[Top 5] Batman Arkham City Best Upgrades (And How To Get Them)

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Batman Arkham City was highly improved from Batman Arkham Asylum. Arkham City became the defining game of 2011 and gave other games a run for their money. Arkham City excelled in graphics, gameplay and storyline! The game became a benchmark for quality and you can see it outperforms many games released even today! Here are some Batman Arkham City upgrades which stand out from the rest.

5. Armor Upgrade


The Armor upgrade is usually ignored in Batman Arkham games in the start because you think you’re untouchable. But as you progress in the game and thugs get a hold of live rounds – you will regret not upgrading your Armor early in the game. You earn upgrade points significantly faster in the early part of the game so it’s best to invest in Armor upgrade for the Batsuit so you can encounter difficult enemies easily in the future.


What Makes Armor Upgrade Great

  • Great for early on in the game when getting upgrade points is easier.
  • Easily encounter enemy snipers and gunmen without dying on the first bullet
  • Heavier resistance against attacks from enemies and bosses


How To Get Armor Upgrade:


4. Grapnel Boost

Grapnel Boost is perhaps the most amazing upgrade introduced in Batman Arkham City that progressed to the future two games of the series as well. If you’re a veteran Batman Arkham fan then you’ll know how necessary (and fun) the Grapnel Boost upgrade is! It is amazing for sticky situations to escape enemies or maneuver the city quickly.

What Makes Grapnel Boost Great

  • Navigate much quicker around the city with the Grapnel Boost
  • Feel more like a superhero by quickly boosting from one rooftop to another
  • Get out of sticky situations faster when you’re surrounded by enemies and low on health

How To Get Grapnel Boost:


3. Freeze Cluster Grenade

Freeze cluster

The Freeze Cluster Grenade upgrade is an optional upgrade you can get from Mr. Freeze’s side missions. It comes in pretty handy when you want to incapacitate multiple enemies without getting your hands dirty or want to keep a few thugs occupied while you kick other thugs’ asses. It will also help you get a hold of many Riddler trophies.

What Makes Freeze Cluster Grenade Great

  • Helps to incapacitate a few thugs before you jump a large group.
  • Helps you to get many Riddler trophies around the city.
  • You can throw them mid-fight if you’re overwhelmed by a large number of enemies.

How To Get Freeze Cluster Grenade Upgrade:


2. Batclaw Disarm

Batclaw disarm

As the name suggests, the Batclaw Disarm upgrade is an upgrade for the Batclaw to quickly disarm an enemy of their weapons. Early on in the game there won’t be enemies with weapons but slowly as you progress… unarmed thugs get bats, knives, broken glass shards and then rifles to even sniper rifles! This is why it is crucial to prepare yourself to armed thugs early on in the game. Batclaw Disarm upgrade will help you get the upper hand in many sticky situations.

What Makes Batclaw Disarm Great

  • Don’t let the armed thug fire! Get the weapon off of him as soon as he reloads.
  • Alternatively, you can enter combat by disarming an enemy before he even gets the chance to see you.
  • Disarm multiple enemies mid-fight so that they don’t get an upper hand on you!

How To Get Batclaw Disarm Upgrade:


1. Sonic Shock Batarang

Sonic Batarang

You must know the Sonic Batarang by now which allows you to give enemies a false signal and navigate them to positions you like and jump them. It is a great utility to make your enemies dance on your finger tips in predator mode and stealth situations. The Sonic Shock Batarang upgrade adds a twist to the standard Sonic Batarang and shocks your enemies as they try to go find the Sonic Batarang thinking it’s the Batman!

What Makes Sonic Shock Batarang Great

  • Get enemies out of the way by navigating to a different part of the map.
  • Let the shock from the Sonic Shock Batarang take one enemy down in stealth situations.
  • Other enemies will group at the shocked enemy’s body and you can jump them together

How To Get Sonic Shock Batarang Upgrade:



There are lots of upgrades in Batman Arkham City, but I have compiled the ones that stand out amongst the rest, I hope you found this post fun to read. Let me know in the comments below what you think about these Arkham City upgrades and what other upgrades you think deserved to be on the list!

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