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Batman Arkham City is an amazing game. It is a masterpiece and a complete game with no flaws that need fixing. Mods make a game more fun than it already is. Similarly, Arkham City might be the perfect game but there’s always room for more. There are some amazing mods for Batman Arkham City that make the game really fun! Let’s check out some of them.


1. Daylight Mod

This mod adds a new graphical option to the game that was not previously accessible. While the Dark Knight isn't renowned for hanging around on the streets (or rooftops) during the day, this hack allows you to do just that. Even with the mod loaded, Gotham retains its general dismal atmosphere, even if it isn't as dark as it once was. Just the proper amount of everything.

Get the mod here: link


2. Batman The Animated Series New Outfit

We'll look at one of the most beloved Batman shows of all time: Batman: The Animated Series. Most youngsters from the 1990s will remember this one from their youth. The simple light grey outfit and large white eyes are instantly identifiable.

While there is already an animated Batman outfit in the game, this one is based on the suit from Season 4 of the show.

Get the mod here: link


3. Playable Characters V3

This one isn't quite a skin, but it allows you to play the game as any of the several playable characters present in vanilla.

The mod just unlocks the other characters you'll ultimately play during the game, so you'll be able to freely travel with Catwoman, Robin, or Nightwing. 

Get the mod here: link


4. Ben Affleck Batman Suit

This is where the real fun begins, as fans have discovered methods to put their particular favorite Batsuits in Arkham City.

If you're a Batman fan, you're certain to have your own favorites. It might be on the list, but if not, I'm confident you'll discover something as intriguing. This first one is based on Ben Affleck's most recent Batman big screen portrayal in Batman v Superman.
Get the mod here: link


5. The Dark Knight Movie Costume

This one borrows the costume from the unquestionably superior Batman film series, The Dark Knight. The suit has a tough Kevlar shell that is divided into various segments, as revealed in the films, in order to facilitate Bruce's mobility.

I'd say this is one of the more popular outfits from the Batman movie, since demand for it remained strong even after other suits were introduced for Arkham: Knight.

Get the mod here: link


6. Netflix’s Daredevil – Batman Year One

So, we can completely alter Batman's appearance. It should come as no surprise that the community has devised methods to entirely replace him with someone else. This patch replaces the Batman Year One outfit in the standard game with another iconic DC hero: Daredevil.

The costume is based on the new Netflix series, with Daredevil's red and black color scheme substituting the standard black and gray.

Get the mod here: link


7. Black Cape and Cowl

The majority of the community is focused on designing skins for some of the game's characters. That's amazing, since there have been so many different Batmans throughout the years.

Modding allows you to test out the many batsuits in the game, and luckily for you, I've already chosen the best ones.

Suits are generally the first thing fans notice in a superhero game, and many appeared to loathe this version's dark blue cape and cowl. The update restores the original Asylum coloring, giving the batsuit a pure black makeover.

Get the mod here: link


8. Darth Maul Robin

This one introduces us to yet another renowned villain from the Star Wars world. Who better to dress up as Darth Maul than Batman's sidekick Robin?

The update swaps Robin's skin with Darth Maul's, replete with his iconic double-bladed lightsaber in lieu of Robin's staff.

Get the mod here: link


9. Darth Vader-Themed Batsuit

The list of Star Wars modifications would be incomplete without including the classic Star Wars villain. Who else would I be referring to if not Lord Vader himself?

With the Darth Vader-themed batsuit, Masterliamy's mod creates an intriguing crossover, combining a hero and a villain.

While you're still playing as Batman, you'll see that the suit incorporates elements from Darth Vader's, such as the primary chest computer that keeps him alive.

Batman's eyes have also been replaced with crimson dots, giving him a significantly eviller appearance overall.

Get the mod here: link


10. Joker Phoenix

We can't forget about Batman's archnemesis, just as we can't forget about Luke's antagonist in Star Wars. Fans are especially critical of how the Joker is depicted in media, despite the fact that the character has evolved significantly from previous incarnations.

Heath Ledger's Joker seems to have established a high standard. However, fans were largely satisfied with Joaquin Phoenix's more recent portrayal of the renowned villain.

If you liked the more humanized version of DC's most famous villain, you'll be glad to hear that it's also available in Arkham City.

Get the mod here: link



Batman Arkham City stands as one of the best open-world games we have ever witnessed. To make the game even more fun – modders manipulate game files to enhance textures or update skins for main characters. This makes the game even more fun than it already is. I hope that this list helps you find the best mod for you!

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