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No amount of villains can stop the Batman!

The reason why Batman Arkham City is so widely considered as the best Batman Arkham game in the entire series by many gamers around the world is because it has a plethora of classic boss fights. Not to say that the other Batman games don’t have some pretty great boss fights; Arkham City just hits differently.

It is the perfect addition to the series and clearly displays the improvements from Batman Arkham Asylum and it is pretty obvious that Batman Arkham Origins and Arkham Knight were based off Arkham City.

There are many classic supervillain boss fights in Batman Arkham City, so let’s check out the ones that are the most fun to play.


The bane boss fight in Batman Arkham City is pretty unexpected. Bane is a recurring character in the Batman Arkham Series and there is a Bane boss fight in every Batman Arkham game. I was pretty surprised at first that Bane and Batman were working together, but after completing the side quest assigned by Bane; He attacks Batman and the boss fight commences (Spoiler alert? Not really, the game is pretty old now).

Batman obviously comes out victorious and the whole fight is not that challenging.


The clayface fight is one of the most anxiety-causing boss fights in Batman Arkham City. I don’t know about you guys but I had to die multiple times before realising how I was supposed to beat that freak!

But after you get the hang of it, it gets pretty simple to beat Clayface. The whole fight is pretty great, especially the beginning cutscene of the fight in which Batman is lured into thinking that Clayface is actually the Joker.

Solomon Grundy


The Solomon Grundy fight in Batman Arkham City is one of a kind. Solomon Grundy gets larger each time he dies and resurrects, so this time around he’s pretty big! The fight is frankly scary watching a giant Solomon Grundy marching towards you with chains in his arms and reciting a nursery poem.

The fight is not that easy but it’s pretty fun and satisfying to kill Solomon Grundy knowing that he will revive.

Mr. Freeze

Batman has a love-hate relationship with Mr. Freeze and at first Batman seeks out Mr. Freeze for his help and convinces him to help Batman create a cure.

Ultimately Joker blackmails Mr. Freeze with his wife’s corpse and he is compelled to turn on Batman. 

Batman performs multiple takedowns and finally makes Mr. Freeze submit. Then Mr. Freeze and Batman team up again to create a cure and take down the joker.

Ra’s Al Ghul

The fight with Ra’s Al Ghul is one of the most badass fights in the Batman Arkham Series, second to only the Deathstroke fight scene in Arkham Origins. Batman has to pass trials given by Ra’s with the final trial being to kill Ra’s Al Ghul. Batman takes him down while not breaking his no killing rule. The fight and passing the trials is incredibly fun as you dive away from the normal Batman Arkham gameplay.


The Batman Arkham Series is the one that gave us the iconic Batman Vs. Deathstroke fight in Arkham Origins and numerous other amazing boss fights which is why it’s safe to assume that when you play a Batman Arkham game – expect badass boss fights. Hopefully, this post was fun to read, make sure to replay the game and relive the Batman fights and let me know in the comments below if you think any other fun Batman Arkham City fight deserves to be on the list.

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