960&pc

2. dotSpiral V2.1

Preview shot of dotSpiral

These sabers are higher on the list than other sabers you might recognize, and that’s because of their ease of play. With their long, skinny blades, they are perfectly made for quick maps and intense slicing.

Download: https://modelsaber.com/Sabers/?id=1577303144&pc

1. Lightsabers

Multiple shots of Kanan's, Ezra's, and Obi-Wan's lightsabers in-game

Okay, you must’ve seen this coming. Beat Saber already took the idea of a lightsaber, so why not just make the sabers Jedi official? It’s a dream come true for most fans, and these are only a few of the iconic weapons from the movies, TV shows, and games. Look around online and you can find dozens of variations of famous lightsabers.

Download Kanan Saber Black: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448765838812512267/Kanan_Black.saber

Download Kanan Saber: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448758667446321152/Kanan.saber

Download Ezra Saber: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448758686777606158/Ezra.saber

Download Ezra Black Saber: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448774499555606531/Ezra_Black.saber

Download Obi-Wan Saber: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448764964384276491/ObiWan_Prequels.saber

Download Obi-Wan Black Saber: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/446478074125746176/448765822450794496/ObiWan_Black.saber

I’ll just say you’re welcome now. Whether you pick a recognizable sword or a fan-made saber for fun, you have to love the creativity. The sabers don’t change or affect the gameplay but will definitely affect how you play the game! May the beat be with you. If you want more about Virtual Reality, here’s a few more articles you might like:

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