Top 3 AC Odyssey Best Armor (And How To Get Them)

ac odyssey best armor
Kassandra could rock any of these armor sets to hold her own against this dude.

What Are The Best Armor in AC Odyssey?

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is like all the blacksmiths in King’s Landing laboring to equip the Lannister army for The Last War, when it comes to the amount of gear you can loot from chests and defeated enemies.

The sheer quantity of helmets, gauntlets, torso armor, belts and footwear you acquire, along with a bevy of stat-altering perks they possess, make it difficult to determine which armor sets are the crème de la crème.

The following three Legendary armor sets are the very best in the game:

3. Pirate Set (Best for assassin builds)

Don't forget to scout enemy territory with Ikaros before infiltrating it.

If you like sneaking to your targets and executing them unseen from behind, below or above, then you should strive to unlock the Pirate Set. Its perk gives a +15% damage boost to assassin abilities. 

You can get it by defeating every cultist in the Gods of the Aegean Sea line. As the name suggests, you’ll have to eliminate them in naval battles. You also have to progress fairly far in the main story for the necessary cultist details. 

  • Assassin ability damage buff greatly enhances the stealthy Critical Assassination/Hero Strike combo—can be lethal even for enemy captains.
  • Useful for quietly taking down forts and hunting specific targets.
  • Each piece grants a +15% boost to assassin damage.
  • Bonuses in critical chance, critical damage and adrenaline.

Check out the Pirate Set details here.

2. Greek Heroes Set (Best for survivability)

This armor set goes hand-in-hand with warrior builds.

The Greek Heroes Set offers well-rounded defense that benefits you in a variety of combat situations. +20% All Resistance bonus. You’ll be a tank.

You can get it by hunting the mercenaries on your list in the menu. Look for the suffix “the Translucent” for the Perseus Helmet, “the Frenzied” for Hippolyta’s Belt and “the Resplendent” for Jason’s Golden Fleece.

You can find both the Bracers of Theseus and Atalanta Sandals on mercenaries whose names end with “the Flash” and “the Lucky Drunk.”

  • Ideal for rushing head-on into combat and absorbing tons of damage.
  • Useful for conquest battles, the arena and crowds of weapon-wielding foes.
  • Each piece grants a +15% boost to warrior damage.
  • Bonuses in total armor, melee resistance, health, chance to ignore half damage and elemental resistance.

Check out the Greek Heroes Set details here.

1. Demigod Set (Best for all-around damage)

Ikaros couldn't resist a photo opportunity with the game's very best armor set.

The Demigod Set is John Wick avenging his dog.

Your offense becomes much more powerful when you wear the Demigod Set. It increases the damage of all abilities +10%.

The Demigod Set is so great that you can’t get it until the end of the game. You’ll have to deal with your archnemesis, Deimos, in the final episode to get 4 of the 5 pieces. Complete the quest “A Fresh Start” to get the fifth piece, Aspasia’s Circlet.

  • Makes you more deadly, no matter which skill tree you prefer.
  • Useful for conquest battles, the arena and slaying mythical creatures.
  • Each piece grants a +15% boost to warrior damage.
  • Bonuses in all damage

Check out the Demigod Set details here.

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