AFK Arena Best Teams that Wreck Hard! [Top 10]

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The best AFK Arena team comps for the late game and endgame ranked!

The AFK Arena meta evolves and makes a lot of fascinating team comps. Which team do you think is at the Top 1 in this list? 

Whether you are new to the game or having a hard time strategizing comps for late-game and endgame, along with the ever-changing meta, these teams have conquered both PVP and PVE in their unique ways! 

With all the new characters that Lilith releases, it is tough to pick characters that all have synergies while also considering the enemy composition. Why waste time, or money, testing out team compositions? Check out these top 10 best teams that wreck hard in AFK Arena, time-tested by the best and knowledgeable strategists/players in the AFK community!

10. Gwyneth + Arthur + Hendrik + Rosaline + Ferael

The classic Gwyneth comp that players used to love in the early versions of the game. This comp is perfect if you’re looking for continuous damage with constant haste and energy support with easily obtainable characters. Only use this team when the enemy backline is stationary so that Gwyneth can hit three enemies at once with her Flaming and Lightning Arrow. This team works efficiently from early-game to chapter 30, deemed less effective as you progress in the end-game. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Hendrik (SI, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Arthur (SI+30, 3/9F) 
  • Backline 3 - Rosaline (SI+20)
  • Backline 4 - Gwyneth (SI+30)
  • Backline 5 - Ferael (SI+20, 3/9F)

What Makes Gwyneth Comp Great

  • This comp is easily acquirable because most of the heroes can be bought from the store with in-game currencies (Labyrinth Tokens, Gladiator Coins)
  • Gwyneth is the star of the team, dealing burn damage to the enemy backline with her passive “Flaming Arrow”, stun from “Lightning Arrow”, and AoE with her “Divine Arrow”. 
  • Arthur’s SI raises the attack frequency of two characters standing behind him and leveling it to +30 allows more survivability of the team. 
  • Similar to Arthur, Hendrik is a tank whose job is to push the frontline enemy to their backline, allowing Gwyneth to easily strike her arrows at more enemies. A good substitute for Hendrik is Rowan. Rowan is a great support with a high dodge rating, especially on T2 weapon and boots. Some players also pick Alna for this position. 
  • Ferael is the sub DPS of this team; his Terrorize ability also offers CC. Unlocking the first Engraving ability for Gwyneth gives an additional second to the stun caused by Lightning Arrow, making the CC of the team more efficient.
  • Rosaline provides energy regeneration and raises Gwyneth’s attack rating. 

9. Zolrath + Lyca + Gwyneth + Lorsan + Eironn

This team comp, otherwise known as Burst or Zolrath comp, revolves around Zolrath’s burst damage and is used mostly in PVP. Zolrath deals great damage in both of his abilities and signature item. This formation works well in PVE too, particularly in the late or endgame. The core heroes of this team are Zolrath and Eironn.

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Lyca (SI+20)
  • Frontline 2 - Eironn (SI+30)
  • Backline 3 - Lorsan (SI+30)
  • Backline 4 - Gwyneth (SI+20)
  • Backline 5 - Zolrath (SI+30, 3/9F)

What Makes Burst/Zolrath Comp Great

  • This team deals massive early damage and is one of the best comps that are competitive in the arena. 
  • The synergy makes sense. Zolrath’s 3/9 furniture grants 0.75 seconds of delay to the enemies’ entrance. In turn, this prioritizes Eironn’s “Vortex” to take effect without interruption. Because of this, the enemies sucked by the “Vortex” are now near Zolrath's position, which allows him to hit multiple enemies with the last two attacks of his “Doppelganger” ability.
  • Lyca enters the battlefield earlier because of Zolrath’s furniture, allowing her “Awe” ability to take place immediately and grant haste to all allies. 
  • Gwyneth’s auto attacks will deal burn damage to the enemies sucked by Eironn’s “Vortex” and stun them with her “Lightning Arrow” ability. A good substitute to Gwyneth is Zaphrael, dealing AoE damage and a 2-second stun from his 9/9 furniture.
  • Because Gwyneth’s attacks will damage the enemy positioned in (5), Lorsan’s “Gale Force” will be beneficial. “Gale Force” deals damage to linked enemies (i.e. hit the enemy in position (5), 80% of the damage will be received by the enemy in position (1)).

8. Talene + Rowan + Ezizh + Mehira + Elijah & Lailah

Renowned as the God comp, this team is fun to play. It generates continuous cancellation of enemies’ abilities and constant energy and health regeneration. This team used to shine a lot in the tournaments of the game’s early versions. Although, as you progress in the late or endgame of PVE, having level deficits (difference between the level of the enemy team and yours) larger than 100 would bring low survivability to the celestial twins.

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Talene (SI+30, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Rowan (SI+30
  • Backline 3 - Elijah & Lailah (SI+20)
  • Backline 4 - Mehira (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Ezizh (SI+20, 3/9F)

What Makes God Comp Great

  • The synergy of the team is simple: Rowan provides a lot of energy, and because of this, the celestial twins will be able to produce a lot of ultimate abilities having the whole team produce ultimates of their own at a faster rate. 
  • The team’s stalling is heavy considering Mehira’s ultimate ability “Mesmerize” that CCs enemies for 5 seconds as well as Ezizh’s “Horrify” passive ability that will cancel enemies’ ultimate abilities for 2 seconds every time an ally uses an ultimate ability. 
  • Talene will gain strength as the game progresses and provide a lot of health regeneration overall. 

7. Lucretia + Zaphrael + Raine + Estrilda + Hodgkin     

This team might as well be named the Husband and Wife comp since it consists of rivaling ex-couple Lucretia and Zaphrael. The team comp relies on both of their damage while being buffed and protected by the other heroes. Making its way as one of the most popular team formations for PVE, it promises great potential in the late and endgame. Also, Lilith’s rework on Raine has positively impacted her performance, making her one of the best picks for the endgame campaign or Wrizz. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Estrilda (SI+20, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Raine (SI+20, 9/9F)
  • Backline 3 - Lucretia (SI+30)
  • Backline 4 - Zaphrael (SI+20, 9/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Hodgkin (SI+20)

What Makes Lucretia+Zaphrael Comp Great

  • This team comp is all about life leech, boosts of attack rating, and feeding Lucretia. Almost similar to the Lucretia Cheese comp, the team focuses on letting Lucretia gain as much attack rating as possible. This comp might as well be named Lucretia Cheese v.2. 
  • Lucretia’s signature item increases her attack rating whenever her allies die. This is the funny reason why squishy heroes like Estrilda and Raine are placed in the frontline. The team literally has to sacrifice the frontline to buff Lucretia. Having Lucretia’s SI at +30 lets her gain a 50% Attack rating for 20 seconds whenever one of her allies dies the first time. 
  • Raine’s SI focuses on buffing the ally with the highest combat rating. Her “Lock On” ability and ultimate ability “Cripple” allows her to mark enemies and increase the damage they receive. Estrilda almost does the same thing with the increase of attack rating, except, her abilities are focused on grouping the enemies for the benefit of Zaphrael and Hodgkin’s abilities.
  • The first thing Hodgkin does after entering the battlefield is his “Reviler’s Defiance”. This deals AoE damage while blocking damage to the frontline heroes, protecting and buffing them in progress. This skill also raises the defense and attack ratings of the allies standing within the area of effect, which is beneficial to Lucretia and Zaphrael who will be moving to the frontline to attack. 
  • An alternative for Estrilda is Nemora for health regeneration. If replacing Hodgkin, Haelus works as good since he is a buffer who provides Life Leech points to the highest combat rating hero and has abilities that raise different stats like attack rating, crit damage, damage amplification.

6. Eironn + Skriath + Lyca + Lucretia + QUEEN

This classic five-pull comp evolved time and time again, remaining in the current meta with the addition of Lucretia and QUEEN. The gist of this team is to pull all five enemies into one area with the use of Eironn and QUEEN’s ultimate abilities, as well as Skriath’s 3/9 furniture. The team finishes off with their AoE capabilities, effectively hitting all enemies most of the time. In the past versions of the game, the team used to have Safiya for buff and AoE. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Eironn (SI+30, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Lucretia (SI+30)
  • Backline 3 - QUEEN (SI +30)
  • Backline 4 - Skriath (SI+30, 3/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Lyca (SI+20, 3/9F)

What Makes Five-Pull Comp Great

  • The synergy is just insane. All the heroes’ abilities work well together, intending to pull all enemies into one area and destroy them with AoE abilities. It’s a perfect combo of CC and AoE.
  • Both Eironn and Skriath are the core heroes of this team. With Eironn’s “Elemental Surge” ultimate and Skriath’s 3/9 furniture ability, the team gets a lot of manipulation to the enemy formation (with the slight exception of moving enemies like Tasi and Flora). 
  • QUEEN’s ultimate ability “Stationary Drifter”, works like Eironn’s, pulling enemies to the center of the AoE while dealing damage to them. QUEEN is immune to attacks while performing this ability.
  • Lyca applieshaste to allies. Although squishy, her dying would still benefit the team due to Lucretia’s SI. 

5. Ainz Ooal Gown + Albedo + Arthur + Merlin + Mortas

The Ainz comp synergy is simple to understand but wrecks hard. The team focuses on protecting Ainz until he uses his ultimate ability and activates his “The Goal of All Life is Death” skill. Other Ainz formations use Prince of Persia to replace Arthur, Leonardo to buff, and Alna. This team is widely used both in PVP and PVE for its powerful synergy. Although, it is expensive to build. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Arthur (SI+30, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Albedo (SI+30, 3/9F)
  • Backline 3 - Merlin (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Backline 4 - Ainz (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Mortas (SI+20)

What Makes Ainz Comp Great

  • Ainz’s powerful AoE abilities can one-shot enemies within low-level deficits (level of enemies minus your heroes’ level). How much more can he do when you max his SI and furniture? It’s just OP!
  • Both Arthur and Albedo are dimensional heroes, with the same faction advantage, they are tanky enough to protect Ainz. Arthur’s SI also provides haste for Ainz to gain energy faster. Albedo prioritizes her Shield Lord ability towards Ainz, stunning any enemy near him and dealing damage at the once.
  • Merlin is there to add factional advantage while healing and protecting allies. His 9/9 furniture allows him to use his “Destiny Foreseen” immediately upon entering the battlefield, it’s just powerfully advantageous to the team. 
  • Mortas will also buff Ainz with his ultimate ability “Empowerment”, raising Ainz’s attack rating and speed even more. You can replace him with Ezio for clutch kills.

4. Lucretia + Eironn + Safiya + Orthros + Skriath    

Since discovering her great potential, Lucretia Cheese comp has been wowing players, having its reputation for being a viable team in the end game. The only thing you need to focus on in this team is to max Lucretia. That said, this team is heavily reliant on Lucretia’s SI and furniture. This comp is similar to the five-pull comp and the other Lucretia teams in this list. 

Although the frontline is to be sacrificed (again), Eironn still needs some investment to be able to do his job, as well as Orthros’ SI and furniture. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Eironn (SI+20, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Safiya (SI 1)
  • Backline 3 - Orthros (SI+20, 9/9F)
  • Backline 4 - Skriath (SI 1, 3/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Lucretia (SI+30, 9/9F)

What Makes Lucretia Cheese comp Great

  • Safiya and Skriath do not need much investment but still contribute to the team’s purpose
  • Having Orthros at 9/9F would make Lucretia too powerful. While the enemies are affected with CC from Orthros’ SI and also in the animation of his skill “Time Suspension”, Lucretia would be able to move freely, dealing damage to the enemies while on CC.
  • Eironn and Skriath’s role is to execute pulls on enemies so that Lucretia would be able to use her AoE more effectively. 
  • This comp is perfect if you are looking for a budget-friendly yet OP team. It’s like a hybrid of the two Lucretia teams previously mentioned in this list, only with fewer investments. 
  • Adding 2 Hypogean characters with low investments would still benefit Lucretia (e.g. Mythic Ezizh) due to the same faction advantage, giving Lucretia a +15% Crit Rating. But when there is a high-level deficit, Eironn and Skriath are both crucial in this team. 

3. Khazard + Mehira + Zolrath + Rowan + Rosaline

This team generates chain CC that disables the enemy team for almost the entirety of the stage. Currently highest among the most popular formations for Campaign, this team just wipes out the enemy team with Mehira’s charm. 

The team is quite expensive to build since there is much investment towards the Hypogean faction. The core heroes of this team are Khazard and Mehira due to their CC potential. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Rowan (SI+30, 3/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Mehira (Mythic+30)
  • Backline 3 - Rosaline (SI+20, 3/9F)
  • Backline 4 - Zolrath (SI+30, 3/9F
  • Backline 5 - Khazard (Mythic+30)

What Makes Khazard+Mehira Comp Great

  • Just the fact that the two core heroes would be supported with fast energy regeneration and haste, the team is sure to annihilate the enemy team with its CC chain.
  • Rowan is a dodge pseudo-tank that is suitable in the frontline, offering energy regeneration and a little bit of healing. 
  • Rosaline is assigned to Mehira, and because of her immediate energy restoration, there would be continuous CC using Mehira’s “Mesmerize” ability on the enemy team (indirectly damaging them in the process). 
  • Khazard’s “Frozen Mist” ultimate ability is a perfect addition to the CC caused by Mehira. 
  • Zolrath will grant haste and early positioning of the allies, gaining the upper hand on generating more energy than the enemy team. 

2. Thoran + Kelthur + Lorsan + Pippa + Ezizh

The Thoran Cheese comp is one of the most, if not the most, popular team formations in the end game. Many players even regretted not investing in Thoran and Kelthur early on, underestimating them because of their performance in the early and midgame. This team is doing great in Campaign, but not so much in PVP. 

Just like Lucretia Cheese comp, buffing Thoran is the primary focus. The team’s goal is to reposition the enemy team near Thoran and activate his ultimate ability. 

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Thoran (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Ezizh (SI+20, 9/9F)
  • Backline 3 - Kelthur (SI+20
  • Backline 4 - Lorsan (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Pippa (SI+20)

What Makes Thoran Cheese Comp Great

  • Thoran is easily acquirable (Labyrinth Store) and is essentially powerful when he uses his ultimate ability “Retaliation” while the enemies are surrounding him. He also gains health when he deals damage.
  • The synergy between Thoran, Lorsan, and Kelthur is about the manipulation of the enemy team’s positions. They surround Thoran and ultimately destroy them as Thoran gains more energy to ult.
  • Ezizh’s role is to provide protection in the frontline and cancel abilities by the enemy team. Other substitute heroes include Lyca for haste, Rowan for energy regeneration, and Nara for enemy position manipulation.

1. Alna + Grezhul + Ferael + Silas + Athalia

Last but not least, deemed as one of the greatest comps of all time, the Alna+Grezhul comp.  Who would have thought that the Frozen Mother would synergize with the Graveborns?

Dominating both campaign and Legend’s Championship Tournament, this team has proved its versatility while dealing massive damage. The core heroes of this team are Alna and Grezhul, of course.  

Optimal Positions and Investment: 

  • Frontline 1 - Alna (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Frontline 2 - Grezhul (SI+20, 9/9F)
  • Backline 3 - Athalia (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Backline 4 - Silas (SI+30, 9/9F)
  • Backline 5 - Ferael (SI+30/9/9F)

What Makes Alna+Grezhul Comp Great

  • Having Grezhul’s furniture maxed out is crucial so that he may be able to deal immense damage. Alna at 9/9 furniture exclusive skill allows her “Winter Call” ability to take effect on her frontline ally, therefore protecting Grezhul. 
  • Silas provides healing and attack rating buff to allies. His 9/9 furniture ability will benefit not only melee characters but also Ferael and Athalia who are ranger characters He increases their Normal Attack damage by 50% and frequency by 30%.
  • Athalia is the sub DPS of the team, dealing attack damage and AoE with her furniture. Both she and Ferael provide CC to deny enemies of energy.
  • A lot of players have experienced success with this team in both PVP and PVE in the late and end game.  


The AFK Arena meta evolves, and it is inevitable in every gacha game. As new characters are being released by Lilith, there are still many team comps that are underrated and not tested by many players. The list will serve as a guide in knowing what team a player should build and invest in, especially towards the end game. Only time and hours of testing can tell what possible team combinations will arise and dominate the future meta. 

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